Wings vs Jets!

It is now! What's cooler - wings, or jets?

Kopaka vs Lewa!

Tenum vs Varrix!

Or, share your own winged or jet propelled MOCs, perhaps?


I dunno why but I've always found jetpacks to be cooler. Maybe it's just my love of the jetpack mode for Vakama's launcher.

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Jetpacks, with wings...


Both! But if I have to choose, jets. :sunglasses:

Birds with jet engines fused to there bodies


Dragons have wings, spaceships have jets.... My MOCing story summed up. :smile:

Here's the problem: sci-fi will do what it wants, but jets and wings are useless without each other. Wings control direction, and jets provide movement. Wings can stand alone only if there's another method of transportation, like the wind.

Speaking of jets, Tahu Mistika's jets were especially bad. He had no downward jets, so there was nothing to prevent him from falling to the swamp unless he wanted to constantly be shooting forward at high speed or fighting on his back.

I know people will think , this is a world where people can fly with a thought. That's true, but only Lewa could do that. And it the armor gave them magical flight powers, then why would it give them jets or wings at all?

So if I need to choose, either wings or both, but never jets on their own.




For a second there I thought this was gonna be about Sharks vs Jets, but meh.

I agree with @Rac, though. They're not really useful without eachother.


Jets are cooler, but I agree with @EvilLobsterKing and @Rac

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I personally really like when a MOC has really long thrusters sticking off of it's back, but I'd take wings over small jets.

Why not both? :smile:

I think it depends on the look your going for

Dragons have wings, angels have wings, demons have wings generally, these are my favorite things to draw and MOC so I'm going to to have to go with wings.

Now I must ask.

But I do prefer wings over jet packs.

the popular answer here seems to be both

but I prefer wings
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Wing jets.


I'm fine with jet-implemented metal wings.

Hmm, it depends,
Biological wings over jets,
Jets over mechanical(ex: plane) wings.

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I clicked on this topic thinking it was about hockey teams
I'll have to go with wings

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Outside of Bonkles I think wings are better, but I prefer jetpacks in Bonkles. They're easier to do, and generally end up looking less cluttered.