Will Lego Really Make That Ideas Set?

Greetings, everyone. This is my first post here on the TTV message boards, and I"m glad to meet you all.

For this first topic, I want to talk about the “Legend of the Bionicle” Ideas project that recently got 10,000 supporters. Lego did say that they will send it through a review period, but what I want to talk about is, do you think it’ll actually make it? Why or why not?

I want this to be a real Lego set. I really, really do. But I don’t know what other projects have received 10,000 supporters in the past few months, so I have no idea what The Legend Of The Bionicle will have to compete with. Therefore, I cannot form an opinion of my own. But what do you guys think?

This topic is redundant, this should just be discussed on the original Bionicle Lego ideas thread.


Or at least the thread for that thing by Sokoda.


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