Will Takanuva return?

Hey guys, since we're finished with Bionicle reboot's first year, I want to say will Takanuva return. I mean, the new Bionicle takes some inspiration from the original. There could possibly a Takanuva, or maybe toa nuva.

I freaking hope so
Takanuva fan what's Takanuva back


I'm not so sure. Well, except the Toa themselves and Makuta, there aren't any other characters from G1 thus far.

I want him to, as a toa of time, that would be cool

toa of light would be fine again, but I think toa of time would be pretty cool

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There were actually some "bohrok" leaks online. google "Bionicle 2016".

Those were faked though


In g1, what if the mask of time was sentient, like the ignika? The toa would be Vahi, Toa of time!!!!!!!!

@tak210 You are right. What if Ekimu became a toa?

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I think yes for a seventh Toa, but I don't think it will be Takanuva in particular. There have been rumours that Ekimu will be a Toa after wakes up from his siesta though, so that could be interesting.

I don't think there will be Toa Nuva. The Toa we have now are already armoured for to their necks, and they got even more equipment from the protectors. I think for the next Toa Team, It's going to be new team, new region and a new threat.

Well, I don't think Vahi could create body for itself like Ignika though. But that would be awesome.

What if the protectors were toa, like the toa metru. However they have very different names than the toa metru. The protectors names were revealed 2 weeks ago.

Or maybe vakama and his team will be introduced, before the fight with makuta and ekimu.
If not, I hope to see the inika/mahri return.

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Yeah I heard in the Pod-cast. Maybe Lego will make an homage to the Metru Nui sets.

Also, I found this Q&A from ComicCon. They said they have no plan to launch past sets, but they do get inspiration from them. So there won't be Takanuva but there might be something that similar to him?


Yeah, like I said before, Ekimu could become a toa.

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But want an avohkii;-;


@tak210 Maybe they'll do easter eggs for it, like they did for the Vahi in the animations.

But I want the actual mask redone ;-;


@tak210 I want it redone too!

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I would like to see an updated Avokhii too

@creep did one as a drawing and I'd love to see it redone like that!

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@tak210 @coolio Yeah me too guys I hope we get a Toa of Light of some sort.

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