Worst Bionicle Figure You Own

I decided to make this topic because I didn’t see it when I searched, unless I’m just terrible at finding things…

Only Figures you own
Only Figures from official Lego sets, nothing akin to Irnakk Junior.
Figures included with vehicles ARE allowed.
No polybag sets, such as Good Guy (hail Denmark)
Any Bionicle set from gen 1 or gen 2
RULES are over:

My least favourite figure that I own is Vultraz

This was my sister’s, but she gave it to me after losing interest in Lego. For some reason half the ball-joints were cracked when my she gave it to me. Let me explain why I hate him, his shoulders are up to his head, he has no armour, he has one colour, he has no knee or elbow articulation and he has a hunched neck. I like one thing, his mask.

Please discuss your least favourite figure down below.


Gali 2016 is definitely my least favourite of all the sets I have, G1 and G2. She’s just terrible. Her arms are short, her legs are messed up, her armour coverage sucks, the asymmetry is bad, and her mask is awful.

Pohatu 2015 is my least favorite set I own.

I agree with you but you probably don’t have Solek if you think she’s that bad


Pohatu Phantoka is my least favourite set I own. His body is flat, shoulders wide but skinny, and his propellers flop around like wet noodles


actually, I have Solek and kinda like him…

######whoever flagged me for saying I liked Solek, please don’t do it again…


Mine is probably the Bionicle stars Rakshi. I got him at a yard sale for $5 and oh my gosh is he terrible. His arms are stubby, He has a color scheme of gray and yellow (which is awful to look at) the way his head and spine are attacked mean he will never be able to look straight, and on top of that he uses that terrible Av-Matoran build.

Oh the bright side, despite coming from a yard sale he was complete, with the golden shield and everything.


I’m tied between Tahu Stars and Photok

they both use the Av-Matoran build

they’re both just…



Tanma, he was alright then all these solek jokes came around now the sight of any av matoran makes me angry


Tanma until his joints broke. What a waste of plastic. ):<


Hordika. Any of them.



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I would have to say ketar. Worse the skull Scorpio. But at least he has unique pieces.


Lewa, Uniter of Jungle.
This figure was marred by quality issues and poor construction. Do not get this set.


Toss up between Solek and Ketar. They’re both on the same level of crappiness.

I hate, and I mean HATE Skrall Stars.

It’s almost like the designer took Atakus, tore off his mask, slapped Skrall Glatorian’s helmet and arm-swords on him, and called it a day.


This is going to be difficult as I like pretty much every set I own (some I feel are a bit iffy though, like Tahu Master of Fire and Ketar). I do have a particular distaste for Ehrye though, mostly because of how much I dislike the design of the Noble Mahiki.


The worst was by far Photok. I don’t know what went wrong, but his shoulder ball-joints were extremely stiff. You had to put in extra effort to adjust them, and after a couple months of use, the ball-joints were scratched to no end thanks to the tighter system.

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Solek? SOLEK?

He’s gold compared to Gali. At least he has a good new mask and a build that makes sense. As bad as the Av-Matoran build is, and it’s simplicity and lack of motion, it still SOMEWHAT looks good.

And why do you mention Solek? Just because that used to be the joke about how he’s so bad? That’s kinda spam.