You as a fighting game character

general topic is, we pretend we’re(or maybe one of your characters/avatars) fighting game characters. List move-sets and an ending if your char(s) have one and possibly their quotes and stuff



“12 shots (swirls revolvers).This time I’ve got 12 shots!”


Stonewall: Defensive

Character slams foot on ground, wall of stone juts from the ground. Opponent cannot attack.

Nanomachines, son: Defensive

Character calls upon nanomachines, whom cover the character. Can only be broken with enough force.

Parry: Defensive

Character uses pick to block incoming hits

Tomarang (combination of tomahawk and boomerang): Offensive

Character hurls Giga Pick in tomahawk like fashion, hitting chosen opponent(s). Weapon then returns in boomerang fashion

Plasma streak: Offensive

Via the Giga Pick, Stoax can build up energy over time. Once enough energy is stored, the axe is swung and several waves of energy are released (kinda like the Egg Emperor in Sonic Heroes)

Boulder to da face: Offensive

Using stone powers, Stoax will collect a mass of rocks to form a massive boulder. Stoax will then toss it in the air, jump, and kick the boulder soccer style.

You’re pretty good: Offensive

Stoax will say the famous Revolver Ocelot quote and do the hand gesture. While doing so, 12 shots will be fired from his hands.

Final move

Ride of the Okakawi’s

Ride of Valkyries will begin to play as a series of Okakawi’s fly in and attack opponent(s)


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Name: Tafum
Level: 100

Type: Dragon/Fairy

Moves: Outrage, PF Crew, MOC Storm, Hurricane

New Moves:

PF Crew
Type: Fairy
Power: -
Category: Status
Effect: Ups Speed and Attack by 1 stage each.

MOC Storm
Type: Normal
Power: 120
Category: Physical
Effect: N/A


Basic weapons: Book/stick
Standard B: Knowledge Tome: Confuzzles nearby enemies with random historical facts.
Side B: Hawk quill: Launches a small number of sharp blades at enemies. Only useful in really close range.
Up B: Epic Move Whatever: Hawkflight’s Up-B has terrible recovery. But it is a really good KO Move.
Down B: Super Shield: Hawkflight stands in the path of an enemy and gets hurt, but memetic awesomeness increases.
Final Smash: Critical Hit: Pretty much Marth’s final smash but involving more screams and anguish.

“C’mon, let’s dance, punk!”


Special abilities: Nanomachine storm, Corruptive demons, “Possessed shadow” and “Chains and Eyes of B’zare”


Nanomachine storm allows JMP to reform or reshape himself into various items or characters, but does not ■■■■■■■■■■ into other characters. This does, however, allow him to dodge or direct strong attacks at opponents, and the nanomachines allow him to become many types of matter.

Corruptive demons allows JMP to transform into various forms in order to even the odds.

possessed shadow summons a shadow controlled by JMP which launches savage attacks. This also acts as a keep-away for JMP.

Eyes and Chains of B’zare summons chains and eyes on JMP’s arms, which allow for extra defence and added range, while allowing brutal attacks

Weapons: Emerald Blade, Icy Broadsword, various guns, improvisation shovel


Nanomachine gusts!: JMP causes a large gust of wind with his nanomachines. Removes 10 hp

Back-u Breaakah!: JMP cracks the back of his opponent on his knee before breaking other bones in the opponent’s body, X-rays included. Removes 35 hp

“I’ll crush you!”: JMP turns into a swarm of nanomachines and rushes the opponent, before launching as a large wave. Removes 36 hp

Freezer Burn: JMP slices the opponent with his ice blade, freezing the enemy, before slicing with his emerald blade, causing minor burns. Removes 49 HP

Chain rain: JMP quickly dashes through his opponent, before standing, summoning thousands of chains from his back. As the Opponent is stunned, thousands of chains rain down on the stage. Removes 60 hp

Shadows n wrestling: JMP Holds the opponent from behind as his shadow claws the opponent, before being dropped down on their head. removes 20 hp

Chain Gang: JMP and his shadow summon chains and use them to trap the foe, gripping until the foe bleeds. Removes 40 hp

The Ripper: JMP grabs his swords and summons more to be held by his chains and shadow, before cutting up the foe in a storm of slices. Removes 45 hp

Shaking n Quaking: JMP bonks the opponent with his shovel before hitting said opponent to the ground, cracking it. Removes 20 hp

here’s what I’m cooking!: JMP choke slams the opponent, kicks up the opponent, then buts heads with said enemy. Removes 30 hp at the cost of 10

You shall not pass!: JMP uses chains to restrain the opponent as he kicks the opponent’s legs, eventually cracking the bones in them. Removes 20 hp

Finishing moves

What a way to go!: JMP kicks the opponent offscreen, presumably into a ditch, opening or something else

I will break you: JMP breaks the foe’s back on his knee before throwing the opponent into a nearby ambulence

Ultimate power: JMP turns into his full demonic form and crushes the opponent in flames while roasting them

You’ve lost: JMP uses his shadow to assault the opponent while he drinks and watches, calling the shadow back when it’s done

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I don’t think I’d work that well in a fighting game. More of a support character.


Basic Weaponz: Aqua Warblade, Snipar Rifel

Standard B: Edge Of Stoners

Side B: Noskop3 (Has a high chance of missing but high damage)

Down B: Victory Crouch (Low damage, quick recharge)

Up B: Rocket Jump (only damages those below)

“r.i.p. in paulwalker”
“420blazeit skrublord”

Final Smack: $weg Montage: Fills the screen with bright lights, loud sounds, and dank memes which makes all other fighters explode.

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appers as a set of gohst armor

teleport: can teleport across the field
rocket jump: uses jetpack to fly into air then lands on opponent
ghost scythe: created a phantom scythe and attacks with it
normal attack: attacks with hands and feet. occasionally used mandalorian helmet for headbutt

phantom scream: removes helmet to reveal skull, then unleashes an ear piercing scream that burns away enemy’s flesh, leaving them a skeleton.

“Fite me freezer”

He is so op he destroys everything by looking at something


If I was in Mortal Kombat:
Fatality 1: Final Moments- Punch a pocket watch into skull, cut off head, punt it into the air.
Fatality 2: Building blocks- Cut into many small pieces, rebuild into a new person, watch new person fall apart.
Fatality 3: Babality- turn into baby.
x-ray move: Shatter punch- Punch so hard, multiple bones shatter at once, all over body.

Match start quote:
“If you don’t move, I’m gonna have to seriously distort your face.”
“Are you a bad enough dude to stop me?”

Ora Ora Ora: Quarter circle + mash light punch
Rapid flurry of fists
Overdrive: charge back+forward + hard kick
Double flying kicks, charged with energy
Rising Upper: Z+HP
Basic launcher move, nothin special

Ultra Combo:
Forward+ HP + LP + F+ MP
Reverse quarter circle + HP+MP

Win quote:
“Don’t worry, it’ll heal in a few years”
“You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance.”

Banned from EVO due to unpatchable glitch that lets me trap everyone in an inescapable endless combo that’s basically just an instant kill, left as feature for me.


Name: Toa Fordian

Element: Sonics

Opening Quote: “No need for peace and quiet now!”
Taunt 1: “You can’t sneak past me.” (holds a hand to his ear as if he is listening to something) “I’ll hear you coming from a mile away!”
Taunt 2: “Yelling at me only makes me stronger. So yell at me some more!”

Basic Attack Move set:

Basic combo: jab-cross-uppercut.
Charged basic: one side kick.
Attack following movement: flying side kick.
Attack while crouching: sweep that makes enemy trip and fall.
Attack following a jump: downward punch in the air or a downward kick that sends Fordian directly downwards toward the ground (for example: Mario’s mid-air punch or Sonic’s downward attack from the air, respectively).

Character Specific Move set 1:

Sound Rush: allows Fordian to turn into a sound wave that grants him temporary invulnerability and travel a short distance. The invulnerability only lasts while the move is in use. This move can also be seen as how he “teleports”, but really just shows how he can travel at the speed of sound.
Sound Wave: Fordian shoots a sound wave from his hand that has a range of about ten meters in a straight line. Can hit multiple enemies if they are within the range line.
Sound Blast: A move that can only be effective at short range. Fordian charges a punch with sonic energy and hits an enemy that is directly in front of him. The impact causes the enemy to be sent flying. If the punch is facing the right, the enemy will fly to the right. If the punch is facing the left, the enemy will fly to the left.
Sonic Boom: Fordian charges a punch with sonic energy and hits the ground, creating a sonic boom that damages any enemies in a five meter radius of Fordian. This move takes time to charge, and the charge can be conserved and stocked over time. The lower the charge is stocked, the less powerful the move will be. The more the charge is stocked, the more powerful the move will be.
Draw Elemental Bow: Fordian takes out his Elemental Bow weapon, triggering the switch from move set 1 into move set 2.

Character Specific Move set 2:

Elemental Bow and Arrows: Fordian first draws his bow, then an arrow on command. The shots can be charged to increase the range of the shot, which can go about twenty meters when fully charged. Drawing the Elemental Bow changes the move set immediately and can be done during a fight.
Bow Spin: Fordian spins his elemental bow, which has several spikes on it.
Sonic Boom Arrows: Fordian shoots several sonic arrows at the ground, making a similar sonic boom to the move in move set 1. This move, however, does not need to be charged as long as the move in set 1.
Bow Shield: Fordian spins his bow fast enough to form a shield. This move can only be used in the direction Fordian is facing and cannot be used to defend against air attacks.
Stow Elemental Bow: Fordian puts away his Elemental Bow and switches back to move set 1.


Move set 1: Sonic Nova Blast: Fordian absorbs all of the sonic energy around him and unleashes it all at once, sending all enemies flying off of the screen within a 25 meter radius.

Move set 2: Explosive Sonic Arrows: Fordian shoots several sonic arrows that make any enemies caught in the blast fly off the screen. The blast has a 20 meter radius.

Victory Pose: Absorbs sonic energy from his surroundings and fires it off toward the sky from his hand, causing his theme song to start playing.

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Name: Squeaver Lord


A-A-B-B-X-Y-X-Y - Knock out PUNCH

Fatality- He will eat the person he’s fighting.


##Ultimate Leoxandar##

“Let those who worship evil’s might, beware my shovelry! Wait…”


Mantis hands, offensive: Traps opponent in a hold and performs another offensive move.

Split-kick, offensive: Leaps into the air and delivers two, powerful kicks at the same time in opposite directions.

Warpath, offensive: Runs around beating anything he finds.

Bunch a bannanas defense, defensive: Uses the power of potassium to block any frontal attacks.

Human pyramid, defensive: When falling, will grab five random people and use them to break his fall.

Unleash the tiger, defensive: Will sic a vicious tiger on his opponent. Only works when opponent attacks with fruit.


  1. Claymore rage: Uses an absurdly large claymore to beat you to death.

  2. Theme song: Beats you to death with musical notes.


Since the only two fighting games I know how to play are Smash Bros and Custom Robo, let’s just say that for anything else, I’m Oil Can.

It’s from CR, might wanna look it up



Tesla Mode: AoE directly around Entropy, dealing incredibly high damage to all who get near him for a short period of time.

Burst Mode: Deals damage back at the opponent whenever they hit him, and lights them on fire for a short period of time.

Tesla Burst Mode: Combination of the above two modes. Completely drains energy meter within one minute.


Blade: Hack n slash, hack n slash.

Plexiblades: Alternate fighting style. Draws eight plexiglass swords with ten uses each. Upon shattering, the swords deal AoE damage to all afflicted.

Finishing Move - TESLA OVERKILL: AoE across the entire map. Deals unstoppable damage per second, instantly killing all. Breaks through armor and invincibility powerups.


It’s impossible for you to make a character and not give him at least one OP move

would this not imply it would be done at the end of the game

(also get the heck over to the MOCist chat :V)

Killing everyone across the entire map is too OP even for a finishing move

(also I would but I’m stuck with iPad internet that keeps crashing)

we’re talking about two different types of finishing moves

I’m talking like

the thing that would be done at the very end of the game in a small match

sure if it was like, ten players, that would be OP

but it’s not for ten players

if it makes you feel better I’ll say it has a limit of two people effected even though storywise it’s just a giant electric wave that almost kills anything it touches (including him)