Yahru’s Mata Nui Island Adventures

Note: This takes place sometime in the 2001 storyline sometime during the Arrival of the Toa.

It is a sequel to Hidden Light II

Chapter 1


Yahru flew into Ko-Wahi on his Kewa and made camp. In his bag were a heatstone, fruit, some water, and a lightstone.

After setting up camp, Yahru after warming up, did his forms in the snow.

Yahru breathed heavily and started punching the cold air, blocking to his left and right as if he was being punched from those directions, all in different stances. Followed by some kicks, knee and elbow strikes.

Finally, he pulled out his practice sword and did his sword techniques, just as he was in the middle of it, He saw he sensed that he wasn’t alone.

He peered to the side and saw a Matoran with flag markers.

The Matoran looked a bit confused by Yahru’s appearance.

Yahru was confused as well but recognized him as a Matoran and seemed somewhat familiar with him.

“Is that a Matoran?”

Considering he hadn’t had a lot of social interaction with anyone other than his master Seihu, Yahru waved somewhat awkwardly before going back to his training.

So did the Matoran.

After his Training, Yahru went back to his tent to refresh after a long training session.

Yet one question crossed his mind.

“Were there other Matoran here?”

Next Day…

The next day, after warming up, Yahru took a run up Mount Ihu. He took a few flags with him, braved though icy waters, slushy mud, knee high snow, and jagged rocks, carried logs with him for about 50 bio, and walked through the drifts.

Limping to the top of the mountainous region, with his eyesight barely able to make heads or tails of the surroundings. Yahru made it at last, then he had to take the long way back and nearly collapsed on the ground from exhaustion, before he got caught by a set of hands by a smaller Matoran wearing a light blue Akaku.

Putting Yahru’s arm on his shoulder, the Matoran walked a partially conscious Yahru back to his tent.

Yahru then woke up.

Yahru groaned as he was about to stand.

“Are you okay?” The smaller matoran asked.

Yahru shook his head trying to come back to his senses.

Yahru looked to his side and found some Vuata Maca Tree Fruit near him.

“Feel free to take some.” The smaller Matoran offered

Yahru looked kind of confused for a moment before taking the fruit.

“Thanks…umm…What happened?”

“You almost passed out in the drifts.”

Yahru shook his head in frustration.

“I’m impressed. I’ve never seen someone do so much out here like that, come here often?”

“Well sometimes”, Yahru replied. “I normally do most of my training elsewhere”

Is he an athlete?” The Matoran thought.

“Are you a Ko-Matoran?” Yahru asked.

“Yes, I’m Matoro.”

“Matoro, huh?” said while studying him.

Wow, he looks kind of different here,” Yahru thought. “I guess those spheres must have done a number on him.

“Is everything okay?”

“Oh yeah, you just remind me of someone.”


“Like a friend of a mentor of mine.”

Matoro then shrugged. “Oh.”

“Anyway, thanks.”
“Take care.” Matoro said.
“Wait…” Yahru called out.
Matoro turned around briefly.

“Yahru…my name is Yahru”.
Matoro smiled and left.
“See you around,”

Yahru then sat back on his sleeping cot

Flashback to Metru Nui
“Yes, Matoro.” Seihu reassured
“I almost didn’t recognize you as a Toa”
“Yeah it has kind of been a long story. But allow me to introduce you to someone.”
Matoro looked expectantly.
“This is Yahru, he is new there, so I’m taking him under my wing.”
“Good to know”
“Yahru, this is Matoro”
Yahru just nodded and smiled cautiously.
Seihu whispered to Matoro, “His social skills may need some improvement.”

A few weeks later
“Hello Yahru, may I help you?”
“Hello I’m here to pick up some Rahi food on behalf of Seihu”
“Ah, yes. Send my regards to Seihu, he hasn’t been around a lot lately.”
“Oh he’s here, just had other things going for him with the Toa and his training.”
“Will you be okay letting him know he can always come back if necessary if he wants a break?”
“Sure thing. Uhh…”
“Come again”

Back to the scene…
“Some things don’t change…hehe” Yahru thought with a small but fond smile.


this is very sweet!
i have always wondered if any of the matoran on mata nui ever remembered metru nui, even as a bad dream…


Chapter 2


“Another day on the job” Shasa sighed.

“Yeah, nothing interesting seems to come our way.” Another Ga-Matoran said

Meanwhile in Ga-Wahi

Yahru arrived.

He sighed with a little reluctance and looked at a sheet of paper, then looked up and walked to the next location, Ga-Koro.


“Hmm, is that?”

“An Onu-Matoran?”

“No, this Matoran’s got silver and blue too.”

“Silver and Blue too?”

Yahru stopped in front of them.

“Who goes there”

“My name is Yahru. Would you two happen to know where Ga-Koro is?”

“Sure, it’s here. What brings you here?”

Yahru gave them a sheet of paper.

The sheet of paper was a shopping list,

“Bamboo Poles, Rope, Flax, Cowrie Shells.”

“Ah, we have some right here. Come on in.”

Yahru walked into Ga-Koro, somewhat of a culture shock to him.

“They don’t look like any Matoran I’ve remembered.” He thought

Yahru walked in with a sack on a stick, which had widgets

Yahru met Amaya the flax maker.


“Hello” Amaya greeted.

“I would like to buy around 3 bio of rope, Flax, and 10 bamboo poles, please.”


As Amaya got the supplies.

“Here” Yahru said as he got some money.

“Thank you.” Amaya said after being handed the money.

Yahru got his supplies in a wheelbarrow and almost left the town when a random Ga-Matoran with a blue Huna walked up to him.

“Hey you,”

Yahru immediately stopped in his tracks and turned around.


“Are you from around here?” She asked, “I haven’t seen someone like you here before.”

“Yeah, I just live on the other side of the island.”

“How far?

“Near a lake in the south.”

“Really? That far?”


“I never heard of anyone living there.”


“You staying with anyone?”

“I used to stay with my master, but he had to leave to defend some other island. It’s just me.”


“Excuse me?”

“No it’s just, that seems kind of lonely. No other Matoran.”

“Well, it’s not too bad, I have my master’s pets and my master also showed me how to do things.”

“Have you met any of the other Matoran?”

“Not really…except a few like this one named Matoro.”

“You met Matoro? He’s such a great person, and the only person to translate for Nuju.” Maku said.

“Nuju, You mean…wha…oh”

Yahru thought back to what Seihu said.

Yahru, the Matoran will most likely not recall history on Metru Nui because of how Makuta tricked them into the Matoran spheres, don’t talk to them too much about it unless they know about it or that you know that they know, because it would overwhelm them .

Yahru exhaled softly.

“What’s wrong?” Maku asked.


“He’s the Turaga of Ko-Koro. Each of our villages has one: Ta-Koro has Vakama, Po-Koro Onewa, Onu-Koro has Whenua, Le-Koro has Matau, and for us in Ga-Koro we have Nokama.

Yahru’s eyes widened.


Nokama? Nuju? Whenua? Matau? Onewa? Vakama? ” Yahru thought. “ They’re alive and TURAGA?

“Would you like to meet her?”

Yahru shrugged confused as to how to respond.

“Not too sure…”

“Don’t worry, it will be fine.”

Yahru just shrugged. “Maybe some other time? I gotta…go…feed my pets”

“Stop by anytime, bye.”

“Yeah, take care…uh…”



Yahru then gave an awkward smile and waved.

Before he left.

Yahru exhaled. Only realizing he almost held his breath as is he was underwater.

Before he got out his flute and summoned a Gukko.

Hearing the six notes played on Yahru’s homemade flute, Yahru’s Gukko swooped in and took him home.

Maku came back to Ga-Koro where she was met by her best friend Kotu,

“Hey Maku, did you get a glimpse of information about our mystery visitor?” Kotu asked

“Yeah, but he was a little withdrawn, but I guess he was just lonely. Other than his pets he doesn’t have anyone else.” Maku twiddled her thumbs “Poor guy, he seemed kind of nice too.”

“Maku, we barely know the guy, I’m sure he’s doing fine. Did you get his name?”

“It’s Yahru.”

“Maybe we can get Nokama to give us info to help us get to know him”

“Let’s go”.


3 Days later.

“Huhuhu,” Yahru huffed.

“Next time, I’ll beat my record.” Yahru thought as he crawled back to shore from Lake Kanae after a long swim.

Yahru took his bag, his practice sword, and hatchet and walked back to his home.

“The waters near Ga-Wahi had more turbulence though, I’ll go there again.”

When Yahru arrived at his home he saw a sight that puzzled him.

Maku, Kotu, and a Red, and Yellow Matoran with a Blue Mask, meeting his Hapaka, Kewa, and Ussal.

Kotu was seen petting his Ussal and his Kewa nuzzling its head on the other Matoran’s arm.

Yahru froze in his tracks and dropped his bag.

“Maku, another Ga-Matoran, and…wait…Takua?!”

Maku then met his gaze.

“Oh hi Yahru” Maku giggled while Yahru’s Hapaka’s nuzzled her ears with its cheek.

Yahru smiled and waved awkwardly.

Oh, Muaka toes, ” Yahru thought. He wasn’t expecting any visitors. “ When did my home become a Matoran petting zoo?!!!

“Ah so you are the Matoran named Yahru,” Kotu stated.


“You don’t look like…”

“Yeah…I look odd for a Matoran.” Yahru shrugged.

“Is that an issue?” Takua asked.

Yahru looked confused.

“I don’t look like I belong either. Hehe…” Takua

“What do you expect, you’re the only Ta-Matoran who would skip work in his village just to swim on the shores of Ga-Koro?” Kotu joked. “Some other Ta-Matoran weren’t even in water, and they were the ones getting steamed from your antics. Ta-Matoran don’t fish but once they arrived, you were their catch of the day.” Kotu quipped.

Yahru turned his head and chuckled.

“Getting in trouble again, Takua” Yahru thought.

The Matoran looked knowingly at Yahru.

Yahru then looked back and shrugged.


“It’s okay, allow me to introduce you to some of my friends,” Maku stated. “This is Takua and Kotu”

“Hey, I’m Takua.” The Red and Yellow Matoran with a Blue Mask introduced himself.

Yahru’s eyes widened.

“Ah” Yahru nodded.

“Of course.” He thought. “ Not much has changed

“And I’m Kotu” Kotu introduced.

“You three seem far from home, aren’t your leaders worried?” Yahru asked.

“Well, Maku and Takua would go here, so I had to set them straight a little.”

“Besides, we were brought here by Nokama.” Maku said while linking her arm with Kotu’s.

“She said she wants to meet you,” Kotu said.

“You’re kidding…Me?” Yahru commented flabbergasted.

“Yeah, we told her about you after she saw you talking to me after your shopping spree. Once we told her your name, the course was set”, Maku commented.

“Well, what about Takua? Did Nokama send for him?”

“Oh, he just does this type of thing a lot. We just ran unto each other on the way” Kotu stated

“Come on Yahru, let’s go.” Maku stated.

“But I need to watch…”

“Takua will watch your pets.”


“You’re the right Matoran for the job” Maku claimed.

“What about you, you’re the Rahi Tender,” Takua questioned Kotu.

“Rahi Tender?” Yahru questioned in his mind.

“Yes, but I am also Nokama’s left hand and Maku is the right”, Kotu quipped. “Besides you were taught a few things by me about tending Rahi.”

“No wonder they got along so well with my pets.” Yahru thought.

Takua sighed.

Yahru sensed the defeat in Takua’s face.

“Sorry man.” Yahru shrugged.

“Come on, Yahru let’s go.” Maku nudged.

“Let me get something first.”

Yahru went to his cot and picked up the 6 tablets Seihu had prepared.

“Should have known it would be today,” Yahru thought.

Yahru returned with his backpack.

“Okay, let’s go.”

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Chapter 3


Maku, Kotu, and Yahru arrived by boat and approached the Ga-Koro gate. They were met by Amaya and Shasa, who guarded the gate.

Maku gave the sign.

They nodded and opened the gate.

The gate opened and the trio walked through the gate through Ga-Koro.

A few minutes later.
“We’re here,” Kotu said.
Yahru nodded.

“Here we go” He thought.

Maku, Kotu, and Yahru walked through her door.
“Turaga Nokama,” Maku called. “We have the visitor.”

The moment he walked through the door he saw a Turaga with a Trident and a Rau. Yahru was taken somewhat aback by her appearance but somehow still recognized her.

Yahru’s eyes widened.

Nokama stated. “Welcome to Ga-Koro, I see you met my right and left hand Matoran.”

Yahru snapping back to reality closed his eyes and briefly shook his head.

“Thank you, Turaga Nokama” Yahru bowed with respect.

“I would like to have a word in private,”

“Yes Turaga Nokama.”

She then looked at Kotu and Maku, giving the signal.

“Come on Maku”

The two Matoran left Yahru and Nokama to talk.

Yahru then kneeled on the floor, with his shins and knees making contact with the ground.

What do I say?” Yahru contemplated.

“From your face, it would seem that you know some things that most Matoran do not know.”

Yahru could not argue against that.

“I have a few questions about a lot of things right here”

“Is there anything?”

Yahru nodded and brought out one of the covered tablets Seihu wrote in preparation, with the Ga-Koro symbol on the back and a carved Ga-Metru symbol on the lower right.

Nokama’s eyes widened at the familiar symbol returning to her memory

"Dear Nokama,

I am writing this letter to let you know that Yahru and I escaped the Island of Metru Nui after the Great Cataclysm. We have been training and living in the Area surrounding Lake Pala on the Island of Mata Nui for over 499 years. I had to leave for Metru Nui to aid the Rahaga in stopping the Visorak horde. Yahru, however, retained most of his memories of the city since there was a Malfunction in his sphere, also enabling his escape. We vowed to keep it silent fearing that this is valuable information. I am entrusting Yahru to you and the other Turaga on this island. I will help prepare the city for your’s, your fellow Turaga’s, the Matoran’s, and Toa’s arrival.


Nokama nodded.

“Yahru, what comes to mind when you hear ‘Great Temple?’ And Great Cataclysm?”

Yahru’s eyes widened in subtle alarm. It was getting clear to her that Yahru knew more than he was letting on.


“You remember, don’t you?” Nokama probed.

“…” Yahru admitted with a sigh. “More than I wish.”

Nokama then gave a reassuring smile, “I knew something was weighing heavy on you. You always were a reserved Matoran.”

“I intended for only my master and I to know keep it a secret…This is…”

“I know Yahru, just like the waters carry fish and seaweed, you have carried the secrets of the Great City in your voyage.”


“We’ll talk with Vakama and the others about it. But rest assured Yahru, your secret knowledge of the Great City is known to us Turaga, and your knowledge is only partial to us.”

Yahru nodded and let out a sigh of relief.

“I never thought of you as a loyal type, you did have an independent side to you. Sometimes even skipping some of my classes. To where Seihu once had to carry you over his shoulder to my class one time.” Nokama quipped.

Yahru nearly jumped back in shock after recalling that memory.

“Turaga Nokama…” Yahru yelped in visible embarrassment over that memory.

Turaga Nokama chuckled.

"But seeing you now, Seihu has definitely influenced you for the better.”

“You think so?”

“It’s obvious.”

“Thank you, Turaga Nokama.”

“Stay safe out there Yahru, and don’t forget to visit the other Turaga."

“Yes, Turaga Nokama.”

Yahru bowed in respect to the current Turaga of Ga-Koro and former Ga-Metru resident and guardian before leaving.

As soon as he left, he smiled to Kotu and Maku before heading home.

“Turaga Nokama, was everything alright?” Maku asked.

Nokama nodded.

“Yes Maku, everything is okay.”

“And Yahru?” Kotu asked

"He’ll be fine, he just carried a lot of secrets and baggage. Nothing that we Turaga do not know about. Rest assured, we can help him. He’s a friend.”

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Ooh very interesting. I like the idea of a Matoran having kept their memories of Metru Nui


Chapter 4

Maku, Kotu and Yahru sailed back to Yahru’s home.

“Alright, here you go, now let’s go find our Chronicler friend” Kotu said to Yahru

“Takua, we are back”

“Oh hey” Takua greeted

On each side of Takua, Yahru’s pets were napping.

“Looks like you all had a relaxing time.” Yahru commented.

“It was fine.” Takua said petting the Rahi.

“Umm…Thanks.” Yahru said.

“No problem. Come by for some fun later, we’re going to a Koli match tomorrow at Po-Koro.”

“And We’re going to get some front row seats.” Maku enthused

“Koli?” Yahru asked.

“It’s a game that Po-Koro is known for” Kotu stated.

“And the game with some of the best athletes on this island.”


“One of them being…Huki.” Kotu emphasizing while eyeing Maku intently.

Maku playfully elbowed her best friend.

“I take it you’re a fan of his” Yahru asked

“A great big fan” Kotu stretched her arms wide.

Takua looked to the side not wanting to get in the middle of a girl banter.

“I feel you, pal” Yahru nudged Takua.

“Huki aside,” Maku stammered “Turaga Onewa would be there too.”

“Hmm this Po-Koro game sounds good.” Yahru pensively rubbed his chin.

“I think I might spare some time to go. ”

“Great, we’ll come by tomorrow afternoon to pick you up.” Takua stated.


“Bye Yahru” Maku and Kotu waved.

“See you tomorrow” Takua waved.

“Same to you”, Yahru also waved.

Yahru sighed.

“What a day.”

With that Yahru got his things ready for the Koli match the next day.

Yahru then went to some of his Rahi and petted them.

“Looks like we got a long day ahead of us.”


ah very neat. Po-Koro will be fun


Chapter 5


“Hello Maku, Takua, Kotu” greeted Hafu carving a statue near the crossroads.

Hafu then looked at Yahru with a puzzled look.

“This is Yahru.” Maku stated, “He’s lived at Lake Pala.”

Maku turned to Yahru, “This is Hafu”

“The Carver Extraordinaire” Hafu puffed his chest.

“Same old you, huh Hafu?” Yahru thought.

“Anyway, welcome to Po-Wahi, Yahru. The Koli game is to start in an hour.”

“Thanks, Hafu” Yahru commented.

“Let’s go” Takua said to Yahru.

“Hey Takua, can we see Turaga Onewa after the game?”

“Uhh…sure.” Takua stated, “Let’s go.”

Crowd were cheering left and right, flags were waved.

The athletes were going back and forth hitting the comets with their feet, heads, and sometimes chests.

Yahru was sitting in the seats with Kotu, Maku, Hafu, and Takua.

Yahru looked around the stadium quickly absorbed by the game.

“Look at all these athletes.” Yahru thought. “Their footwork and speed, nice.”

Although their bodies were shrunken because of the Matoran spheres, their bodies still maintained a good degree of athleticism.

“Yeah come on Huki, make that goal!” Maku yelled from the stands.

With that, Huki, with sound lateral leg movements and a good start jumped, twisted his body and kicked the comet, allowing it to bounce off of the stands and into his opponent’s goal.

The crowd went wild and Yahru was in amazement of that technique.

“Woah, solid form” Yahru asked. “Who was that?”

Kotu stated, “That would be Huki”

“Ah.” Yahru clearly impressed. “The description matches the skill,”

While Yahru was watching the game, so was Turaga Onewa. Watching the games and the audience, only to then spot and peer at the familiar appearance of Yahru.


Chapter 6

“That was fun”

“It was fine.” Yahru stated

“Oh come on Yahru you were absorbed into all the movement.”

“Well yeah, I was” Yahru chuckled

“You must have been quite an athlete as Matoro described.”


“We met on Mount Ihu, he kind of found me after my training.” Yahru huffed.

“That must have been a doozy”

Turaga Onewa’s hut.

“Excuse me, we would like to see Onewa.”

“Ah Visitor.” Turaga Onewa greeted. “Did you enjoy the match”

“We did. Huki played well as always.”

“Oh…” He stopped after seeing Yahru.

“Turaga Onewa, I would like to bring to you our guest, Yahru”

“Hello, Turaga Onewa” Yahru bowed.

“Greetings, Yahru. I take it you enjoyed the match”

“I did, this was my first time watching. Anyway, I have something for you.”

Yahru brought out his backpack and unpacked a special tablet similar to what he gave Nokama, which was addressed specifically to him.

“I see,” Turaga Onewa understanding the whole message. “I would like to speak with Yahru in private if you do not mind, Chronicler.”

“Yes sir” Takua left…

“I saw you from a distance, I knew you seemed familiar.” Onewa commented.

“I thought so for you once I heard your name from Maku and saw you.”

“And no one else knows about this knowledge you possess?”

“No one, only Turaga Nokama.”

“Well, what you know is not news to us Turaga, Yahru.”

“I know.”

“How much do you remember?”

Yahru then looked intensely around before whispering to Onewa’s ear.

“Some things like the Bordahk once chased me out of my home while Dume made the announcement for us to get into the spheres only to find out it wasn’t Dume and that Ahkmou had once envied you and almost caused one of your sculptures to fall before one of us stopped him.”

Onewa shook his head.

“You really went through it with us.”


“Make sure you keep in touch with the other Turaga, it’s a good thing you found us before this information got out to the rest of the Matoran.”

“Master Seihu and I kept this to ourselves for years.”

“We’ll discuss this with your master once we see him.”

“One more thing…Is Ahkmou still causing trouble?”

“I’m afraid so, he once sold ‘lucky’ Ghekula to unsuspecting Matoran only for latter to have their homes torn from the inside.”

“Sounds like him.”

“And something tells me that the comets he sold were the ones that caused us to have more sick athletes before the Chronicler ended it with Pohatu.”


“The Toa of Stone.”

“So this island has its own Toa?”

“Yes. You’ll meet them someday.”

“Good to know we have some reinforcements.”

“Couldn’t have come at a better time. But stay vigilant Yahru, and take what you know to the rest of the Turaga.”


Turaga Onewa looked at Yahru confused by his tone.

“My apologies, it has not been easy with all this going on. I never met any other inhabitants on this island let alone any from our past. Seeing you now as…” Yahru clarified.

Onewa sympathetically put his hand on Yahru’s shoulder.

“Your secrets are everyday conversation between myself and the other Turaga on the island.”

“Thank you, Turaga Onewa.”

“I must go make preparations for our carving festival in a week. Take care, new adventurer.”

Yahru bowed to the former Toa of Stone turned elder.

After the game

“It’s good to be able to watch a Koli match today, we haven’t seen one of these in a while.” Takua commented.

“Really, why?”

“There was an incident where all the players got infected by some Koli balls Ahkmou sold.”

That fool never does change.” Yahru thought.

“Even a bog snake wouldn’t be as venomous as him”

“Ahkmou?” Yahru asked feigning ignorance.

“He was a Po-Matoran who once sold comets here.”

Yahru had a mix of curiousity and urgency.

“Where did he go?”

“Not much to say except “gone fishing” at least on his sign on the stand.”

“Gone fishing?”


He would…” Yahru thought while rolling his eyes.

They were arriving on the boat at the docks at Po-Wahi and just when they were sailing off Yahru noticed at the corner of his eye, a Matoran running away behind a Canyon, the Matoran looked and acted familiar.

Three days later at the Po-Koro.

Yahru knocks on Turaga Onewa’s door. And the Po-Matoran behind were in shock over what or who Yahru had behind him.

Knock Knock

“Turaga Onewa.”

“Yes, Yahru.”

“I have a present for you”

Yahru then pulled in a tied up Ahkmou and laid him on the floor near Onewa’s feet.”

“Ahkmou…Yahru what did you?”

“We asked around the Koro and got the scent thanks to my pal here.” Yahru pointing to his Hapaka. “And I saw him from a bio away. We now have the culprit.”

I knew you would do this, Ahkmou.” Turaga Onewa muttered

“What shall we do with him” Yahru asked

“I got an idea.”

Po-Koro Carver’s Festival
All the Matoran gathered for the Biannual Carver’s festival. Everyone came to observe the sculptures made by the best Po-Matoran carvers, buy some smaller carvings, and trade.

But what came close to the end was a new attraction exclusively for this festival.

“Where am I?” A blindfolded Ahkmou yelled.

In the background, three Le-Matoran were playing a song* used for a Matoran game where they fill a lightweight wooden statue of a Rahi with Vuata Maka fruit or any other prizes and hit it with a stick until they come out.

Ahkmou recognized the song.

“No please, help me!” A blindfolded Ahkmou screamed while having his hands and legs tied together off of a rope hanging from one of his structures. “I’ll stop”.

“Step right up, come take a stick, make a hit and take your prize. For all of who bought products from Ahkmou.”

“No Please!!!”

One by one Po-Matoran, Le-Matoran, Ga-Matoran, and a few Onu-Matoran got in line.

Hafu got some thinner blindfolds and put them on each of the Matoran, spun them twice gently and let them take a hit.

“Everyone stand back.”

One Matoran grabbed a stick then hit Ahkmou.


“AAAAAAHHHHH” Ahkmou screeched in a high pitched voice that even a Ga-Matoran would laugh at.

All of Ahkmou’s old customers howled.

“Now claim your prize.”

The Po-Matoran took back his Husi bird from Ahkmou’s stand.


All the Matoran kept going at it.

Turaga Onewa looked from at his balcony almost pridefully.

Just then Matau entered.

“It’s amazing how you wanted me to bring a singsong concert to your festival. Never thought of you as wanting one.”

“We had to do it. The least we could do after finding the responsible party behind the disease.”

“This seems almost cruel of you, Onewa. Almost like me from the good old Metru days.”

“Who do you think I got it from? Besides the sticks we use aren’t poles, but reeds, so it’s not like it will hurt him TOO much.”

“Hmph…Though I’m not shocksurprised, How did you figured out it was Ahkmou?”

“The Chronicler helped us earlier during the comet incident, but it was the Chronicler’s new friend or our old friend from those days who captured and brought him,”

“What old friend?”

“Yahru!” Onewa called.

Yahru who was watching the whole thing turned around and looked up to see Onewa waving inviting him up.

Yahru nodded and went up.

Matau looked at Onewa in surprise, “Yahru?!!!”

Onewa nodded.

Yahru came up to the balcony.

“Yahru, allow me to introduce you to…,”


“That’s Turaga Matau to you!” Matau quipped with a smirk.

Yahru’s eyes widened and a smile broke forth.

“He knows about our past, but please don’t hold it against him.” Onewa whispered.

“How did he?”

“It’s a long story.”

“With your permission, I would like to share my story with you.”

Matau then nodded and crossed his arms expectantly.

Back to the festival.

“Step up, take a stick, make your hit, get your prize.”

Maku stepped up, got a stick, and was given a blindfold.

She was lightly spun around twice before she was let go.


“OWWWWWWWWW” Ahkmou screamed

“That was for Huki…er…the Koli team” Maku shook her fist.

The rest of the Matoran cheered.

“Take your prize, miss.” The Po-Matoran host encouraged.

“I already have him” she grinned while holding Huki’s hand and placing her head on his shoulder.

“Okay…” The Po-Matoran said before turning over to the next customer “…you’re next!”

“Hooray, that’s me!!!” A somewhat brutish voice cheered.

Oh no!” Ahkmou thought. His eyes raised in paralyzing alarm under the blindfold, recognizing the somewhat brutish voice. “Taipu

“You better take this one Taipu, you owe us and Turaga Whenua for that Ghekula you bought.” Onepu charged from a distance.

“Okay” Taipu said while warming up. Before being handed a Pickaxe handle, harder and capable of inflicting more pain than those reeds the Matoran used, as painful as they were.

“No, no, please…” Ahkmou whimpered before his mouth was covered.

“Don’t worry he won’t mind.” Maku winked.


“TAIPU, TAIPU…” The Matoran cheered.

In one small but strong hit.


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH”, Ahkmou screamed in such powerful high pitched agony that the birds in Po-Wahi scattered across the sky.

*Song used: A Matoran equivalent to this song:

Just picture this song while you are reading the part at the Festival

Edit (10/26/2023): Changed Yahru’s role during the festival


Chapter 7


Matau was just finished reading the tablet Seihu wrote for him.

Which also had an additional note: “P.S.: If you see a Phase Dragon around, please accept my apology, he hasn’t mentally left the city and just gets out every now and then where ever birds are.”

“Well it seems looks like our thrillracing days may are nothing but memories for now, Yahru.” Matau shook his head

Still Chutespeak, huh Matau?” Yahru thought.

“Yeah, I can’t believe it either, it was fun having you as by mentor around the track.”

“But really? 499 years? In Lake Pala?”

“It was my Master Seihu’s idea.”

“Just like him to bond with nature.”

“Turaga Matau, oh greetings visitor…” Kongu walked in.
Yahru waved awkwardly.
“I apologize for the quickinterrupt, but we have set our Battleflight Training tomorrow highnoon. “ Kongu commented.

“Many thanks for the statusreport, sir Kongu. Make sure the Kewa and Gukko are well fed and cargo is ready”

“Much understood, Turaga Matau.”

Yahru looked at Kongu puzzled before looking back at Matau.

“Sir Kongu?”

“Kongu is our strongwilled commander of our Gukko Force, and fastest leaf runner.”

“Wow, we used to see him operate at transportation hub at Le-Metru.”

“Now we have gone from Chutes to Ladders.”

“Not even wearing a the same mask anymore.”

“But, the Gukko force? With all due respect, how did you come about this?”

“Well one time I tried to tame a Gukko bird once when I was on my day off from test riding,”

“How was that?”

“Not so good.”


“But during our final battle in Metru Nui with Makuta, somehow a Gukko bird flew right to us and helpedflew us to Vakama. I wonder how that came about?”

Yahru remembered his master and smiled fondly.

“Wait a minute, that was you as a Toa with Nokama, Onewa, and the others!” Yahru whispered.


“I thought that Green Toa looked familiar.”

“You guessed right.”

“Seihu knew.”

“Destiny had a role to play on you, especially for the birds”

“Perhaps, but it also got me to see that the way these Rahi are and how dependable they were in battle and as companions made me want them as companions for our Matoran. Also they are highflying thrillblazers, so there’s no wrong in that.”

“Now we get to spend more time with them.”

“I saw that you have a Gukko yourself, care to fly with us for our next training?” Matau asked.

“With you all?” Yahru asked. “No one has invited me for that before. Can you still fly?”

“I’m not the Metru Bikerider I used to be but I can still wrangleoperate a bird.”

“Speaking of bike, where can I go with my old Metru Bike that I bought from Nuparu? I may need to get rid of it for parts. As to the fact that there are no charging stations on this is land.”

“I think you should askquestion him downground in Onu-Koro. He might not mind…”

“Nuparu is still making inventions?” Yahru asked almost excitedly.

Matau exhaled, “Is he ever?”
“He make-created wings out of curiosity. Just to see what it was like to soarfly, but then he crashwrecked into one of our houses.”

Yahru cringed at image in his head of the result.

“I tell you if a Groundseer like him ends up Highflying and one of our own isn’t, then destiny is chatterlaughing at me more than anyone.”

“Can’t imagine that.” Yahru shook his head snickering. “It’s good to have you as a mentor here as well Turaga Matau maybe not to me directly, but that you’ve taken charge.”

“No problem.”

“Although the change between here and Metru Nui caught me off guard at first and taking charge of my place once my Master Seihu left, from adapting here and seeing you, Nokama and Onewa again, and being able to have people who kind of get me, it’s like things are alright.”

“You’re okay here, Yahru.”

“Thank you, Turaga Matau.”

“Now if you will excuse me, I must addressreview the Gukko Force’s training schedule.”

Yahru bowed to Turaga Matau in respect of his senior.


Chapter 8

Deep in Le-Wahi

Yahru was walking back from Matau’s place.

A Le-Matoran was picking up some sticks when a Jaw Turtle emerged from rise from the swamp and jump the Matoran.

The Le-Matoran noticed and got his disk ready to launch.

Yahru stood by and watched the Le-Matoran strike, then have his disk knocked out.
Just when the monstrous turtle was closing in, Yahru swooped down from a vine, grabbed the Le-Matoran by the waist, and swung the Le-Matoran out of danger.

“Stay here,” Yahru said.

Yahru jumped right in front of the Jaw Turtle. The Jaw Turtle kept lunging and snapping at Yahru, only for Yahru to acrobatically dodge the attacks.

Finally, as the Jaw Turtle lunged forward, Yahru got out of the way, causing the jaw turtle to hit its face on a nearby tree, causing it to fall back a little before Yahru got on and pressure-pointed the big turtle to sleep.

Yahru swung back up and got the Matoran’s disk from the tree.

He saw the disk and looked at it reminiscently of what he used back on Metru Nui for a few seconds before he went back to the Matoran before the Jaw turtle could get up.

“Thanks” The Matoran said.
Yahru nodded before immediately got out the disk, “don’t leave without this.”
“And you’re welcome by the way” Yahru added.
Yahru immediately left.


Chapter 9


Shortly after Yahru’s talk with Matau and just now Whenua, he went to see Nuparu at Whenua’s request.

“Ah so you must be Yahru, Turaga Whenua told me a little about you.” A Black and Gray Onu-Matoran with an Orange Pakari.


“How much did he tell you?” Yahru asked cautiously

“All I know is that you have quite the way with tools.”

“Well Turaga Whenua hasn’t lied” Yahru chuckled.

“And by the way it sounds he may know about you more than we do.”

Yahru gave a wry smile, “Yeah, imagine that”

Good thing too” Yahru thought to himself.

“Anyway I’m Nuparu” The Orange Pakari wearing Matoran greeted.

“Nice too…meet you.” Yahru shook his hand
Again” Yahru thought

“Anyway Yahru, I was working on an invention and I was wondering if you could help me out with it.”


“Hand me that wrench…”

Well. This is a weird thing. Coming here as a lab assistant.” Yahru thought.

“Alright sure.”

“Thank you.” Nuparu said without taking his eyes off of his project.

“And…done” Nuparu added.

“What did you make?”

“The new invention. A laser drill”

Yahru looked up puzzled. “Really?”

“With this, the miners are going to have short work when going for their rounds. Just one press of a button and finally…”

The laser shot out unexpectedly…

“WOAH” Nuparu yelled as the laser shot spontaneously.

The lasers kept coming out of the drill as it kept spinning on the ground.

Yahru then dove out of the way, just seconds before seeing Nuparu,

“Get Down!” Yahru yelled as he dove for Nuparu, tackling him and himself out of the line of fire.

The laser drill was causing a bit of a frenzy to put it gently.

“We have to shut it down” Nuparu commanded.

Yahru then looked around frantically and spotted a nearby shovel.

“Sorry Nuparu” Yahru crestfallenly muttered.

The lasers kept coming but Yahru kept deflecting them with the metal end of a shovel before crashing it down on the drill.

Yahru panted lightly, shaking his head, and—unseen to Nuparu—rolled his eyes before slowly looking back at him with an unsurprised but skeptical and slightly annoyed look.

“Umm…maybe that wasn’t my best invention…” Nuparu shrugged. “Sorry you had to go that.”

“Sorry I had to do that”

"No problem. Needs some fine tuning. "

“Hopefully none of us won’t be on the receiving end when this will be used…”

“Right…” Nuparu shrugged as he and Yahru both laughed.

Moments later.
“So how did it go?” Whenua asked.
“Same as always” Yahru shook his head. “He’s always inventing.”
“History has an odd way of repeating itself, even with subtle changes. Like earth itself.”
“Well glad to know things aren’t totally different.” Yahru nodded.
Whenua nodded.

“Thanks” Yahru said.
“For what in particular?”
“I never thought we would be talking, let alone like this for a long time. I’m kind of relieved knowing that there’s at least somewhere I can be free about what’s happened back in…” Yahru looked around for any passerby before seeing the coast is clear before whispering “Metru Nui”.
“Yes quite.”
“So is anybody a wall of history of the events on this island for any history?”
“Not quite, but the Chronicler is getting details.”


Chapter 10

Flashback during the time Yahru met Matoro for the second time on Mata Nui:

In Mount Ihu, a Muaka reared its head ready to strike a Matoran.

Just as it was about to strike, an ice pick shoots through the sky and crashed head first into the Muaka’s head. The Muaka turns quickly to see who it was. None other than Matoro, this wasn’t his first encounter with a Muaka, the last one was when he and Takua encountered it with Kopaka cutting the ground beneath it sending it falling.

Just when the Muaka reared its head, Yahru jumped on the Muaka and pressure pointed it to submission and landed a devastating roundhouse kick to its head.

“You okay?” Yahru asked


“I guess we’re even after the last time.” Yahru nodded.

Few months later

Yahru was once again trekking through the Icy Mountain of Ko-Koro, although his Bio-Mechanical make-up has gotten used to the cold thanks to his training he still gets a chill every now and then. This time he went off to see Turaga Nuju.

Yahru walked patiently and intently as his feet crunched on the snow. Along with the cold winds that sounded like metered exhales that was the only sound he that he was aware of.

Yahru carried with him a sword, hatchet, an Ice Pick, a few disks he bought from Kumo in Le-Koro, and the tablets made by Seihu — having two left for Nuju and Vakama for his last destination in his trip, Ta-Koro.

Almost there he saw a familiar Matoran run out to greet him.

“Hey Yahru.”

Yahru inched closer to see Matoro waving to him with Turaga Nuju on the side.

“Matoro” Yahru took notice. “Hello”

“Come on in, Turaga Nuju is waiting for you.”

“Ah, right.”

“Messages like these go around fast.” Yahru thought.

In Nuju’s tent.
Nuju read the tablet Seihu prepared for him.

Yahru was sitting kneeled on the floor.

As soon as Nuju finished reading,

He then spoke to Yahru, at least to Nuju it was speaking.


Yahru looked a bit confused.

“What is going on?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do translate.” Matoro said, “Turaga Nuju said your master has really thought ahead when he made this message.”

That is when Yahru was yet again made aware of Nuju needing a translator. And Matoro’s role as the translator.

Yahru couldn’t believe this was still Nuju, his mask looked the same albeit aged a bit, but the speaking caught him off guard.

Was this the same scholar that he sometimes met along the way, let alone the past Toa back in Metru Nui?


Yahru kept looking with a raised eyebrow through his mask.

Matoro translated, “I thought somehow all but a few Matoran would carry such secrets, but I never thought you would be one of them. With what you’ve been though, you should be thankful to still be alive.”

“That’s what my master once told me when I followed him a few times”


Matoro continued, “Seihu always had his hands full with you.”

Yahru’s eyes widened at the mention of Seihu even in front of Matoro.

Yahru sat, “how could you”

Clickwhir*”Matoro” Nuju said with one bit of Matoran language exiting his mouth.

Questioning what it meant, Yahru was waiting on Matoro to speak.

Nuju nodded to Matoro and vice-versa
“Yes Turaga.”

Understanding that it was time for Matoro to speak from the heart to Yahru.

“It’s okay Yahru, it’s nothing I didn’t discover ahead of time, Nuju spoke in Rahi once to the other Turaga, and they didn’t understand him until he entrusted me with not only the task of translating, but his entire life and knowledge after I stumbled across him talking to the Matoran, in his language."

With embarrassment, Matoro admitted, “ I told the Matoran what he meant. With the bit of Rahi language I knew, ”

Yahru looked surprised and nodded with understanding. Remembering what Matoro used to do back in the day he was pleasantly surprised to see not much had changed.

“That’s great to hear.” Yahru stated.

Matoro sat near Yahru.

“Yahru, don’t worry about this. Your master thought about us a lot to give you these tablets to share with only the Turaga, I myself have secrets I’m never to share with anyone else other than the other Turaga, because of this task, and I can keep yours too. Don’t be carrying this alone anymore. You don’t have to be without at least one friend who knows what you’ve went through.”

Yahru turned to Nuju and Nuju nodded confirming it.

“Thanks Turaga Nuju” Yahru smiled before turning to Matoro, “And thank you Matoro.”

“What are friends for?”

Yahru who for many years of living somewhat guarded felt a strange warmth knowing there was a Matoran he could relate to, and from a Ko-Matoran of all people. But Yahru knew Matoro well enough to realize that it was a trait of his that he couldn’t help but admire even far back to his days on Metru Nui.

“Yes sir,” Yahru nodded.

Matoro reached out his hand and Yahru took it.

Turaga Nuju crossed his hands and nodded approvingly for a brief second before giving Yahru one more exhortation.


Yahru after he looked at Turaga Nuju then turned to Matoro

Matoro translated, “Be careful to keep what you heard to us and the other Turaga.”

“Yes sir.” Yahru bowed.


“It’s getting late Yahru be sure to get some rest before your journey to Ta-Koro.”

“I will, Thank you Turaga Nuju and Matoro.” Yahru bowed.

Matoro and Nuju bowed respectively before giving Yahru permission to leave.

Yahru then made his way out of Ko-Wahi and summoned his bird for Ta-Koro.


Chapter 11


“Ah, that is what it is.” Turaga Vakama stated after reading the tablet given to him. “I’ve always wondered what Seihu has been up to. He’s always had a traveler’s mentality next to Takua.”

“Never would have guessed this for myself.”

“And as for you, I never would have seen you as the one Matoran who kept his memories of the Great City,”

“According to my master, I wasn’t supposed to. But I merely fought my way out to end up not only fleeing the Vahki but unknowingly escaping having Makuta’s mind erasing.”

“Really? Tell me more”

Yahru told Vakama about everything including
his battle & escape.

Vakama nodded grimly “You really had to fight through so much. You’ve always had a strong will, even when it got you in trouble for it half the time. You may not have been Ahkmou or to a lesser extent Takua, but you were somewhat rebellious.”

“I guess that lead me to survive through it.”

“So, Lake Pala, what an unusually desolate place to live.”

“It was Seihu’s idea.”

“That will not be the only place for now. Yahru.”

“How so? Vaka…I mean Turaga Vakama.” Yahru recovering after he caught himself nearly referring to Vakama by how he remembered him. “Sorry…”


Yahru nodded.

“Now back to the topic, it will not be the only place for you. Meet me and the rest of the Turaga in Amaja Nui tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, Turaga Vakama.”


Chapter 12

Amaja Nui

Early in the morning, while most Matoran were asleep, The Turaga, Matoro arrived at Amaja Nui, and Yahru arrived on his Gukko.

They were sitting around the circle in a lengthy discussion.

Yahru was sharing with the Turaga everything about his life after the Great Cataclysm, and even before it. Somehow everything flowed out of Yahru’s mouth like the Water from the KauKau carving in Ga-Koro. Yahru while hesitant at first gradually sensed of relief after telling his story.

“And I thought the Kavinika infestation back in Ga-Metru was the worst of it for us.” Yahru stated.

Nokama shuddered at that horrendous memory.

“Never have I been so glad to have taken Rahi training lessons, thanks to Seihu.”

Click click shrill shrill
tweet cuuuuurrr, Nuju added

“It must have helped prepare you in advance for getting out of there and surviving out here.” Matoro Translated for Nuju.

“It wasn’t the first time, I did unsuccessfully attempt to muscle my way through a fight with a 2-headed Tarakava in Ga-Metru once.”

“Seihu had to bail you out of that one.” Onewa nodded.

Yahru sighed and shook his head over that.

“But it is not too bad, the past proved to be a solid learning tool.” Whenua added.

“And you always made me aware of that.” Yahru said before going into deep thought.

“Seihu also taught me that today is the future the past helped prepare us for and today will be the past that helps us for the future. Use the days wisely”

Turaga Whenua and Nuju wouldn’t have agreed with each other back then, but after their days as Toa, they softened up towards each other and found common ground as comrades, and hearing Seihu’s words given to them through Yahru gave them something to agree upon as they nodded towards each other. Onewa put his hands on each of their shoulders and nodded as well…

“And l guess in hindsight I chose to make every lesson I learned count for my life, Seihu’s, the rest of Matoran’s— even if I may not know many of them.” Yahru added. “And now…” Yahru muttered “ your lives and the Toa’s.”

Yahru turned his head in embarrassment over his honest confession.

“Now they’re going to think of me as a laughing stock…A Matoran fighting for the Toa and Turaga,” Yahru thought.

Vakama seeing the sincerity in Yahru’s demeanor in spite of his embarrassment, put his hand on his shoulder.

“Your master has taught you well.”

Yahru gave a light comforted smile and nodded.

The rest of the Turaga simply nodded approvingly.

Yahru bowed to the Turaga.

“Glad to be under your watches.”

“In the meantime, Seihu was taught you more long-time after. Last I past-remembered he was quite the everquick-genius-fighter.”
click clack turrrrrrr cu hoo Matoro curr Nuju responded
Matoro added, “Turaga Nuju also said that given that I told him about you from one time I saw you training in the drifts, he’s interested in seeing it.”
“Seihu did do demonstrate a demonstration in Ga-Metru once for us back in the day.” Nokama added. “Care to demonstrate us some of his…?”
“And maybe your moves too?” Matau added
The other Turaga looked at him puzzled.
“What? Seihu’s style can’t be the only fight-defense Yahru’s picked up. After all, I had some moves myself”
Turaga Onewa shook his head and Nokama rolled her eyes as they and everyone snickered as they remembered his move with the Aero Slicers.

Yahru chuckled.


He nodded as he got up and bowed to his new Turaga before stepping back on to thr flatter part of the area for a 5 minute demonstration of his martial arts skills.


Chapter 13


In the middle of the day Yahru was sitting down in deep focus, before standing up and drawing his practice sword from his back. Then with one small leap he started twirling his sword before cutting the air, kicking, dodging and sidestepping several times at imaginary opponents.

While Yahru was focused on his forms and his imaginary opponents, he seemed joyful on the inside. After half an hour of training he sat down and took a break.

Yahru laid on the grass and sighed exhaustion and relief. The training wasn’t the only thing that gave him some relief.

During his meeting with the Turaga, Yahru was under the care of the former Toa Metru, who were also some of his confidants about his life and current place.

Just then Yahru heard a familiar voice.

“Hey Yahru”

Yahru opened his eyes and saw a few familiar faces.

“Hulgon? Litria, Moavernick?”

“Long time no see”

Some years later after the Bohrok-Kal defeat

Yahru had gone to the Northern Continent for more training under Hulgon and his team. It was also there where he met Tikolo an Fe-Matoran Seihu once saved. Tikolo gifted Yahru with some new weapons and made by an Fe-Matoran swordsmith friend of his.

The moment Yahru came back he was greeted by the Turaga

“Welcome back.” Vakama greeted.

Yahru’s armor was a little bit scarred after his training and his muscle tissue increased and his armor was remade.

“So I take it your training was a success.” Vakama added.

“Yes, I’m still somewhat sore, but I’ll be fine.”

“im glad on Yahru, you look a bit different than last time.”


“But not too different than us…”
Yahru looked at Vakama quizzically.
“Come, we have received a present from Mata Nui.”

Yahru went with them and a few minutes later. Yahru came out with his newly rebuilt armor mended when he noticed something different.

“Hey Yahru!” Maku shouted.

Yahru turned around and saw Maku,the rest of the Chronicler’s company, Jaller, Kongu, Onepu, Nuparu, Hewkii, Matoro

Yahru noticed the thicker limbs, taller height of these Matoran. Now matching his appearance.

“Welcome back!”

“Wow, Vakama you weren’t kidding” Yahru chuckled.

“I see.”

“Now we look the same,” Onepu said putting his hand on Yahru’s shoulder

“Yeah I can see that.”

“Speaking of Toa, how are they?"

Yahru turned aside to see the six Toa.
“Yahru,” The Turaga stated “The Toa”
“Tahu, Gali, Pohatu, Lewa, Kopaka and Onua.”

Yahru was speechless and impressed. He saw the Toa on Kini Nui a few times like before they went down to battle Makuta but rarely saw them up close. He noticed them with improved armor and weapons.

Yahru kneeled before the Toa.

“Nice to meet you too, Yahru.” Pohatu greeted.

Tahu smirked while crossing his arms, Lewa grinned, Onua and Gali nodded, and Kopaka looked aside and simply gave him the thumbs up.

“Don’t worry about him, he just takes some time to get used to people.” Pohatu said about Kopaka.

“I know the feeling.” Yahru thought.

“No Worries.”

“Come Yahru, it’s time to catch up with your fellow Matoran.” Vakama told him.

Yahru nodded and gave the Toa one more bow before he followed Vakama.


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