Worst games of 2014

this year… was full of dissapointments

Destiny: Bungie, what happened?

sonic Boom:… moving on

Rambo the video game: you know what I’m gonna stop saying why and just list the rest

Escape Dead Island

Beyond Earth

The Elder Scrolls Online

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Sonic Boom.
No one was surprised.
(I’m not a sonic fan, btw, I just like to examine the sonic fanbase.)


same here

I never liked Destiny ever since I played the beta.

Hey! What’s wrong with Destiny?!

The biggest disappointment for me was Lego Batman 3. Mainly cause I was unable to get it


Oh, wait, that’s not a game. XD


do you really want me to get into why I don’t like it?

It felt like a bland, generic Sci-Fi game to me.


“I could tell you (but I won’t)”

“That wizard came from the moon.”

  • Peter Dinklage robot.

Was Beyond Earth really that bad? I was planning on getting that…

it’s just such a copy paste and the factions are not that interesting at all

The sonic fanbase is intriguing



I’ve actually only managed to play one bad game from 2014, but that’s still one too much. The worst game I’ve played from last year was Soul Calibur: Lost Swords. Never played any of those games, so I thought this F2P entry would be a good place to start. It was fun and entertaining at first, and still is at times, but it was mostly held down by (from what I could gather) dumbed down and repetetive gameplay, as well as microtransaction that totally screamed pay-to-win.

Okay so, I havent played any of these games but
Fnaf 1 and 2
Okay okay, I know most of you fools like this, but I am going to be completely honest about this

it isnt scary, the game mechanics look to be boring, its full of jumpscares, which are the lamest kind of horror, and no matter how anyone trys to defend this steaming pile of muaka dung, its just an all around bad game

sonic boom
you know, I would go into detail, but enough people have done this
Instead, [I will show you all a video that sums up the entire game in 1 minute][1]

what else…
Oh yes
I cant tell you how sad I was when I learnt how buggy, slow, laggy, and all around unplayable this game was, as it is one of my favourite video game franchises of all time
Little big planet three
I have had enough of these stupid games, that dont work at release, then get patched, I avoided this game the second I heard about how laggy, buggy and slow it was
and let me tell you something
the second this was annouced, I was excited, I was ready for this
I loved the previous entries
This was a disappointment

Kim kardashian the game
seriously, why did this have to exist

Actually, thinking of how disappointment lbp3 was, I think I am going to make a disappointing games of 2014 topic.
[1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffqe2qIfcOQ

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anyways my list


everything in the app store
that lara croft game

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Destiny was a little over hyped…

Still better than Sanic 06…but still…it sucked

06’s glitches where funny, it’s music was great.
Boom’s glitches where not fun, and the music was not as good as 06.