Hidden Light II

Continued from Book 1

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Chapter 1

After the deaths of Burosa and Sterok, four Rahkshi hidden in the Onu-Metru Archives woke up.
They communicated with each other in their native tongue.
“Now that Burosa and Sterok are gone, we are free,” A Rahkshi of Laser Vision said blissfully.
“Yes, no longer will I be a test Brakas for them”, A Rahkshi of Shapeshifting declared,” Now, we can be free under my command. Especially since that tyrant, Draku left as well.”
“Hold on, your command?!” A Rahkshi of Heat Vision yelled “I didn’t get free to be a slave again. I work under no one”
“And how did that work for you?” A Rahkshi of Shapeshifting laughed.
“The same way that it worked for you” The Rahkshi of Heat Vision sharply recoiled.
The Rahkshi of Shapeshifting and Rahkshi of Heat Vision glared at each other and then lunged at and fought against each other.
The Rahkshi of Heat Vision jumped in and shot the ground between them yelled, “Enough you two! I’ll be the leader”
The two Rahkshi sneered and fought the Rahkshi of Laser Vision as well. The Rahkshi got so barbaric that the noise was disturbing the Rahkshi of Chameleon to the point that it rose up.
“Enough!” The Rahkshi of Camouflage entered while its body shifted colors, “I got an idea for who becomes the leader, let’s play a game in Metru Nui!”
The Rahkshi looked at the Rahkshi of Camouflage in suspicion and then each other in question.

Chapter 2

In the quiet and peaceful district of Ga-Metru, Seihu finished building his home.

Seihu’s current house used to be a tiny hut-sized abandoned school in Ga-Metru rewarded to him for exposing the schemes of Burosa and Sterok, and through his service in Metru Nui. He turned the abandoned school into his home and training place. It was somewhat compact and not overly decorated, but a perfect for concentration and training.

Seihu brought almost everything from his travels to his new home. His mechanical training dummies, his notes from his school at Ga-Metru and from his years of studies at Ko-Metru, miscellaneous tools from the other Metru, tools given to him by his mentors, and even his old white Miru as a memento of his past and a replica of his old mask from his days as an underground fighter.

It was also the place where Seihu kept some Rahi as pets, including a Kewa, Mahi, Ussal, a Metru Mantis, Phase Dragon, and a Carigi. Seihu grew to the point where he can even tame a few Rahi, in addition to fighting vicious ones.

For several days, Seihu trained privately in his home. But on other days, he got called to actively serve in several Metru.

The one day, Seihu woke up, put a pair of his boomerangs and his Protosteel sticks in his backpack, and went outside for a jog, when he heard a cry for help.

“Stop, thief” yelled a Matoran lying on the floor holding his arm.

Seihu ran to the Matoran to help him up.

“What is going on?” Seihu asked.

The Matoran pointed to the thief.

Seihu looked and saw a greenish-gold, blue, and black Matoran with a yellow and black sinister-looking Pakari running out of the Great Temple with a sack.

Seihu was surprised and disturbed over a Matoran stealing from it.

“Looks like I decided to jog for a reason,” Seihu said.

Seihu ran after that Matoran as hard as he could, but the Matoran he seemed too fast.

The sight brought so much attention that Toa Lhikan saw it too and decided to investigate. He got on his Lava-board and went after them.

While running, Seihu dug out his boomerang from his backpack.

With one swift throw of his boomerang, Seihu knocked the sack away from the Matoran’s hand. Before the Matoran could go back and get it, Seihu jumped and got the bag. The Matoran angrily looked back at Seihu and walked in a confrontational way towards him.

“Hey you, why are you doing this?” Seihu questioned with slight anger in his tone.
The Matoran didn’t respond and went to fight Seihu. It seemed the Matoran wanted to speak through its fists rather than his words. The Matoran unleashed a wave of punches and strikes, Seihu dodged the strikes and blows, he didn’t want to strike a fellow Matoran but he knew that he had to in this case. In the 15-second fight, Seihu beat that Matoran.
“Now tell me, why are you doing this?” Seihu asked again.

The Matoran got up angrier and cracked his neck from side to side too foreign for a Matoran to move their neck.
Seihu was confused and troubled by the sight,
What was the deal with this Matoran, if it really was one?
“Who are you?” Seihu asked in a calm but suspicious way.
The Matoran crossed his arms, bent his appearance and revealed who he or it truly was, a blue and gold Rahkshi, known as the Rahkshi of Shapeshifting.

“I should have known”, Seihu replied before getting into a fighting stance, yet Seihu was not surprised by this occurrence.

The Rahkshi materialized its staff and aggressively moved towards Seihu…

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Chapter 3

The Rahkshi was swinging and making jabbing movements with its staff at Seihu. Seihu kept ducking and evading the attacks. After flipping away from a swing from the Rahkshi’s staff, Seihu whipped out his Protosteel sticks from his backpack to make the fight fairer.

Seihu and the Rahkshi scuffled for what seemed to be 15 seconds. When the Rahkshi was running its staff to Seihu’s head, Seihu moved his head away, and caught the head of the staff between his sticks in a scissor-like capture, then twisted the Rahkshi’s staff away from it.

He put his sticks back into his backpack briefly because he disarmed his opponent. Although weakened, the Rahkshi struck with his fists and kicks. Seihu blocked and evaded them, and delivered a few attacks of his own until the Rahkshi suit was destroyed, prompting the Kraata to leave.

After that, Seihu saw something flying at him from the corner of his eye; a Rahkshi of Heat Vision was flying in from the sky and it was arriving quick enough to try to run Seihu over.

This prompted Seihu to glide to the other side to avoid the collision, with the only thing that hit Seihu was the wind displaced from the speeding Rahkshi.

Seihu breathed heavily as he saw the Rahkshi move past him, thankful that he missed him.

The Rahkshi stopped and placed both its feet on the ground and turned towards Seihu, and got out its staff.

The Rahkshi fired its beams at Seihu, but Seihu kept dodging.

“What did I get myself into?” thought Seihu…

Chapter 4

The Rahkshi kept firing its heat vision, and Seihu kept dodging. Just as the Rahkshi was about to fire at Seihu, Toa Lhikan came in and used his mask power to shield Seihu from the heat blasts.

“Toa Lhikan!” Seihu exclaimed.

“Seihu, go, I’ll deal with the Rahkshi” Lhikan ordered.

Seihu nodded and ran for the Great Temple.

Around that time, Lhikan defeated the Rahkshi of Heat Vision after a short battle.

Seihu was running back to the Great Temple before he came across the Rahkshi of Laser Vision.

Seihu got exasperated.

“Oh, Mata Nui, not again”, Seihu asked, “Where are these Rahkshi all coming from?”

Seihu tried to shield himself with his sticks. Just as the Rahkshi fired the laser beams, Seihu’s sticks glowed and blocked the blasts.
Seihu opened his eyes and was amazed by what he saw.
The Rahkshi kept firing, but Seihu blocked the blasts with his sticks, then turned away and quickly converted them to nunchuck mode.

As he moved forward, Seihu deflected the lasers.
Then Seihu tangled one of his nunchucks around the Rahkshi’s staff and knocked out the Rahkshi’s staff with the other nunchuck. Seihu finished off with his nunchucks and a punch that destroyed the Rahkshi suit and the Kraata in it. This punch was unlike his last one; as Seihu clenched his fist hard, his fist lit up almost like it was on fire, and in one punch he destroyed the Rahkshi suit.

Seihu stood motionless for a moment, with his mouth and eyes open.

All Seihu could put together was “WOW, the power came from inside me…” as he looked at his fist, then he shrugged it off as he went to the Great Temple.

Seihu didn’t know this but he was being watched by the Rahkshi of Camouflage.

Seihu went inside the Great Temple to return this artifact. Seihu opened the sack out of curiosity and saw a translucent white glowing stone.

“What does the Rahkshi want with this stone anyway?” Seihu pondered.

Whatever the reason was, if it had to steal that stone from the Great Temple, then it was a big deal.

Seihu was searching for a place to put the stone back when he saw a mechanism in the middle of the Great Temple, the Suva. Seihu walked towards the Suva and placed the stone inside a slot in the Suva.

Just then, the Rahkshi of Camouflage emerged from the shadows and landed in front of Seihu. Seihu got fighting ready as the Rahkshi moved in to fight Seihu. Seihu knew that if he didn’t do something, the Rahkshi would steal from it again. Seihu fought the Rahkshi actively.

Immediately, Seihu heard a rumbling and ratcheting sound coming from the Suva.

Seihu was worried, but he didn’t think to leave for fear that the Rahkshi were to cause more damage to the Great Temple. So Seihu kept fighting. Just then, a surge of energy from the Suva shot Seihu in the back with the same force as the Protodermis falls and causing him to scream in voice-breaking agony and fall face down on the floor of the Great Temple…

Chapter 5

Seihu was lying on the ground motionless, then the Rahkshi threw him to the side. It turned to the Suva. Just when the Rahkshi was about to approach the Suva, Seihu’s Phase Dragon, who followed him in the chase, ran up to that Rahkshi and tackled it to the ground to protect Seihu. The Rahkshi threw the Phase Dragon away and kicked it down. Slowly, Seihu got up and realized the Rahkshi was about to destroy his pet. Seihu ran towards that Rahkshi and with such a newfound strength, he punched it away from the Phase Dragon.

Seihu ran for his Phase Dragon.

“Hey, are you alright?” Seihu asked, “Hang in there, boy.”

The Phase Dragon seemed a bit frightened by Seihu. Seihu was confused by this.

“What’s wrong?” Seihu wondered. “It’s me, Seihu.”

Just then, Seihu realized that something was different about him.

“What happened? How did I get bigger? And what’s with my voice and body?” Seihu asked taking note of his deepened voice and his taller and stronger body.

The Rahkshi didn’t want to let Seihu find answers and moved in for the kill. Seihu blocked a strike from the Rahkshi and did a jab and a palm strike infused with light to it that destroyed the suit and the Kraata in it.

“There is that power again, it’s stronger than ever,” thought Seihu. “What is this?”

Seihu went out and looked at himself on a reflective surface and he nearly jumped at what he saw…

“Is this really me?” wondered Seihu, “A Toa?!”

Seihu also noticed that his armor was white and gold. Suddenly, Seihu felt the strange need to change the color of his armor. This was a trick he learned from the organization that Hulgon is a part of.

Seihu then closed his eyes and clenched his fists. Using his willpower, he bent the light in a way that he got his colors to resemble those of his Matoran self, mostly white and black. However, his mask, breastplate, shoulder and thigh armor were as silver as Protodermis.

Seihu looked at his body and thought, “Amazing, I can change the colors of my appearance too.”

Just then, the Phase Dragon recognized Seihu more and playfully tackled him to the ground.
Seihu laughed, “I’m glad you recognize me again, now wait for me outside”

Just then, Seihu heard a grinding and elevating noise come out of the Suva. Seihu walked over to the Suva with caution.
“Stay Here.” He said to his Phase Dragon.
Smoke and light emerged from the center of the Suva as something was coming up from the center.
A sword levitated from it. The sword had a two-handed hilt, with what seemed like hooks on each side of the crossbar, and a semi-curved blade.

Seihu gazed in awe.

The sword flew toward Seihu. As he stepped back, the sword stabbed the ground in front of Seihu.

Puzzled, Seihu walked over to the sword.

The moment when Seihu picked up the sword, it glowed briefly as an indicator of Seihu being its new rightful owner. Seihu noticed a small shell on his back and placed the flat edge of his blade on it before it teleported in it. Startled by the disappearance of the sword, he thought about how to get his sword back. In that moment, he felt the sword reappear from his shell and picked it up. Once Seihu found out it was a place to store his weapons, he not only placed the sword in the shell, but he also took his newly transformed boomerangs and proto-steel convertible sticks and teleported them into his shell.

Wanting to know the meaning of this transformation to Turaga Dume’s home quarters to tell him what happened…

Chapter 6

Turaga Dume asked him, “Are you are aware that you can no longer live your Matoran life anymore because of this transformation?”

“I understand, Turaga Dume,” said Seihu as he put his head down.

“But, now that you have become a Toa, you have a responsibility to guard Metru Nui.” Turaga Dume added.

Seihu said, “Yes, Turaga Dume”.

“Go find the other Toa; they may help you,” Dume advised.

Seihu kneeled and bowed to Turaga Dume and left Dume’s quarters.
After talking to Dume, Seihu kept going in what would be a Déjà vu moment for him, he was used to traveling all through Metru Nui to find his place since he was a Matoran, but now that he’s a Toa he is more confused. Especially since now he doesn’t have time to live the same life he lived as a Matoran. Seihu didn’t know where to begin so he started searching in the busy city of Le-Metru, especially because with Nidhiki gone, someone needed to watch it.
In order to adapt to his new assignment as a Toa, Seihu patroled the city.

He was perched on top of one of the tallest buildings in the Metru. Seihu was doing a pattern where he kept turning his head from left to right, then jumping from building to building and repeating the pattern again.

Seihu looked back at the buildings he jumped from in subtle shock, for he was able to jump from higher and farther than he used to as a Matoran. However, that was not enough to take his mind off his patrol.

“Hmm, for a busy chute and cable jungle like Le-Metru, it seems like a slow day”, Seihu thought.

Patrol was getting tedious for Seihu, but he knew he had to do what he could for Metru Nui.

Seihu left Le-Metru for another Metru, and then for another one until he ended up at Ta-Metru.

“Although the Toa and Dark Hunter war is over, I’m not sure if this feeling of peace will last long” …

“Something just isn’t right; everything seems quiet here in Metru Nui,” Seihu thought reclining on the balcony on a Ta-Metru building, “or is the silence not that of peace, but one when an unsuspecting Matoran walks into a Muaka trap?”

It has been a long time, and Seihu had not seen nor encountered too many threats in Metru Nui outside of a few dangerous loose Rahi that escaped the archives or lived in other Metru, and the group of Rahkshi that he encountered before and during his transformation.

Then Seihu heard a familiar voice, “There’s something about you that seems familiar, Seihu right?”

Seihu’s eyelid rose as he heard the voice. This prompted him to turn around.
“Toa Lhikan.” Seihu responded in surprise.

“It seemed like just yesterday you were a Matoran learning to fight that Rahkshi, it’s interesting seeing you now as a Toa” Lhikan chuckled.

“Yes Lhikan, I still can’t believe where I am now” Seihu replied in a somewhat deflated way.

Lhikan took note of Seihu’s crestfallen tone of voice “It seems as if you are going through your own war right now.” He asked.” What are you fighting today?”

“Lhikan, sometimes do you ever wonder if you were meant to be a Toa in the first place?” asked Seihu.

“Explain” inquired Lhikan patiently.

Seihu then recapped his chase with the Rahkshi of Shapeshifting, followed by his fight with the Rahkshi of Laser Vision and his trip to the Great Temple to return a mysterious stone, and waking up to find himself as a Toa, as well as his talk with Turaga Dume.

“That’s quite a life that you’ve lived Seihu, especially up to this point. Maybe the means were thought of as accidental, but I don’t believe that Toa happen by accident,” said Lhikan.

“Yes, but now it seems like…I don’t know…I never had much of a free life since I left those underground fighting matches and now I may never. I didn’t even start my own school yet nor have a chance to pass on anything to others.” Seihu lamented.

“I know it’s hard, Seihu”, Lhikan sympathetically responded.
“I became a Toa, but I questioned my new duty along the way, especially in light of the losses I’ve had even to this day. But sometimes for those who have a calling, they must come to peace with the cost that accepting the calling has to bill them, especially if it’s for protecting the city of Metru Nui and the Matoran”

Seihu nodded his head as he heard it, “I guess the cost was priceless to you, wasn’t it?”

Lhikan said, “Even more than the cost of crafting these swords” Lhikan smiled as he brought out his Fire Greatswords.

Seihu smiled and nodded as he looked at the swords, “Okay, I believe you”.

They both laughed.

“Yeah, if it means serving and protecting the Matoran, then so be it,” Seihu declared with some hope.

Lhikan looked at his swords briefly “Do remember what I taught you while we trained you for those underground matches, especially about how you are to continue to grow your skills?”

“Even to this day, I still remember it” said Seihu.

Catching on, Seihu asked, “Are you up for a little sparring?”

“Fine by me,” Lhikan nodded.

Seihu smirked as he pulled out his sword from his back.

Just then Seihu and Lhikan went out of Ta-Metru and sparred…

Chapter 7

“You have gotten better since the last time we sparred” commended Lhikan wiping his head.
“With all due respect, Toa Lhikan, you are one to talk” Seihu also wiping his head and putting his sword back.
“Seihu, you’re a Toa now, just call me ‘brother’” said Lhikan putting his swords back.
Seihu was taken aback and honestly asked, “Really? But how did I earn such a privilege, especially today?”
“You have demonstrated, even as a Matoran, that you would grow to carry that name one day”, said Lhikan.
Seihu placed rested his right fist on his chest, “I will carry that title with honor”, Seihu gathering the confidence called Lhikan, “Brother Lhikan”.
Lhikan placed his hand on Seihu’s shoulder, “I’m glad to hear that, brother Seihu”.
Lhikan and Seihu both took two steps back and bowed to each other.

“Keep in touch, Seihu”, Lhikan instructed, “and mind your environments at all times”
“Yes, brother Lhikan”, Seihu promised.
They went their separate ways.
Seihu walked through the bright but steamy environment of Ta-Metru.
“Okay, so now what?” Seihu asked himself while walking back to his home in Ga-Metru.

The next day, Seihu went to the Fountains of Wisdom to train.
The serene environment made it ideal for Seihu’s training. From there, he did his forms in his signature calm but focused manner.
Just as he was through training and headed back to his home, he saw a group of Ga-Matoran running, in fear. Seihu stopped one of the Ga-Matoran, “What are you running from?”
The Ga-Matoran shook in fear as she uttered, “Doom Viper”.
“Where is it,” Seihu asked.
“At the Harbor” the Ga-Matoran pointed while shaking.
Doom Viper came up at the harbor, attacking some Ga-Matoran. The six-headed beast has already destroyed many of the Matoran. However, Seihu was not going to stand by and watch this anymore.

Seihu arrived at the scene where the Doom Viper was and saw it terrorizing.
Outside of finding its next victim, The Doom Viper was not so thrilled to see Seihu.

The Doom Viper fired its poisonous breath at Seihu, only for Seihu to tumble away vigorously. One of the heads then charged at Seihu, but Seihu jumped on its head and kicked the other one’s head away. The other Doom Viper head fired its breath at Seihu, only for Seihu to jump away, grab onto the other Doom Vipers neck with both hands and flip off of it. As he landed, the Doom Viper kept on charging at Seihu while he kept on dodging.

Seihu needed to find a way to distract the beast and knock it out. But how? That is when he noticed a crate above the six-headed beast, but the beast blocked an opportunity to get a decent shot.

Before the Doom Viper could fire its breath again on Seihu; two of the mouths of the Doom Viper with were tangled with vines, and the other two of the Doom Viper’s mouths were rinsed with water.

Seihu looked to the side to see who it was.
It was Verkiji, The Toa Mangai of the Green; and Naho, Toa Mangai of Water.

Naho looked at Seihu and ran to help him up, “Seihu?”
Seihu nodded.
Verkiji sidestepped to Seihu’s direction while controlling the plant life, “Are you okay, brother?”
“Yes, thanks,” Seihu said while slowly standing up.

Seihu finally got up and when he saw that he had a clear shot, he threw one of his boomerangs at one of the ropes holding a long box of cargo from the ceiling of the warehouse and the crate fell on the Doom Viper, rendering it out cold.

The three Toa walked up to the defeated Doom Viper to make sure it was asleep.

“Alright, so what do we do about this one?” Seihu asked.
“We must take it to the Archives” Naho suggested, “where it will not do any more damage.”
Verkiji added, “Agreed”.
Seihu nodded.

They shipped the defeated Doom Viper to the Archives and got a worker there to keep in a stasis tube.

While the Toa were walking, they were also talking,
“Turaga Dume told us about you,” Verkiji said to Seihu. “I never thought I would see you like this”
“It’s a long and kind of weird story” Seihu replied. “Let’s just say that a small Rahkshi fight set me up for this".
“We know.” Naho said, “But, now that you are a Toa, Metru Nui needs some more help now more than ever”.
“Especially now that the other two Toa betrayed us” Verkiji reminded.
Seihu nodded grimly at that reality, “Yeah, it would have happened to me back in those arena days before I figured out whom Burosa and Sterok were”.
Naho and Verkiji nodded as well.
Naho reassured, “But it didn’t Seihu, and we should be thankful”.
They arrived at Seihu’s home.
Seihu turned to them, “Anyways, thanks for the help.”
“It’s our duty, Seihu.” Verkiji told him, "Great job on responding and holding your own with that Doom Viper.”
Seihu gave a light smile.
“Keep in touch, Seihu” Naho told him.
“Likewise,” Seihu responded with a bow.
All three of them went their separate ways.

Chapter 8

After feeding his pets, Seihu took a jog in Ga-Metru. After the jog, he practiced some of his fighting forms near the Fountains of Wisdom.
Seihu finished his exercises and headed home when he noticed a black, blue and slightly silver Matoran on the sands of the Ga-Metru beach. The Matoran’s body was faintly different than the average Metru Nui Matoran, but he was recognizable as a Matoran nonetheless.

Seihu rushed over to the Matoran’s aid. Seihu was a bit hesitant because he wasn’t sure if he was simply napping, but Seihu went with his instinct and helped him.
Hours later, the Matoran woke up in Seihu’s home, on a small protofoam mat with his head on a pillow, body covered in a blanket.

In the evening, he looked up to see Seihu.
“So, you are finally awake. Are you okay, ?” Seihu asked.
The Matoran sat up and groaned with his palm on his forehead. “I’m not sure.”
Seihu walked up to the Matoran with a towel dipped in cold water.
“Thanks,” The Matoran said, accepting the towel.
Seihu sat next to the Matoran.
“Where are you from?” asked Seihu.
“I wish I knew where I was from,” replied the mysterious Matoran. “Where am I?”
“This is Ga-Metru, a city here in Metru Nui”, Seihu answered.
“Metru Nui, huh?” asked the Matoran as he looked outside thoughtfully before handing back the towel. “How long have I been here?”
“I found you here this afternoon,” Seihu answered while wringing the towel.
“That explains everything”, The Matoran replied, “So, who are you?”
Seihu introduced, “I am Seihu, Toa Seihu.”
“Toa?” thoughtfully whispered the Matoran.
“I’ll explain more to you at a later time,” Seihu replied knowing that the Matoran needs rest before receiving any more answers.
“Do you at least remember your name?” asked Seihu as he was wringing out the soaked towel.
“My name may be all that I know right now”, said the mysterious Matoran, “I’m Yahru”.
“Well Yahru, I may not know where you came from, but I hope to make your trip here worthwhile. In time, you will get acquainted with the city and its people,” Seihu assured. “In the mean time, make yourself at home.”
Yahru looked outside one more time in question, before shrugging and going back to sleep.
“Just what is this whole thing?” He wondered.

Chapter 9

It was early morning and Seihu was training inside his home, mainly to keep watch over his Matoran guest, Yahru.

Seihu started off by training with the mechanical dummies that he made in his Matoran days, then moving on to his unarmed forms.

In the middle of that time, Yahru woke up and watched Seihu perform his moves. Yahru was fascinated by the sight.
Seihu noticed that Yahru was watching and mimicking some of his moves.

“Up already?” asked Seihu “You seem energetic.”
“Not as energetic as you.” Yahru commented, “What is that called?”
“I was just doing some of my morning exercises,” said Seihu.
“Well, while I have the energy, I would like to do some myself” Yahru suggested.
Seihu was taken aback by his visitor’s request.
“It’s not that easy,” Seihu responded, “If you want something easy, then this is not for you”
“Please teach me” Yahru calmly demanded.
“Well see,” Seihu said.

“Now like I promised, it’s time for you to get to know the city. I have made an itinerary for you last night and got some fellow Matoran to help you learn some of the basics”, Seihu said. “Then I will train you.”

Seihu handed Yahru a backpack with a map of Metru Nui with a special mark on Seihu’s home, a schedule made by Seihu himself, and a pencil and notebook. Yahru was also tasked with going to each different Metru within 6 months and was expected to learn the same skills and knowledge that Seihu learned.

Yahru may not have liked being given an itinerary, but for the sake of learning what he needed to learn he did it anyway,

“Yes, Master Seihu”, Yahru vowed as he got his backpack.

So, the routine Seihu made went as follows, first thing in the morning, Yahru and Seihu did some physical fitness like running, then Yahru went to Ga-Metru for swimming practice and for school, next he went to Onu-Metru to learn the archives and mine, then he was to go to Le-Metru for learning how to ride vehicles and perform acrobatic feats. The following day Seihu said Yahru was to go to Ko-Metru for studying scrolls and prophesies as an intern and to balance on ice poles, Po-Metru for carving and building, and Ta-Metru for helping forge tools. Yahru also did some odd jobs around Metru Nui like cleaning windows and vehicles.

After that six-month period, Seihu was meditating near the Protodermis falls when Yahru walked in panting.
“So how have these past few months been?”
Yahru sighed, “It was a lot of work, Seihu”.
“But it was worth it wasn’t it?”
“I guess, so what was the type of exercise that you were doing, if you don’t mind me asking”, Yahru asked.

Seihu thought it was time to show Yahru.

“Yahru” Seihu stood up, “Do the window wiping motion”
Yahru raised his eyelid, “Excuse me?”
“Do it”
Yahru proceeded to do the window wiping motion with his arms
“Do it again”
Seihu moved Yahru’s arms so that it was in a slightly different pose.

“Now pretend my fist is a spot on the wall.”
Seihu proceeded to punch Yahru only for Yahru to use the wiping motion to swat Seihu’s fist away.

Seihu moved back,
“Now show me how you used the hammer and chisel in Po-Metru,”

Yahru then did the motion of using a hammer and chisel.
“Don’t use the hand used for the hammer” Seihu instructed. “Now, when my arm comes down on you, pretend like you are chiseling one of the Sculptures in the Fields.”
“Chisel up!” Seihu yelled as he did a chopping motion to Yahru.
Yahru used his “chisel” elbow to block Seihu’s forearm.

“Now show me how you swim” Seihu commanded.
Yahru moved his arms in a swimming motion
Seihu then made Yahru do it a little slower before he made clear the established motion. To the point here Yahru brought his hand down while turning his hips.

Seihu proceeded to kick Yahru, but Yahru used his swimming motions to block the kicks.

Finally, Seihu did a little combo of kicks, punches, and strikes as Yahru used all of those blocking motions.

Seihu walked back.
“Good, let’s bow”.
Seihu bowed to Yahru and vice versa.
After they rose up, Seihu took note of the fascination beaming from Yahru’s questioning face.

Seihu came up to Yahru and said, “we will practice more tomorrow”,
He patted Yahru’s shoulder.

“What was that?”
Yahru thought before he went back to his room and so did Seihu.

Seihu walked off whispering to himself, “He’ll get it soon”.

That was the moment Seihu officially started to train Yahru.

Chapter 10

The first day of training, Seihu explained his fighting style, the meaning of it, and its history to Yahru as they sat kneeling on the bamboo floor.
Yahru was intrigued by Seihu’s words and absorbed the information quickly.
The next day, Seihu went over the physical training with Yahru.

“Once you start with the basics, you will be able to build off of that to advance,” Seihu said.
They started off with basic stretches, punches, and kicks.

Training took about an hour, but Yahru caught on to the basics in a good amount of time much to Seihu’s amazement.

“Thanks for the training, Toa Seihu” Yahru spoke in gratitude after the day’s training was complete.
“It’s my pleasure, Yahru,” Seihu responded. “But you are not done yet”
“But, will I be able to master this like you?” Yahru asked
“We’ll see. But do not focus on getting the top level in one day, but focus on getting better than you used to be” Seihu said.” Duty done gradually will form destiny; it doesn’t happen in one day alone”.
They bowed to each other.

Given that Metru Nui was in a state of peace after the Toa/Dark Hunter war, threats were more localized and least, so Seihu had time to teach Yahru. Within the times when he had to leave for missions, he got some of Hulgon’s team members stationed in Metru Nui to teach him in his absence, after Yahru went through his assigned journey to Metru Nui.

This was concurrent with Seihu’s training and missions. Seihu trained so much that it became a hobby as well as work to sharpen his Toa skills. He fought pirates, rogue trespassers, other evildoers, and even vicious Rahi including but not limited to Doom Vipers, Jaw Turtles*, Catapult Scorpions, and a mutated Tarakava, in Metru Nui and islands near it.

Seihu noticed that sometimes Yahru has been thrown into these fights as well in Metru Nui.

Once Yahru came across a mutated Sand Tarakava that was attacking the Matoran. Yahru put up a good fight, but the Tarakava almost finished Yahru, before Seihu intervened and beat the Tarakava.

“Are you alright, Yahru?” Seihu asked
“Yeah, but I just wish I was stronger” Yahru winced.
“It’s not strength that makes you fight well; it’s how you use that strength. Zeal alone is not enough.”
“Okay, so now what?”
“I’ll teach you more tomorrow”

As time went on, Seihu taught Yahru more complex and cerebral fighting styles. Seihu’s training imparted such skills to Yahru that Yahru was able to defend himself against threats like a small pack of Kavinika that were attacking Ga-Metru, and a Kralhi in Ko-Metru.

One day, Seihu even took Yahru to meet Lhikan and the other Toa who were mentoring him. Yahru was amazed at even the stature and virtues that the Toa held to, particularly that of Toa Lhikan. Yahru even had the honor of shaking hands with Lhikan.

This went on for several years, until 1 BCE.

Shortly before that time, Seihu promoted Yahru to a master student in Mata-Taekworu Zhex because of Yahru’s training and growth.

Although Seihu was proud of his new student and wished to mentor him more, he knew that he had to stay committed to his job.

“I must watch over the city” Seihu vowed…, “Dark times are coming.

Editor’s note (12/07/2018): Jaw Turtles are exclusive to this story, they weren’t mentioned in the Bionicle canon.

Chapter 11

The next morning, Seihu was telling Yahru about what was going on.
“Yahru, I’m proud of you for how far you have come. I hope my training sessions have been helpful to you. I want you to be a Matoran who is capable of taking care of himself in any situation, so you can take care of others.”
“Thank you, Seihu. But why are you bringing this up now?” asked Yahru.
“Yahru, you know that I’m a Toa, and because of that, this city needs me. I want you to take care of this home, now that I have to leave” said Seihu.
Yahru was confused and disappointed, then he replied, “But master, I feel like I have not learned everything I needed.”
“I taught you enough for now. I’m sorry Yahru, there is no more time”, Seihu declared, but I’ll be there for everyone in Metru Nui so they can be there for you when I’m called out.”
Seihu was heading out of the door.
“Seihu…I mean, Master Seihu…Why do you do this?” Yahru asked.
Seihu glanced back puzzled.
“You risk so much for the other Matoran knowing that you might not even see them again or get anything out of it as a result. Why do you do that?”
“Because this is all part of the community.”
“I don’t get it”
Seihu had to explain it in a way Yahru would understand.
“Yahru, you like to learn how vehicles work, right?”
Seihu smiled coyly, “Take those Moto-Sleds you sometimes rode when you ditched school.”
Yahru shrugged.
“You like racing those vehicles, but you don’t know how much goes into making them. The exhaust to frees the engine from toxic fumes, the engines supplying the power, the pedals start the vehicle, the handlebars for steering and on and on and on. To make the vehicle work, all of the parts must be cared for and maintained to work in proper order.”

Yahru looked a bit exhausted from the lecture. But Seihu tried a different approach.
“Now try and stop my attack.”

Seihu struck but Yahru blocked it.
“Do you see what you did, Yahru?”
“I blocked your fist.”
“Not just that, but take a look at how you did it”
“Didn’t I do it well?”
“Yes, you did, because you used your arm to block and evaded using your foot work, all of it to defend yourself.”
Seihu explained more.
“So, it must be for our community, we need and must look out for one another. Matoran like you and - at one point - me, are all part of one community. Therefore, as a Toa, it is my duty to protect us all, even if it costs me something.”
Yahru paused, and Seihu continued.
“Besides, if you do things to expect an award, what good is that? Even the Dark Hunters and the Rahkshi even do that, and many like you have suffered because of it.”
Those words seeped into Yahru’s psyche before he finally spoke up.
“Master Seihu”.
Seihu turned around.
Yahru reluctant, but genuinely spoke.
“Whether you come back or not, I will take care of things.”
“Just don’t fight too much, Yahru” Seihu warned, “be careful”.

With those words, Seihu left his home and all his Rahi to Yahru.

The week after that, Seihu arrived at Ta-Metru.
He walked through the intensive but industrious hot city, when he was met by a group of Nuurakh, Vahki from Ta-Metru.
“Nuurakh? What is going on?” Seihu wondered.
One of the Nuurakh had their disks materializing and fired at Seihu. Seihu saw it and immediately ducked and rolled away.
Seihu had a confused but tense look in his eyes, “I guess there must be something wrong with the programming”.
The rest of the Vahki moved in and tried to take Seihu out with force. However, Seihu evaded the attacks and hid behind a pillar.

Immediately Seihu felt a tap on his shoulder, Seihu turned around in a fighting stance only to find Lhikan.
Lhikan covered Seihu’s mouth.
“We have to go” Lhikan whispered.
Lhikan summoned a wave of fire that clouded the Vahki’s vision, enabling Seihu and him to make a fast escape on his Hoverboard…

Chapter 12

As soon as Seihu and Lhikan fled from the Nuurakh, they arrived at a Protodermis refinery plant where they discussed what has been going on.
“I have a feeling that peace that we once had here in Metru Nui is coming to an end,” Seihu observed.
Lhikan nodded to Seihu after looking at the exterior of the Great Furnace, “It has come to a point where my comrades have even not returned from their missions.”
Seihu asked, “What kind of missions were they?”
Lhikan answered, “Turaga Dume assigned missions for each of the Toa on my team, along with Kodan. They never returned.”

Seihu got concerned.
“I wish I could have gone to help” Seihu lamented.
“You were needed here,” Lhikan advised.
Seihu then said, “Something about this seems suspect, but I’m not sure what it is.”
Lhikan replied, “Dume seems kind of suspect too, as well as the Vahki.”
Seihu responded grimly. “They used to simply enforce the law and protect Matoran, now I wonder how long it will be before it is the Matoran who need protection from them”
Lhikan nodded softly as he looked out at Ta-Metru.
“It’s not surprising that Matoran are vanishing, as well” Lhikan added.
“We should investigate what is causing all of this, how does this idea work for you?” Seihu asked.
“No,” Lhikan answered in a calm but firm manner.
Seihu glanced puzzled at his fellow Toa. “What’s wrong, brother Lhikan?”
“That’s commendable Seihu, “Lhikan replied, “but even with the both of us; it still will not be enough. Dume may be one Turaga, but he controls the whole city. I can’t call for any reinforcements from other islands but I have another idea.”
“What’s the plan?” asked Seihu.
Lhikan whispered the plan to Seihu.
“Why must you do it alone?” asked Seihu.
“I don’t want to leave this city unprotected and risk you in this task,” Lhikan answered.
“But we are the only Toa left right now.”
“Seihu, part of unity is sacrificing for others and including teammates, so they can grow to do the same. This is the reason I am doing this.”

Seihu sighed with his head down, “I understand, Brother Lhikan”.
“In the meantime, you can still protect the Matoran, but keep on your guard. It’s not an easy when there are only two of us left for now.” Lhikan said. “Whatever you do, stay away from Turaga Dume.”
Seihu nodded, “I understand, Brother. Be safe.”
“It’s my job to worry about new Toa like you, Seihu, not the other way around,” Lhikan replied with his hand on Seihu’s shoulder.

They gave each other a fist bump before Lhikan turned his Greatswords into his hoverboard and flew to the Great Temple.

With that, Lhikan flew to the Great Temple and Seihu left Ta-Metru…

Chapter 13

After meeting Lhikan in Ta-Metru, Seihu left the building that he and Lhikan had their conference in.

“Lhikan said the same thing that I told Yahru.” Seihu thought. “I hope that Yahru is okay through all of this.”

The next few hours, Seihu was out patrolling the city of Metru Nui in Le-Metru. That was when he spotted a loose Rahkshi of Darkness about to pollute one of the most prominent chute systems in Metru Nui.

Even in his years, Seihu had never seen a Rahkshi like that before. It had piercing green eyes, armor in silver, black, and red, and a black tail with a silver tip.

Some of the Matoran were firing their Kanoka disks at the Rahkshi, but the Rahkshi fired at all the disks using its Halberd and struck down the Matoran.

Just when it was about to strike its halberd in the machine, Seihu jumped in from behind the Rahkshi.

Seihu questioned with arms crossed, “What are you doing here, Rahkshi?”

The Rahkshi turned around and looked angry.

“I am Draku, Rahkshi of Darkness”, The Rahkshi declared walking around pointing one end of his halberd at Seihu,” …and you, Toa, are going to wish that you never interfered with Makuta.”

Seihu was surprised at this Rahkshi. It was quite an anomaly even among the Rahkshi, it seemed more intelligent than most Rahkshi, to the point where it even spoke Matoran fluently.

“And how did I interfere?” Seihu asked.
“Your existence, Toa’s existence is what interferes with Makuta,” Draku growled, “and I will put an end to you and conquer Metru Nui for Makuta”

“We’ll see” Seihu calmly but sternly countered as he pointed his sword towards the Rahkshi.

Seihu was in for one more addition to the list of the battles of his life, and his rising adrenaline was proof of that.

Draku and Seihu faced off with each other. Then in one background noise, they fought. The Rahkshi fought with its halberd in a way that involved stabbing mixed with slashing, while Seihu fought in the same composed manner he always fought. But even that did not ease the tension he felt fighting this Rahkshi.

They kept it up until Draku kicked Seihu and just when Draku was about to shoot Seihu with the spike on his halberd, Seihu used his sword to deflect the dark bolts from the Halberd, and from there bring down Draku’s Halberd and from there, kick Draku away from his weapon.

Just as Seihu walked up to Draku, Draku jumped back on his feet, hovered and delivered a surprise front kick and uppercut to Seihu.

Draku proceeded with several punches, kicks, and strikes in an unusual fury for a Rahkshi that didn’t wield its weapon. Seihu blocked and dodged most of the attacks. When Draku delivered three punches to Seihu, Seihu grabbed his punching hand on the third one, punched Draku twice and flipped him over.

Draku tumbled away and grabbed his halberd, and fired. Seihu dropped and rolled away from the blasts. As Seihu tried to stand up, Draku jumped near Seihu and roundhouse kicked him. Although Seihu blocked the kick with both his arms, the force of the kick pushed him. Draku then proceeded to cleave Seihu, but Seihu moved aside and delivered a knee strike to Draku’s chest. Then he performed three punches and two kicks to Draku and finally jettisoned Draku over the ledge.

Seihu panted “Who knew that a Rahkshi would give me this much trouble?”

Seihu then walked away to another Metru.

“First, the Vahki are corrupt? Then the other Toa Mangai disappeared? Next Matoran disappeared, and now a Rahkshi?” Seihu sighed, “Metru Nui is now going from a metropolis to a hotbed of mischief”

Chapter 14

After Seihu left Le-Metru he went through the other Metru.
In order to avoid being seen, Seihu stealthily moved throughout all of Metru Nui.

There was never a more crucial time to lay low as a Toa, Vahki were roaming the streets, and “Dume” seemed shifty.

In Onu-Metru, Seihu was going undercover. He hid in a cave in Onu-Metru as he witnessed an Onu-Matoran getting arrested by a Vahki for mining with a defective tool.
Seihu saw it and he was in disbelief.
“This is suspect indeed,” thought Seihu as he was looking at the sight before hiding away.
Seihu barely escaped undetected and with his life after witnessing such a sight.
“I would go back to my home, but I cannot let my cover be blown,” thought Seihu.
Seihu hid at another location so that way nobody could find him.

He stopped halfway to the Coliseum when he saw the same Vahki and Matoran going there. Seihu hid from the Vahki swiftly behind the outer wall to the Coliseum. The Vahki carried that same Matoran on its shoulders and carried it to the Coliseum.

“What’s going on here?” Seihu thought.
Seihu looked through a window and saw the Matoran about to be placed in a sphere-shaped pod before he heard a group of Vahki coming his way. The mechanical whirring and grinding from the Vahki was an alarm for Seihu to move away and fast to Ko-Metru.

The next moment, Seihu went to the cold city of Ko-Metru. It had a silence so eerie that is too much even for a quiet Metru. Not a silence of Ko-Matoran studying, but like a trap for a Muaka.

Wearing a hooded cloak, Seihu walked through the cold city and he could feel the snow sprinkling him. The air was so cold that it sounded like breathing, and the snowy ground crunched under Seihu’s feet.

Seihu walked alone though Ko-Metru and looked around for any suspicious activity. That is when he sensed a threat behind coming up. He heard a whoosh across from him and he sensed a blast coming to him. Seihu immediately dove and rolled on the snow.

Seihu got back on his feet and looked around to find out who or what fired at him. Next, saw at the corner of his eye, three Ko-Metru Kanoka disks heading for him. Seihu dropped, rolled, and brought out his sword. Seihu stood up and held his sword in a relaxed and ready position.
Seihu eyes moved with caution from left to right and his feet shuffled against the snow. The Kanoka fired at him again, and this time Seihu fired lasers from his sword that knocked and sliced the disks away.

Seihu ran across Ko-Metru and hid in a nearby cave.
While hiding there, Seihu came across a group of 5 Kralhi, failed attempts at Metru Nui law enforcement and precursors to the Vahki. The Kralhi immediately saw Seihu and went to kill him. The Kralhi fired their energy bubbles but Seihu ran out of the cave just in time. The Kralhi followed him out of the cave. They looked around for Seihu and couldn’t find him. On a structure overlooking the Krahli, Seihu found them all together, and he three his boomerang at structure supporting a boulder. Once the boomerang hit and returned to Seihu, the boulder rolled on all three of them.

Then using his speed, fighting skills, and power, Seihu “reversed engineered” the mechanical monsters.

Once the Kralhi were defeated, Seihu retreated from the area near the cave.

Seihu hid behind one of the Ko-Metru stone pillars when he sensed a creature or creatures gliding past him. He turned around and found six of the Keerakh, Ko-Metru Vahki, coming at him.

Seihu had no idea what crime he committed but the Vahki didn’t seem to care, they wanted Seihu taken out.

Despite how corrupt they have become, Seihu didn’t want to fight. But he knew it had to come to it.

One of the Vahki jumped at Seihu, but Seihu ducked and threw the Vahki to the snowy ground.

Then three more Vahki ran for Seihu. Seihu jumped away from the Vahki and allowed them to collide with one another.

One of the Vahki ran to strike Seihu with its staff, but Seihu pushed the Vahki over his foot. Another Vahki fired a disk at Seihu only for Seihu to roll away, and in a circular motion struck the Vahki’s belly with his palm and threw it down. The final Vahki was about to fire its Kanoka disk from its mandible, but Seihu threw his Protosteel stick in its mouth, clogging the disk firing. This caused the Vahki’s head to shake rapidly before it imploded on itself.

Seihu looked at the now blown up set of parts that was the Vahki and turned around to finish the other few Vahki before they called for reinforcements.

Knowing that he should lay low, Seihu got away from Ko-Metru using the chute system.

The two mornings later, Dume called all of the Matoran to the Coliseum during an Akilini tournament to make the announcement of the year. News of this caught Seihu’s attention.

“Although something tells me that this is not good news, I’d better go there anyway”.
With that said, Seihu went to the Coliseum and sneaked into the corridor of the Coliseum to remain unseen.

Chapter 15

“It is with deep sorrow, that I must inform you, of the disappearance of our beloved Toa Lhikan,” Dume announced to the entire Matoran population via telescreen.
Seihu was shocked when he heard that.
“I should have gone with him,” Seihu thought regrettably.
“But with the help of the Vahki, order shall be maintained. Trust in me and soon, all your concerns will be laid to rest.” Dume declared.
“Mine are waking up,” Seihu said quietly as he was walking to the corridor of the Coliseum.
Seconds later, Seihu heard something.
“Someone’s coming. I better make myself scarce.” Seihu thought.
Seihu looked around for any loose objects that will make noise from one careless move and evaded them quick enough to hide in a nearby maintenance room.
Seihu peered open the door and found out that it wasn’t someone coming through to the corridor and into the Akilini field, but a group of six Toa: a Toa of Fire, a Toa of Water, a Toa of Air, a Toa of Ice, a Toa of Stone and a Toa of Earth, each holding a disk.
While unseen, Seihu glanced at them, and he was mesmerized.
“It’s them, the new Toa.” Seihu thought.
Seihu had seen each of those Toa, while they were all still Matoran, during his travels across Metru Nui. He realized that that was Lhikan’s plan all along.
Seihu went to the corridor and watched them secretly.
Just then, someone came behind him. Seihu checked behind him and found Yahru behind him. Seihu’s emotions were a combination of exasperation, worry, and a little bit of anger.
Seihu whispered. “Yahru, what are you doing here? I told you to stay with the Matoran.”
“Master, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was going wrong in this city,” Yahru said. “I couldn’t stay quiet and do nothing about it; it’s not what I’m good at.”
“How did you even find me here?”
“I followed you.”
Seihu held his head with his palm and shook his head, “Yahru, you are fortunate to be alive with what you have been following me through.”
Seihu went back to looking through the window of the corridor to the arena.
“Good thing too, also here is what I saw” Yahru whispered.
“We will have to discuss this later…” Seihu interrupted while watching Dume put the new Toa to the test by using the rising columns in the Akilini field.
Seihu was wincing at the sight of the new Toa being flipped and tossed back and forth by the moving columns until Dume put the test to a halt.
“Perhaps they sought to entertain us during this dark time, or are they imposters,” Dume charged, “responsible for Lhikan’s demise?”
“Liar, Toa would never do that,” Seihu whispered.
“Exactly, Master, that’s what I’m telling you. I saw Lhikan being taken to the Canyon of Unending Whispers by a green four-legged creature and a hulking figure in blue armor.” Yahru quietly explained. “There they are!”
Seihu then saw those two figures behind Dume, standing with him.
Vakama was even pointing to the two sinister-looking figures behind Dume.
Seihu used his mask when listening to Dume, and found out that Dume was lying.
“I should have known. If Dume really believed what he said, he would be a lunatic.” Seihu uttered.

“Or is this really ‘Dume’?” Seihu thought.
Just then, what appeared to be a windstorm dominated the Akilini field, and the new Toa were tossed back and forth.
“Yahru, Let’s go,” Seihu demanded.
They stealthily zipped their way out of the Coliseum corridor, while unknown to them, the Vahki were taking Nuju, Toa of Ice; Whenua, Toa of Earth; and Onewa, Toa of Stone; captive.
“How did you know all of this Yahru?” Seihu asked.
“While I was taking the Kewa for a ride, I saw Lhikan being taken by those two to Po-Metru. I hid behind some mountains in order to catch them.” Yahru explained.
Seihu shook his head at Yahru’s adventure.
“You ought to have stayed home”, Seihu lamented.
Seihu summoned the Kewa that Yahru inherited and rode on his way here. The Kewa came to Yahru and Yahru hopped on.
“Yahru, what you know is sensitive information, stay out of trouble and be careful,” Seihu ordered. “Yes, Seihu” Yahru agreed as he took off and flew back home.
“I have to admire his work ethic. He’s stubborn but hard-working. I think I taught him too well.” Seihu chuckled.
Seihu heard footsteps approaching and hid from them by jumping from the end of the platform above the chute and hanging under it. Those footsteps belonged to Vakama, the Toa of Fire; Nokama, the Toa of Water; and Matau, the Toa of Air.
“We’ve got to save the others,” Nokama urged.
“To do that, we must find out mask powers,” Vakama said.
“I agree,” Nokama replied,” but we need to get out of here”
Just then Nokama jumped into the chute below, followed by Vakama and comically Matau.
Seihu sighed as he saw this. Although Seihu disdained hiding from those who he knew would be his allies, he needed to lie as low as he could.
But he also heard more footsteps, coming from the bulky blue figure whose name was Krekka and the green insectoid creature revealed to be Nidhiki, flying off of that same platform as well. So he continued to lay low until they left. Seihu with all of his might flipped from under the platform, back on it.
Seihu looked down from the platform deep in thought as to where they were going, before he decided to leave.
While Seihu departed from the Coliseum, Seihu saw his Carigi flying to him. Seihu brought out his hand and held it softly.
“What is up today?” Seihu asked it.
The Carigi’s eyes shone a light green for a message instead of purple for its visions. The message was from a mysterious Turaga.
“Toa, if you are alive to hear this, your student, Yahru, arranged for your Carigi to send you this message. The real Turaga Dume has been captured and sent here in the Canyon of Unending Sorrows by the Dark Hunters. Whatever you do, keep watch over the city and the new Toa. Take heed for any suspicious activity in Metru Nui.”

Just then the Carigi’s eyes went back to normal. Seihu snapped out of it and blinked.
“Lhikan?” Seihu wistfully whispered.

Chapter 16

A few moments later, Seihu saw the three Toa near a stone pillar at the area where the Ko-Metru chute station was; Vakama was sitting on the ground in a contemplative fashion with the disks, Nokama and Matau in a conversation. He didn’t meet up with them, but he saw them from a distance. Just then, he saw Vakama pointed up to the sky as he talked to Nokama.
Vakama exclaimed, “Look, Toa Lhikan’s spirit star.”
Seihu looked up at the sky as well as curiosity and saw a gold star flying.
“As long as the star burns in the night sky, Toa Lhikan remains alive”. Vakama assured.
Nokama spoke, “It is heading towards Po-Metru”.
“What about our captured Toa-Brothers?” Matau asked impatiently.
“We need Toa Lhikan to stop Turaga Dume and free the other Toa.” Vakama firmly suggested. “And how do you suppose we quick-catch a spirit star?” Matau snapped again.
Seeing a Vahki transport, Nokama suggested to Matau, “Perhaps a way has been revealed, rider” The two Toa went to the Vahki transport followed by Vakama.
Seihu was about to leave for Po-Metru when all of a sudden he heard an explosion. Seihu went on one of the stone pillars to see what it was. He turned to the Kanoka Research center in Ko-Metru and saw three Skakdi thieves break in and steal Kanoka disks.
The explosives were enough to set off such a noise that even the Ice Bats would freak out. “I may not have time for this, yet they do”. Seihu sighed, “Time to get this over with”.
Seihu jumped from pillar to pillar and slid down an icy incline to catch up with them.
“That was great; we ought to do it again sometime!” One of the Skakdi giggled. “We will get to again, just like in Xia” The other Skakdi grinned.
Just when they were about to make their getaway on their jet bikes, Seihu jumped in between them and stood up, with his hands crossed.
Seihu turned his face to make eye contact with them.
“Those disks were not on sale,” Seihu said as his eyes darted to them.
The Skakdi in the center threatened, “Neither is your life, but we’ll take that anyway if you do not stand aside and let us have our fun”
The two other Skakdi got their weapons out as the leader said this.
Seihu shook his head in regret, for them, and turned his back. Using the snow he picked up while landing, he threw snow at all three of the Skakdi’s eyes.
Seihu threw one of his boomerangs to his side, knocking away the Skakdi’s weapons one by one. Seihu flipped over one Skakdi and kicked him in back legs and threw him at the other Skakdi. The Skakdi on the right of Seihu took off the snow from his eyes then went to punch Seihu, only for Seihu to block and connect a punch and uppercut to the Skakdi. The two other Skakdi ran to take out Seihu. Catching on, Seihu blocked and counterattacked one Skakdi, kicked the other Skakdi, and flipped the other one. All three Skakdi were in pain as they struggled to stand up and pick up their weapons.
Once the group of Skakdi picked up their weapons, Seihu got out his Protosteel sticks and stood relaxed and ready. The Skakdi proceeded with various slashing and cutting techniques with their weapons, but Seihu’s fast but focused techniques were able to allow him to deflect their attacks. Seihu then moved aside and whacked the leg and face of the side Skakdi with his sticks and hit the center Skakdi in the belly and the face. The two Skakdi fell by Seihu’s side. Seihu put one of his sticks back in his back and walked towards the remaining Skakdi who tried to run and stab at Seihu. Seihu unscrewed his stick as he evaded the slash of the Skakdi, and used his nunchucks to land a swift but sharp blow to the Skakdi.
All three Skakdi were left feeling lightheaded after the fight, pun intended.
Seihu heard some Vahki arriving, so he got a nearby net and tied the Skakdi up and ran off to Po-Metru.
The Vahki arrived on the scene and only saw the Skakdi tied up with the sack of stolen Kanoka disks next to them.
If the Vahki had emotions, they would be confused, but they brought the beaten up Skakdi in and took back the Kanoka disks.
“They may not have bought the disks, but they sure bought me some time” Seihu muttered under his breath as he caught up with a Vahki transport to Po-Metru.
By the time Seihu arrived at Po-Metru, it looked like a Kikanalo stampede occurred. Seihu went to go investigate this further.

Chapter 17

Seihu wondered what the source of the damage was, but he didn’t find that many leads. In the meantime, he noticed that several Po-Matoran had not reported to their shifts.

“Just as I thought, the Dume must be behind these missing Matoran and he used Dark Hunters.” Seihu muttered “By the looks of it they must have disturbed the Kikanalo’s habitat”

Seihu heard some fierce growling and heavy breathing behind him, it felt like a large but savage figure was behind him. Seihu recognized it, it was a wounded Kikanalo.

Seihu had to keep his composure and disarm the situation, using what he knew from his experience in taming Kikanalo.

Seihu walked up to the Kikanalo, took it to a nearby village in Po-Metru, took some herbs from a nearby lake and bandaged the arm of the Kikanalo.

The yelling of the Kikanalo turned into light growling as Seihu took care of it.

“You will be alright”, Seihu reassured as he petted the Kikanalo.

In the rocky district of Po-Metru, Seihu was to keep watch over three of the Toa out of the six: Vakama, Nokama, and Matau as they went to go find four more Toa: Nuju, Onewa, Whenua and Lhikan.

The morning that the three Toa went to go to the Canyon of Unending Whispers, Seihu went to go follow them. Seihu hid behind a cliff and saw that the canyon was surrounded by the Zadakh, the physically strongest type of Vahki exclusive to Po-Metru.

As Seihu peeked from beside one of the stone structures, he saw Vakama, Nokama, Matau and a Kikanalo high on a canyon, before looking back at the Vahki.

“Hundreds of Vahki versus three Toa, time to even up the odds a bit.” Seihu thought, “But how?”

Seihu needed to come up with a diversion to help clear the path for Vakama, Nokama, and Matau.
Just then, Seihu had an idea.

Seihu took the initiative to go climb on a cliff and threw a rock at a nearby cliff on his bottom left to distract a few of the Vahki.
The rock cracked against the cliff so loudly that six of the Vahki moved over to see what that noise was.

That is when Seihu used his elemental power to blind the Vahki. Just as the light shone in the Vahki’s eyes, Seihu knocked the Vahki’s lights out. After the job was done, Seihu was standing, but all six of the Zadakh were not.

A few more Vahki did show up. Seihu was ready to fight them before the Kikanalo Seihu helped out came out of nowhere and stomped on some of the Vahki and blew some away with its sonic roar.

Seihu walked over to the Kikanalo and petted it in an affirming fashion.
“Good Kikanalo” Seihu affirmed.
The Kikanalo growled in a tender way.
“Now, your fellow Kikanalo need you as they fight against the dark hunters. “
The Kikanalo understood Seihu and went to go with his Kikanalo brethren to aid the Toa.

Seihu saw Vakama, Nokama, and Matau also diverting the Vahki and the Dark Hunters with the Kikanalo.

“They are more resourceful than I thought,” Seihu silently muttered with silent admiration.

The diversion was enough to buy the other three Toa enough time to deal with the rest of the Vahki and to rescue their friends from the Prison and for the Kikanalo to cover their tracks.

“Now that the Vahki are down, I’ll leave the rest to the others,” Seihu whispered.

With that said and done, Seihu walked away.

But before he did, Seihu knew something was up and could sense it.

“I have company,” Seihu thought cautiously as he felt a chill come up his spine.

Seihu was unfortunately right.

There was a figure behind him standing on a cliff. The figure looked like a nightmare with a physical body. It had 4 Kanoka disks held by hand-like structures on its back, black and purple colors, great height, and sharp claws. The figure’s name was Eliminator. He was a Dark Hunter who killed most of Lhikan’s team members and Kodan on missions organized by Dume. He also killed Dark Hunters who failed their missions.

Eliminator came back to Metru Nui to look for more Toa, with a special sight towards Seihu who stopped a Dark Hunter (later had to be executed) that was hired by Kraezukor to capturing a Matoran. Once he saw Seihu, he was ready to fire lightning bolts from his hands onto Seihu’s brain…

Chapter 18

Just when Eliminator charged up the Kanoka on his back and fired his lightning blasts, Seihu quickly dropped to the ground before the lightning blasts could get him, and kept rolling away from the line of fire.
Eliminator jumped and was about to stomp on Seihu’s head and Seihu flipped away from Eliminator.
Seihu got back to his feet as he looked intensely to his attacker.
“You are looking for a fight, Toa?” Eliminator challenged in a gritty fashion. “You’re one to talk.” Seihu replied, “Stranger.”
“Well, now you have one” Eliminator charged.
Eliminator fired lightning bolts from his hands, but Seihu flipped away from the blasts and leaped from rock to rock. The lightning bolts were enough to destroy many of the rocks and to burn the ground. A lightning bolt narrowly missed Seihu but burned off part of his armor.
Seihu thought, “This one uses lightning. But he makes the Rahkshi I encountered as a Matoran seem friendly”.
Seihu decided to do something. Seihu got some dust from the ground and temporarily blinded Eliminator.
Seihu then hid behind a boulder to think of a tactic to find a weak spot in Eliminator. But he had to do it fast; Eliminator was going through almost all of Po-Metru for Seihu, and he had to go find Yahru and the other Matoran.
Seihu remembered the four Kanoka Disks on Eliminator’s back.
“If I’m guessing right, those disks may be giving him power,” Seihu pondered. “But how do I deal with this?”
Seihu contemplated for almost 10 seconds until his eyes dilated in enlightenment.
“Unfortunately, for this opponent, speed and agility won’t get him far enough,” Seihu muttered.
Seihu used his light powers to make a projection of himself to distract Eliminator, a trick that he learned based on what he learned in science class as a Matoran.
Seihu yelled as he appeared from the boulder, “Hey, warrior! If that is your best shot, it’s no wonder you had to hide in order to kill me.”
He hid behind the boulder and got his mirage to run as Eliminator chased it and blasted it. The mirage Seihu kept dodging until it reached a dead end at the cliff and Eliminator fired his lightning blast at it. That depleted the energy of the Kanoka disks on Eliminator’s back.
The real Seihu quietly emerged from a canyon behind Eliminator and with one swipe of his sword, Seihu sliced off Eliminator’s Kanoka disk holders from his back like a focused laser cuts metal. Leaving Eliminator disarmed from his only power source.
The sound of his Kanoka disk holders hitting the ground caught Eliminator’s attention.
Eliminator turned around and Seihu stood there as he pointed down to Eliminator’s Kanoka disk holders.
Eliminator was just shocked and inflamed to see his weapons permanently cut off from him.
“You’re dead…” Eliminator challenged baring his claws.
Seihu smiled courageously underneath his mask. It has been a while since Seihu had some decent unarmed combat action. Seihu put his sword away and got ready to fight it out with Eliminator.
“We’ll see” Seihu replied while he got into his fighting stance.
Eliminator kept lunging at Seihu with agile strikes, slashes, and punches, but Seihu kept on dodging and blocking them. Eliminator was only able to land three strikes to Seihu, but Seihu was able to deliver more. Eliminator was quick and agile, with Seihu’s agility and speed rivaling his. But Seihu had the speed and agility of the mind as well. When Eliminator was about to punch Seihu, Seihu blocked the punch to deliver a quick one to Eliminator’s gut, followed by another punch and a series of kicks. Eliminator delivered two kicks only for Seihu to block one and flip away from the other. When Eliminator ran at Seihu, Seihu grabbed Eliminator and threw him at a stone pillar as Seihu rotated. As Eliminator stood up one last time, he moved towards Seihu with a hook punch, but Seihu ducked and kicked Eliminator. While Eliminator grabbed his kicking leg, Seihu jumped and delivered a flying kick to Eliminator that connected to his face. As Eliminator sidestepped after that hard hit, Seihu moved walked forward calmly. To Eliminator that was almost insulting, and Eliminator ran at Seihu, only to receive a chop to his neck and a collision with Seihu’s fist. Eliminator fell after that hit.
Seihu breathed heavily as stood over the beaten Eliminator.
He then got the partially active Vahki to use its Staff of Suggestion on Eliminator.
As the Vahki fired the beam at Eliminator, Eliminator was in an almost comatose state. “Forget this day happened and leave” Seihu suggested while catching his breath.

Before he shut it down, Seihu got the Vahki to fire a Level 8 Teleport Kanoka to banish Eliminator from Metru Nui.
Just out of the corner of his eye, the Carigi came to him.
Seihu held out his hand to hold his pet. “What is the news?” Seihu asked.
The Carigi’s eyes suddenly hone purple light. Seihu spaced out as the Carigi was playing this vision:
In the Coliseum, the Matoran were getting forced into the spheres by the Vahki and Turaga Dume. The next image, Turaga Dume revealed himself to be Makuta and fought Vakama.
Finally, Yahru was dragged in by Draku, and placed in a Matoran Sphere.
When the vision ended, Seihu snapped out of that trance.
“I have to go; Yahru and the other Matoran could be in trouble” Seihu said as he was looking at the sky. With that done, Seihu left for the Coliseum…
Between the time that Seihu and Eliminator were in strife, Yahru was running and fighting for his life.

Chapter 19

Yahru fled from Seihu’s home after it was run down by the Bordahk after they searched for him. Yahru took with him a practice sword and small throwing disks for self-defense. He took a chute and hid in the city of Onu-Metru when he heard Turaga Dume made the announcement for all Matoran to enter the Coliseum and into the Matoran Spheres. At the time, the presence of the Rorzakh in the city forced Yahru to run. From there, he went to Le-Metru. Probably, not the safest place to because of all the chutes and cables, but because there was so much traffic, there was a chance that Yahru would blend in. But Yahru was discovered by some Vorzakh, Le-Metru Vahki, who were hiding behind some chutes while he was leaping from building to building trying to escape.
“I have to find Toa Seihu or the other Toa,” Yahru thought as he was running, “Seihu said to avoid Vahki and stay away from trouble.”
That was before he spotted the Vorzakh and thought “But it seems that trouble is coming for me”
The Vahki were on Yahru’s tail, and some fired their disks at Yahru. However, Yahru deflected the disks with his sword.
The Vorzakh relentlessly chased Yahru, they pillaged through every chute, building and airship to try and stop Yahru.
Yahru was looking back as he was running, with a facial expression of both anger and annoyance.
But as Yahru landed on one of the buildings, he was shocked to see a small group of Vorzakh that sprung up and landed in front of him.
The Vorzakh shot from their staffs, but Yahru dodged and flipped away. The Vorzakh then resorted to physical force to try and stop Yahru and bring him in.
It was either surrender or run, but Yahru made a third option. “I won’t let them have me!” Yahru resolved.
As ill-advised as it was for a Matoran to fight against Vorzakh, Yahru knew enough to know where they stood and therefore made a stand himself. As the Vorzakh and Yahru leaped to action,
Weapons were clashing, sounds of disks and lasers flying were piercing the air, and fists and kicks were smacking against metal as Yahru was fighting his way through all of the Vorzakh and defeated them.
Yahru tried to gather all of his energy as he ran from the Vorzakh.
But little did he know was that when he was running from the Vahki, he was tagged by a Rorzakh, a Vahki from Onu-Metru, so the Vahki would know where he was.
Yahru left Le-Metru on an abandoned Aero-Bike. As soon as he was heading to Ta-Metru, a group of five Rorzakh blocked his way.
As the Rorzakh were running towards Yahru, and Yahru ran the vehicle at high speed. When the time was right, he crouched down on the bike and with both feet, jumped off the seat. The bike ran into three of the Rorzakh and Yahru flipped over them. But the rest of the Rorzakh didn’t give up and kept chasing and shooting after Yahru. Yahru kept on deflecting the shots and dodging them.
Yahru jumped to the side and found an abandoned disk launcher and shot freeze disks at some of the Rorzakh. Some of the Rorzakh came forward; Yahru jumped at the Rorzakh and struck them, and defeated them.
Yahru, remembering the Vahki that the Rorzakh were, got one of its staffs and used it to neutralize the tag that he understood was on him, and ran to one of the seas of Ga-Metru.

Yahru was going to take a boat and leave Metru Nui, until Seihu’s words knocked at his mental door.

Remembering that the Matoran were lost and in danger, Yahru reluctantly turned back.

“I guess I will have to be the hero now”

The next thing Yahru knew, he was approached by two of the six-legged elite Vahki known as the Kraahu. The Kraahu jumped at Yahru, but Yahru flipped away. Yahru knew that if he got near, they would either stun him with gas or electricity. Yahru had to choose to lead it astray. Yahru motioned the Kraahu to come to him. As he did so, he led the Kraahu to a nearby ocean.
The Kraahu flew to Yahru and used stun gas. However, Yahru dove into the water before it could get to him. The Kraahu looked around for Yahru and flew above the water. Just when it flew above the water, Yahru came up from behind them and used his last two freeze disks on them. The Kraahu’s legs froze and they fell in the water, and even when the water melted the ice, the water short-circuited them.

This all happened while Seihu was heading over to the Coliseum. Sadly, Eliminator wasn’t going the only enemy Seihu encountered along the way.
In Po-Metru, after Seihu defeated Eliminator, he continued on his way to the Coliseum. When He arrived at the Fields of Construction, he felt like he wasn’t alone. Krekka landed in front of Seihu and fired his disk at him, but Seihu fell back and dodged the hit. Seihu got up and summoned his sword to cut some of the disks aimed at him.
Seihu panted as lowered his sword to see his attacker.
As he smashed his fists together, Krekka chanted “Smash Toa, smash Toa” … “So much for laying low” Seihu thought…

Chapter 20

Krekka moved toward Seihu and went to land punches to Seihu. Seihu dodged them and reacted with some attacks of his own. Seihu jumped to kick Krekka, but Krekka caught Seihu’s kick and threw him away. Seihu quickly got back up. Krekka had the tremendous brute strength and raw power, however, Seihu was stronger mentally and more physically agile and balanced than Krekka.

Seihu evaded Krekka’s punches and step back towards a nearby mountain. Krekka charged for Seihu, but Seihu evaded Krekka and used Krekka’s own momentum to make him hit the nearby wall with his face. Krekka was dazed by the hit, and when he turned around, Seihu met him with a quick but sharp kick to the belly, followed by a hip throw and a punch to the face.

It was not long before Seihu sensed that Krekka wasn’t the only enemy after him. Seihu heard a sound of footsteps running up a wall, which reminded him of a Chute Spider. Seihu gazed over his shoulder and Nidhiki fired green bolts of energy from his mandibles, but Seihu blocked them with the flat edge of his sword and ran from the line of fire.
Seihu looked back to see his new opponent. Nidhiki cackled as he leaped from a stone pillar he was crawling on. Seihu knew that this opponent was different, not just because of his 4 legs, but because of his intelligence, he seemed smarter than Krekka. Seihu’s adrenaline rushed as he faced off with Nidhiki, even though he didn’t know that was Nidhiki.

“Ah, how convenient, another Toa”, Nidhiki maniacally smirked.
“I will make sure that you are begging for mercy like how Lhikan begged for mercy”. Nidhiki mocked.
Seihu felt a knot of anger about to tie up in him after hearing that, but he took that to another direction.
“Are you saying it out of your own wishful thinking, or out of your experience of being a victim?” Seihu snidely replied.
Nidhiki was offended but smirked.
“I will make sure that smart mouth is wiped from your face, Toa”.

Back in Ta Metru,
Yahru defeated the Rorzakh and Kraahu, he arrived at Ta-Metru and went to a warehouse he was approached by the Kranua, another one of the types of elite Vahki. Yahru was caught a little off guard by its big size and shape, but he clenched his fists ready to take on the Kranua. The Kranua stomped towards Yahru ready to fight. Yahru leaped to the Kranua, with his sword drawn. The Kranua turned into sand and avoided the hit and quickly kicked Yahru away. Yahru got back up and just when Kranua grabbed Yahru by the throat, Yahru threw a disk at its stomach, and elbow struck its arm and kicked it down, before running to a slightly different location. Kranua chased Yahru in Ta-Metru, as Yahru kept on stealthily avoiding Kranua. Kranua looked in the Great Furnace, Fire Pits and everywhere else in Ta-Metru until it arrived in a Molten Protodermis Treatment center. Yahru sprang behind it and kicked it, pushing it forward by a few feet. When it got up, Yahru stood right in front of it, motioning a “Come here” gesture with a glare on his face. Kranua brought out its staffs and clashed weapons with Yahru for a little while before Yahru knocked its staff away. Just as Yahru got up to cut it with his sword, Kranua turned into sand, making Yahru’s blade only connect with the hot air of Ta-Metru. Anticipating this, Yahru threw his sword into a vat of flammable Protodermis and pulled it out. The vat poured a large stream of a flammable Protodermis mixture on the Kranua’s sandy form. Using the fire staff that he took from a mask maker’s forge, Yahru threw it at the fluid and sand pile mixture, turning it into glass. Yahru retreated, and took several more Kanoka disks with him.

—Meanwhile in Po-Metru,—

Nidhiki jumped over Krekka to attack to Seihu with his claws, only for Seihu to roll away from attack. Nidhiki kept on hitting Seihu with his claws, only for Seihu to athletically dodge and block them all. Seihu delivered a quick jab to Nidhiki’s belly and face.

“You got spirit Toa…” Nidhiki said while turning his head after the punch, “but I hate spirit” said while charging up his mandible attack.

Nidhiki shot at Seihu, but Seihu kept on dodging Nidhiki’s attacks. Seihu quickly blinded Nidhiki with his light powers, while giving the illusion that he was reflecting the sun’s light using the blade. Seihu then leapt over Nidhiki, landed on his back, and grabbed him by the mandibles. Nidhiki tried to get Seihu off with his pinchers but Seihu jumped off of Nidhiki and kicked him in the back. Nidhiki then lunged at Seihu with his legs and pinchers, landing 3 hits to him. But Seihu kept dodging and blocking the attacks with his sword and kicks.

Krekka slowly got back up and watched Seihu and Nidhiki fight. Krekka decided to shoot energy nets at Seihu. But Seihu unknowingly cut Krekka’s net and that caught his attention. Krekka fired another net at Seihu, but Seihu dodged and the net caught Nidhiki instead. As Seihu kept dodging Krekka’s attacks, Nidhiki broke free and joined Krekka. Seihu clenched his fists, ready for a two on one fight. Nidhiki kept on beating at Seihu and Krekka followed suit. Seihu managed to defend himself well against that onslaught. Once Seihu managed to flip away, he got on Krekka’s back and gave chop to his neck. Then as Krekka was temporarily incapacitated, Seihu vaulted off Krekka’s back and kicked Nidhiki and Krekka. He grabbed Krekka’s arms and shifted his body around Krekka and kicked him into Nidhiki. Seihu delivered a flying kick to both of them, along with a furious flash of fighting techniques that completely knocked out the two of them.
Seihu knocked them out enough to not only give him enough time to escape as fast as he could to the Coliseum.

—Meanwhile, in Ta-Metru—
As Yahru was running from one of the Ta-Metru warehouses, he was approached by Draku, who returned to Metru Nui for revenge against Seihu. He recognized Yahru from his interactions with Seihu and went to challenge him after seeing him fight. Yahru was getting weary, but decided to drum up the courage to fight that Rahkshi head on. Draku moved forward to Yahru, knee struck Yahru and threw him. The Rahkshi then got its weapon out, The Halberd of Shadows. Yahru also had to get armed and got out his sword. Yahru and Draku clashed their weapons for a while, but Draku twisted the weapon out of Yahru’s hand. When Draku performed a kick to Yahru, the latter ducked and kicked Draku away. Yahru then retaliated by using some of his fighting moves on Draku. Draku blocked some of his attacks but it seemed like a promising fight for Yahru. But Draku pushed Yahru away, knocked out Yahru in a fog of shadow, carried and placed him into a Matoran sphere. He also modified a Kraahu in order to guard Yahru’s sphere.

—Minutes later—
“Where did that strange Toa go?” Nidhiki groaned, “He should be destroyed after interfering”
Krekka just shrugged
Nidhiki shook his head in disgust.

“How about you let me handle him?” A course and menacing voice entered with his halberd dragging cross the sand. It was none other than Draku. “He and I have a score to settle anyway. You two have business with Turaga Dume.”
“A Rahkshi?” Nidhiki replied, “What can you…”
Draku retorted, “I do what I can,” “remember, you were hired”
“Fine” Nidhiki snarled “but you better do it”
Nidhiki and Krekka then flew away.

Chapter 21
Seihu was running from the Vahki as they were chasing him.

Seihu threw one of his boomerangs at the Zadakh before they even had a chance to shoot. The boomerang hit one of the Zadakh so hard that the Zadakh fell and tripped another over with its fallen body. Then two of the Zadakh landed in front of Seihu, with two more behind Seihu. One on each side shot at Seihu, but Seihu dropped and rolled away from the blasts making them hit each other instead. That was when two of the Zadakh came for Seihu to engage in some personal hand to hand combat. Seihu brought out his Protosteel sticks, considering that the Zadakh were wielding their staffs and wanted to even out the odds.
From there, the pair of Zadakh and Seihu went at it. Seihu kept on dodging and parrying the blows, and got to the point of knocking the Vahki’s weapons out from their hands, and defeated them with just punches, strikes, and kicks.
Seihu entered the Sculpture Fields, and suddenly Draku jumped from the sculptures and lunged for Seihu, wielding his Halberd of Shadows.
Seihu tumbled away and got up to face Draku.
Draku growled as he got up, and Seihu also snarled as he got ready in his fighting stance…
Seihu drew his sword from his back in a flash of light. Seihu raised his sword to his right with both hands, standing with his legs a few feet apart as he faced his opponent.
The Rahkshi raised its halberd and posed similarly.
The background was quiet; the only noise that was present was the sound of the wind scrapping the pebble of Po-Metru on the sand.
After a few seconds, Draku was the first to charge, with Seihu following.
Seihu yelled as he ran and the Rahkshi also growled as it ran towards Seihu.
As they charged for each other their weapons collided. Both fighters then pushed each other away a few feet away with the force from their weapons.
Then the Rahkshi jumped at Seihu, about to cut him with the Halberd, but Seihu dodged the hit. The Rahkshi then went to hit Seihu again, only for Seihu to block the halberd with his sword and tried to kick the Rahkshi away from him. The Rahkshi then jumped back as Seihu got back up. The Rahkshi kept trying to hit Seihu with its weapon, but Seihu kept dodging and parrying with his sword, and vice-versa.
Then Seihu did a leg sweep to Draku, but the Rahkshi flipped away from Seihu’s sweep and fired blasts of darkness from the spike on its halberd blade. Seihu deflected those shots with his sword and sidestepped.
While Seihu was about to strike with his sword, Draku trapped his blade with the pitchfork end, twisted the weapon out of Seihu’s hand and nearly kicked Seihu away. As Seihu got up, Draku was about to deliver a slash to Seihu, but Seihu evaded and used his Protosteel stick (nunchuck mode) to pull Draku’s halberd away from it. Seihu then fought the Draku unarmed. The Rahkshi was anticipating it too. They both fought unarmed for a while, Draku managed to connect five hits to Seihu, knocking some wind out of him.
Slowly Seihu got back up and proceeded to fight Draku in unarmed combat. Seihu slowly got up and stretched before heading into his fighting stance. Draku was annoyed and moved for Seihu. Draku punched and kicked rapidly. Draku’s punches intended to swat Seihu like a tiny lightning bug, with his knuckles being a swatter, but Seihu dodging and flipping away like a fly. Draku kept on kicking and punching and striking, but Seihu was so swift that he was almost as intangible as a Phase Dragon at the Le-Metru test tracks. What Draku did not know was that Seihu was merely trying to conserve his energy by dodging and avoiding Draku’s techniques.
Finally as Draku was losing his energy, he yelled, “FIGHT YOU COWARD!!! No point in running now!”
Seihu looked at Draku in a glare that said to Draku to bring it on. Seihu motioned with his fingers for Draku to come.
Draku proceeded to punch Seihu. But Seihu blocked and punched Draku’s gut. Seihu connected several punches and kicks to Draku, even in spite of Draku’s blocks. He finished with a kick to Draku’s back that sent Draku gliding. Draku determined to end Seihu, so he released a small cloud of shadow with his hand that surrounded Seihu. Seihu was under pressure to get out, considering that the dark cloud would stun him.
“You lose, Toa” Draku cackled.
Draku went back to get his Halberd of Shadows to shoot Seihu down.
“No, I will not lose. As long as the Toa, Turaga, and Matoran need help, I have just begun!” Seihu’s resolve empowered him to the point where he made a flash of light break out in the cloud, causing it to dissipate.
The light was so strong that it pushed Draku to the ground. He was shocked to see such a sight.
Seihu then picked up his sword. Draku picked up his halberd too.
The Rahkshi and Seihu ended the fight by running for each other with their powers surging through their weapons:
Seihu, Light and the Rahkshi, Shadow. As they collided, they went past each other, both standing with their weapons out…