[WiP] Goliath | Elder Angel

Hello, so recently i thought of next, 3rd moc of Guardian Angel.

This time it will be goliath!

So first (unusual for me) thing ive done was making quick sketch with all neaded information [basicaly]:

Next day is started to do little work:


Anyways, I have question. Anyone knows any triangular gold masks?

And another thing. Since we dont know anything about G2 world yet, how about someone would help me with creating guardian angels? Any help needed (from moc making to concept arts).

Untill i get more brown parts, thats all for now! Keep checking for updates! :wolf:


I think gen 2 mask of water looks sorta triangular.
Btw I like the arm design :smiley:. It looks smooth.

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well, there’s the kraahkan.


Well kraahkan is good idea, but is basiclay impossible to get Pearlgold version :l

Ive created finnal upper body frame (colours of shells will change):


I can help you with some concept art if you want c:

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Oohh I like the bronzeish arm!

Now he also has legs:

He is nowhere to be finished!


@Creep lookin good

Triangular gold mask = Olmak.

Looks very nice. Slight steampunk appearance.

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I can do concept art! My very specialty!

Anyhow, I think you really need a different arm length on his left arm; he either has a prosthetic, or is a mutant.

Silver one is prosthetic :wink:

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I am digging those arm designs. I presume you’re going to add some more armor to the torso? Because at present it looks quite blocky in places.

Eyup, area around the torso will get some work and colour c:

This guy is looking sweet. Although, the Gold Skull Spider mask seems out of place. Perhaps use the silver one instead?

Part about his back story makes mask seem less out of place,

This is Angel Veteran, gold represents his position is council of Northern Archipelago
Im thinking about using PrlGold Kraakhan which i dont posess, tho now he looks like he has sort of an beard

Legs need more gold, which im going to add soon enaugh (probably on monday)


Small update:
There are some shells i would like to test out, but i would need to get Voom-Voom ultrabuild, which will be hard.

On another side, is that Chima Mamoth ultrabuild only set that has reddish brown CCBS Shells and parts?

This is lookin pretty sweet

Nope, Ogrum has some. There might be others too, but IDK

Thanks for this quick info!

NotUpdate: this is not an update

He looks pretty darn good so far!