Wildlife of Okoto community project: Rahkshal

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I made the first one of these guys years ago to try and make the smallest viable CCBS figure I could. In the end, it was surprisingly successful, and while they are pretty much table scrap, they are fun to have and I like them. Anyway, meet the Rahkshal, the other peoples of Okoto.

Rahkshal are smaller than most okotans, and while they lack technological skill, they do have several abilities (including elemental powers greater than those of the protectors) that make them dangerous.
Rahkshal have grown distrustful and aggressive towards outsiders, and are know to attack okotans who enter their territory. They speak in clicks and hisses that Protectors are required to learn so they may act as ambassadors to the Rahkshal and prevent conflicts. While very uncommon, if an Okotan wins the trust of a Rahkshal, the trust and respect will be returned mutually - and Rahkshal are extremely loyal towards those they respect. Additionally, Rahksal are known to use their body contortions for different purposes.
Three major varieties exist in each “village” (elemental area) of Rahkshal:
Common Rahkshal:

These are the equivalent of villagers. They have moderate elemental power, but they can transform into crawler form, defender form, and cube form.
Crawler form:

In this form, a Rahkshal can scale any surface (including vertical or upside-down ones) with four legs and a neck extending from their body. While slow-moving, this form allows them to go places otherwise inaccessible, allowing their villages to be be located in inhospitable regions to prevent trespassing.
Defender form:
This form allows Rhakshal to appear larger and bulkier, thus intimidating their opponents. I included a size comparison.

Cube form:
When the Rahkshal go to sleep, they become cubes. Just wanted to show off the fact they can do that.

Warrior Rahkshal:

with an arm blade and extra shielding on one arm, these Rahkshal have more elemental power than average ones (shown by their glowing hands and feet), and are stronger. However, they can only use crawler form. (Their build is lightly altered so they can have the arm blade.)
Crawler form:

Elder Rahkshal:

The leaders, mages, and priests of the Rahkshal, these are the equivalent of protectors for the Rahkshal. They have very powerful elemental magic, and are much larger than their fellows. They also can speak common language with difficulty and talk with the protectors.
Crawler form:

All crawler forms together:

Sorry for so many pictures.
I think these guys are a lot of fun, and I recommend building one. They are fairly table scrap, but they are pretty fun and surprisingly articulate.
The build:

C&C welcome!


Cute adorable little guys 10/10 :thumbsup:



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If only I bought hero factory and had those double socket bones…

I can image these guys moving in that uncanny puppet way some 80s? movies did, its rather off putting XD


I don’t understand…
Is it spooky to you?
Or do you think it’s poorly done?

Do you mean like in the dark crystal?
I love that movie, it’s just so cool to watch and well-done, even though it terrified me as a child.

Just imagine a spider like creature with more flesh instead of hard armored bits then use the white as a carapace and have it creep around. Not a happy thought.

Exactly, that uncanny valley when your a kid when your mind is full of innocence and magic before reality sets in and your like “oh my good Sir I do see that this is quite well puppeteered and the people who made the puppets are masters in their craft”

i don’t know if i would be able to draw that, but i could try.

and the reason i want to draw these is to praktise my drawings skills again.

but im not great at drawing biomechanical beings, nor mechanical beings for that matter, so it will more or less look more organic than you might have envisiond.

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These guys are amazing. I’m going to build one myself!

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I just found the skeksis creepy because they are designed to be really freaky-looking.

Anyway, I see the rahkshal as more of four-legged tripods with heads in sentry mode.
Besides, they are Legos. They shouldn’t be too scary.

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Unless if that is the concept behind the MOC.


I love the foot design. I tried something like that once but it was to small. It works great for these little guys. keep it up.

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The best stuff I’ve seen all day

rahkshi midgets
that turn into cubes, defenders, crawlers, and midgets

9/10 for concept I’m not kidding


These are great for how small they are!

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These are fantastic, I really like how they can turn into the little spider things. :smile:

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