You decide what Happens next 4!- Return of the Jedi

Okay, since it has been a while since the last installment of the “You decide what happens next” series, I decided to make a new one. This time, i’m going to make it a direct sequel to the very first “You decide what happens next.” So, that means we can continue from where we left off last, and build upon the last story.

For those of you who are nwe to this, there are just 2 basic rules you have to follow:

  1. Anyone can write anything at any time, as long as it is related ot the story

  2. Posts can be as long as anyone desires, depending on hoiw much they want to contribute to the story.

and that’s pretty much it. Let’s jump right into it!

Gathered freinds, listen again to our legend, of the Bionicle…

In a distant corner of the galaxy, an item was shining as it hurtled through space, away from Earth. They were once two items: The Mask of Ultimate power, and the Vithinity gauntlet. But in the explosion and destruction of Earth, the two artifacts merge togather into one horrifying new item: The Mask of Vithinite power. Suddently, somebody caught it. “I’ve Found it.” It was none other than Bratax, the Dark lord.

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IC: “Hold on, ugly.”
A voice said from behind him.

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IC: The being behind Bratax was Robbie Rotten, who had gone to great lengths to travel here after his last adventure. (You decide what happens next 3)

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“Now, give me the mask or I’ll shoot you!” Rotter said, pointing a banana to Bratax.

Bratax chuckled. “Imbicile. My power and meme status is far beyound your comprehention!” Bratax said, donning the mask. He could feel the power of Makuta and VThanos flowing through him. Robbie began to back away. “Uh oh…” he said, nervous.

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“HAHAHAHAHAHAH” Bratax laughed crazily at Robbie, pointing a mega-portal-power-mega-shooter-super-zuper-gun at him

Robbie shot the banana, making a deep whole in Bratax’s chest.
“I didn’t wanted to do this but you made me to.” he said, taking the mask.

I really didn’t knew this.

Bratax used the force to summon the Mask back to him. He then shot a beam at Robbie with the gun.

Suddenly, an empire Robbie destroyer came driven by Sportacus himself and his gigantic army

“This is random.”
Said John McClane next to Sportacus.

“Not so fast!” Called a voice. Behind Bratax was Jake and Clara. “We’ve come to take the mask!” Jake declared.

OOC: Just for reference, This is before Jake’s face was bandaged and he lost his hands.

“This is even more random.”
McClane said.

So all of the YDWHN are cannon?

IC: Clara pulled out a pistol and shot at Bratax. But being a dark lord, the bullets were like little pellets to him.

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“Are you just going to let a woman doing your job?”
McClane asked Sportacus.

“Nope.” Sportacus did his Jump

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and closed his legs together in a scissor movement, sending a shockwave of blue energy towards Bratax.

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McClane facepalmed.
“I want my old partner back.”

Sportacus snorted at him “OF COURSE NOT!!! I FOLLOWED THAT ROTTEN ROBBIEFOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS!!! Now, I’ll kill him!!! ATTACK!!!”

The Sport Star appeared behind the Robbie destroyer and began shooting with giant lasers. More Robbie destroyers appeared and RBI fighters with thousands

“Did someone mention me?” called a voice. Behind Mclane was Phil Swift, armed with a saw and the power of FLEX SEAL.
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Robbied ran around wildly, dodging the lasers and crying like a little baby.

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Did someone mention me?" called a voice. Behind Mclane was Phil Swift, armed with a saw and the power of FLEX SEAL.

IC: “Not you! The other guy!” McClane shouted.
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Bratax absorbed the blue shockwave into himself, then snapped his fingers and disintigrated half of Sportacus’ fleet. Sportacus turned to Robbie. “Alright, let’s just call a truce for now. We’ll settle our score later. Deal?”