X V2 ~ Harbinger of Extinction

Why not make my first post here about my self moc.
Brilliant idea.

Bio: X, or Xevach, is the conflicted, sarcastic, rude, and often violent leader of The Dark Horses. Very quick to act, he will often refuse to listen to any opinions or options given by his comrades for the self thought that he is always right and everyone is wrong. His complete ignorance of some opinions on plans will often get his team in sticky situations, but that doesn't stop his comrades from doing their own plans that he, ticked, has to abide with. His personality and attitude will often leave X with an angry opposer or an occasional punch. He is hard-hitting and violent when needed to be, well adapted to the harsh training a Makuta soldier would take. He can control Shadows, using it to his full advantage when angered. With his trusty sword, named X-Calibur, he can make a fair point across the battlefield that he means business.

I now present...X, The Harbinger of Extinction.
Now. The ideas presented with X V2 were to make a somewhat more slimmer and posable moc, something V1.85 failed to achieve. It can be noted the inspirations behind this version were composed of a mixture from the previous forms along with the Heartbreaker Armor from Iron Man 3, hence the large Arc Reactor. Another task presented was to clear out the mixed textures and provide a cleaner looking moc. Whether I passed or failed in those departments is up to you.



With X-Calibur and Shield.

There's been an awakening...

Can't have an X post without the Iron Man Pose.

Action Pose with Kyra and X.

Seems there can only be one left.... (MOCPages related pic. Oh boy.)


Why not.
Here's my first post on the TTV Message Boards....if that wasn't obvious enough.

Anyway. Critique is always welcome, etc.


For your first MOC here I'm quite impressed, this is very well done. I like how you designed the torso in particular.


Yes I very like this mmhmm

dang man, love how the red pins are actually not out of place here

this looks pretty snazzy



edgy n cool

I genuinely think he's lookin good



you wouldn't happen to have any pics of your self moc with a "RIP" sign right?

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Oh baby! I knew you were the guy Ventum mentioned! We have a topic all about posting mocs with RIP signs!


Oh my goodness.

That white guy has the most amazing custom head I've ever seen.

The MOC itself is also very impressive, I love the torso.


I'm gonna do my thing now.
I love the look of this guy he is awesome looking, and better then a lot of other MOC's I know around here.
That sword is just groovy.
I feel the waist is a bit thin, but it doesn't bug me all that much.
That Head man, it just looks groovy.
Over all this MOC is groovy. But that is just an opinion, my opinion.
Here's a GIF that I did not make, but stole from the internet.

The head design is excellently done, as well as the rest of the build.

looks really good, I like the use of cloth and the spade symbol on the back-swords. Also, that sword is a work of art.

Remember seeing this (and the previous forms) on Flickr and Mocpages. Looks awesome!
Akingi being Ignika backwards :smiley:

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hey wait a minute
I thought you weren't gonna join the boards Zach..
or more accurately
you weren't gonna use them

I still really like this MOC

Your self moc is so much cooler than mine. Darn. :wink:

But why X-Calibur? I am much dissapoint.
Great MOC man, better than mine by far.

This looks great


What? Nothing about his uncle?

There is nothing really to complain about this MOC. The colors are consistent(which some consider to be "edgy", but I personally like it), the build is complex but not overdone, the style is consistent throughout the whole MOC, giving a nice samurai-type look, and the helmet design is awesome looking.

Overall a brilliant MOC, you are very talented in MOC making and I can't wait to see what else to create! :smile:

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Wow, it's been a while since I've seen this guy on DA. Still rocks!