Words you pronounce differently

As has been pointed out on the podcast, Kahi pronounces H and banshee as “Haych” and “banishee” respectively. I know someone who always calls sandwiches “Sangwiches”, and I myself have picked up “haych” and “I-run” for H and Iron.

Are there any words you pronounce differently, be it because you prefer it that way, or just by hobbit?


I can’t think of any that I still pronounce differently, but when I was little I pronounced Hewkii’s name “Hyookii” :stuck_out_tongue:

Most words since I am spanish, like… I dont know Lewa, I read it as “Lewa (in spanish)” and you all say its “Livua”

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Sometimes I accidentally pronounce 15 or 13 as 50 or 30.
Although its probably because I talk fast sometimes.

due to the way i speak the letters T,H,G,S, have more empathizes than normal leading me to pronounce many words differently

i’ve always pronounced meme as maymay

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Dinosaur names, I could never pronounce them right (and still have some trouble to this day)

Troodon -> “True-don”

Ankylosaurus -> “Ang-kee-losaurus”

Compsognathus -> “Komp-so-guh-nah-thus”

Quetzalcoatlus -> “Ketz-a-kot-lus”

Ichthyosaurus -> “Itchy-saurus”

Never heard of those, are you sure you arent making them up?

I live in the midwest, and I’ve been made fun of my entire life about how I pronounce orange with a soft o.

this wasn’t supposed to be so small, oh well


The pronunciations on the right was how I used to pronounce them (incorrectly). The dinosaur names on the left are all real

I still see later Hewkii’s name as Hew-icky

I notice that whenever I say ‘probably’ I end up pronouncing it like ‘pry’ or ‘prolly’. (we’ll pry go to the store later, etc.)

Language is weird.

I say the word “melee” as mee-lee instead of may-lay.

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I do something similar with the word “Something”: I end up saying “Some-um”.


I can’t help but say the word “northern” like how you would say “southern”, so I say “nuthern”

I mispronounce things all the time, mostly cause I change words while speaking, so I might start the beginning of the word with a different pronunciation cause I had to change the word after I started.

I always pronounced it it with a quetz instead of ketz, I found it out its Ketz a while ago.


I’m Texan.

Pick a sentence and I probably either say it in Spanglish or I drop half the syllables.

And since I’ve lived all over the states I also picked up speech patterns from a bunch of other states.

So my pronunciation is a mess.

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I usually try to pronounce the ‘h’ in ‘why’ and ‘which’ and ‘what’ and such. I probably pronounce ‘parasaurolophus’ wrong, but whenever I hear it said it’s pronounced differently anyway. I pronounce ‘Caribbean’ as ‘cara-bean’, even though I think the right way is ‘Ceri-bean’. I’ll sometimes pronounce ‘v’ as ‘w’, because apparently that’s how it’s pronounced in Latin, and that will sometimes overlap into my english.

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I used to have a habit of pronouncing the word for as ‘fur’. I’d say it’s become less and less eminent as I’ve gotten older though. I also used to pronounce Onewa as ‘Oh-nay-wuh’.