Year of Art Challenge (The Actual Challenge)

So the challenge begins.

Any way this this is the year of art challenge topic. if you signed up then post your pieces of art art here.

Sorry this is an hour later then i said it would, couple of hours ago.

Rule one: the challenge is to make a piece of art, And trying to
improve your skill as an artist over the year if you need to. (I just made that part up, it use to be
we were only drawing kaiju and robots)

Rule two: If you Don’t post any piece of art for Five days or longer you fail this challenge .

Rule three: of coarse you are expected to follow the rules of the message boards.

Rule four: No Memes. (I have broken this rule. But I’m the host)

Rule five: Have fun

Really that’s it.


Challengers out of the game so far.

Okay at this point we are no longer taking any more challengers.

This is my first drawing with gimp.


So we can draw anything? Then this MS Paint Kylo Ren drawing will do!

Also, edited title! It’s not “Hopfully” anymore! :smile:


Wait,so is it a single piece of art we work on during the year or is it to improve with different artworks (if need be)?

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You might wanna tag people who entered when you create something like this.
People should probably date there artwork as well.
What date is this stating?
You know, timezones and stuff…

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I’m a little late, can I sign up?

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I think you can.
It is only the first day, I think.
Dates would really help…

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I’ll fix that.

yes we should.

20th of January, pacific time. is that what you where asking?

yes you can if you want to still.

It is the 21st here in Australia.
Luckily, I did 2 drawings today anyway.
lemme just post them…

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A different piece of art every day.

Alright then. I began working on it earlier today and I will upload it soon

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Okay. here they are.
But I’m gonna post them on whatever day it is here.

20/1/15. (actually done on the 21st).
Since the original rules had us doing Kaiju and such, I made a knife head.

For Reference:

21/1/15. (Actually done on the right day).
This one is a classic, well sort of classic, RvB Duo.

[quote=“PekekoaOfJungle, post:1706, topic:17450”]
Draw Caboose and Freckles. :smile:

Man, I mangled that Chaingun…

What I was attempting to copy:


Something I’ve been wanting to draw for a while but only with this challenge was I really motivated for it :smiley:

. So yeah, it’s Jan 21st for me as well better pic with added gold to monocle :smiley:


That’s crazy man.
Especially that hate…

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Hate? How could you? :smiley: yeah it was the first thing I did, though I have many issues with it;like with the hat not properly sitting on his head, and the lack of any other gold on him (I used pastel for the cog and wanted to do it on the monocle, but it was too thick)but I am overall very happy with it, as I haven’t drawn anything in a while


And on that day, his palm contacted his face.

I don’t see anything.

Now that you mention it.

I still think it works.
It’s kinda like a single accent.

That makes sense.

How long?

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For like, 3 or so months :smiley: also I got another , brighter picture of him with the gold monocle


You must be even better when you practice.

The Monocle being gold actually really works…


So must we have a piece of artwork at least every 3 days?

Preferably we would have one each day, but if you go 3 with nothing, you are disqualified, or something…

I will do one most like every 2 or so days just because, though I can do one every day, it seem a bit excessive everyday