Will Bionicle Introduce New Toa?

Speculate on Bionicle's New Toa

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I believe they might release new toa in future waves. ~Detox

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I bet one of the new toa will be a toa of night vision because of where this topic was

It was an accident.

It was a bold move lol

(literally 2 months later)

I think that there will be new Toa, and they will be just as bad as Rocka was in HF.


If this is a reboot then I highly suspect we'll be seeing completely new characters, new locations and fresh Toa teams.

If this is a continuation.... I imagine we're probably going to be stuck with returning characters with a few new creatures and beings along the way.


I'd really like to see some new Toa. I hope LEGO takes advantage of this and do away with the whole gender specific elements deal. That'd make things a whole lot more interesting.

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Bionicle 2015 confirmed to have female versions of Tahu, Kopaka, Pohatu, and Onua. Lewa will be the only male XD


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Uh, in all seriousness, though, regardning the topic, I predict a similar format to the old days, with 6 Toa per year, but time will tell if they're new or not.

I am hoping for it, but I cannot be certain on how much Lego's banking on the merits of the reboot on its own/the nostalgia factor for the old series, pandering and such.

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It never really made much sense to have females be confined to specific elements. I feel there would be a lot more diversity and different characters if they just removed gender specific elements.

Then again, they could just remove gender entirely since at their core they are practically robots, but I feel that would make it harder for children to identify with the characters- so it could potentially hurt sales.

Either way fixing the ratio would certainly make many people happy and help keep things fresh.

Also making love canon again would be nice, but that would probably open up a whole other can of worms.

LOL totally didn't do that on purpose.

And yeah it's really hard to theorize because any guess could very well be correct or entirely wrong. The beauty of this relaunch is that LEGO could literally do whatever they want.


well seems like the can has kept a lid on itself and the community is not acting idiotic (of course it was idiotic to make love not canon in the first place)

Next year they will release the Mata 2.0
Hiro Faketoery shall live on...

We always had Toa 2.0, even 3.0....
Just look at Mata, then Nuva and then Phantoka/Mistika-that's 3 versions of one Toa team.
2 versions of Metru, same with Inika. We didn't really get new Toa team every year...
Only difference between BIONICLE and HF was thet HF characters were overdone and still didn't have personalities...


I think 2016 will be nuva toa again

If so, I'd hope on the low chance that they'd use new elements in a new team. You know what element rhymes with team? Steam


We call that Toa of Hot Air, Squeaverking. stuck_out_tongue