Windfall and Pearl Official v1


Gender: Male

Species: Orahkai

Element: N/A

Kanohi: Kiril

Tools: Twin Bladestaffs

Finally, my self moc. His torso is too long and he needs more custom. There. Got that out of the way, I'll fix that later.

The black bits are supposed to be armor straps or whatever. Kinda lame

And only after I took these pictures did I realize they all are basically showing the exact same pose.


Gender: Female

Species: Orahkai

Element: N/A

Kanohi: Kualsi

Tools: Ancient Battle-staves

Um, yeah. They both need shorter torsos. Pearls gonna be getting a custom waist.

By the way, The reason I said Official v1 is because they had some past versions that ... were pretty disgraceful. If I had posted Windfall in black and silver... Nuh-uh.


-torso doesn't seem too long
-flip thigh armor
-find a more solid upper arm
-weapons look dinky
-back looks weird near the top

-Metru boobz?
-Hair. no. (subjective)
-she's okay.


Self Moc's decent. question the arms

The Girl... Metru ■■■■■ are funny, the arms, specifically the bohrok shield pieces, feel out of place. The Golden painted pieces are alright. Hair doesn't seem all that necessary...

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Windfall is pretty Bad-Axonns, but Pearl's hair is kind of Meh. :confused:

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awsome :smile:

rip your life

I'm fairly certain I saw "Pearl" before so I'll just talk about your selfMOC. comparison to the MOC below it, it falls short of what you can do. Too many textures and different types of pieces floating around. It reminds me of some of the worst MOCs that I've done recently. I'd suggest redoing the armor so that it uses the same "groupings" of pieces, as the Metru-era pieces on "Pearl" that all come from Metru-build Toa and are thus made to work together. If possible, mixing in some CCBS in Windfall could improve his look.


They both look great!

But Pearl's hair is a definite nope thought.

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Windfall is fine, and I rather like Pearl, but a tip for Pearl is to maybe get rid of the Bohrok shields, as they give her a bit too much bulk.


Nice work. I like both of them!

Am I the only one that finds it kind of amusing that Pearl uses dark gold as opposed to what is commonly know as... pearl gold? XD

Well I basically agree with all the things that @SpookMeister said but he forgot one crucial thing....


But yah that paint job in my opinion is great!!!! These are good but could use a bit of work! I hope to see updates to them in the future!

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@Garnira My thoughts exactly. I'm glad you noticed!

@Hawkflight Finally, some criticism I can actually use. 10/10 is 100% useful. Thank you.

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looks good.

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Windfall is pretty swell, same with Pearl. But I don't think I've ever seen Metru shoulder armor used that way before on a MOC.

Also, what is a Orahkai? It intrigues me.

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Pretty neat.

Well, What do you think?!

I don't know if I actually followed Hawkflight's advice. The arms need work.


The arms do look better now.

I like these mocs and how they keep their color schemes together! Total Rating 17.7/20 :smile:

Thanks man! I appreciate it!

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Dual silver colors notwithstanding it's going in the right direction.

Torso still seems rather blocky due to the Kirop blades.