You know you're a ___ fan when

You know you're a music fan when you hear someone say something similar to a line in a song you know and you suddenly start singing said song


You know you're a Battlefront 2 fan when you watch out for those wrist rockets


You know you're a fan when you start spinning around


You know when your a Halo fan when the Bible has so many trigger words.

"A covenant with God"

"The flood of Noah"

"It is he who will go as a forerunner"

I really wish my brain wouldn't do this.


TBH that is semi-intentional.

The biblical allusions are intended for a two-fold reason:

1: Words that connect to the bible often have a sense of grandeur and scale attached to them.

2: many of those names were started by the covenant in-universe so it adds to the religious theme of them.

(Also Bungie has a very long habbit of adding biblical allusion)


And then your science teacher puts the skeleton model away because you said "Skulls for the Skull Throne!"
You know you're a 40k fan when you refer to your friends as "Battle Brothers"(Or sisters)


I said that and now I get beat up in school lol.

They fed me to the tyranids


You know you're a Transformers fan when you see something funny about Alpha Trion swapped sparks from a male and female Hammerstrike.

You know you're a Beast Wars fan when you say "That's just prime." or "Well that's just prime!" as an actual expletive you use in conversation.

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Yykya Pokémon fan when you see a pigeon of unusual coloring, you consider it a shiny


You know you're a Transformers fan when you casually listen to the 1986 movie soundtrack on Spotify, which also may just prove that I have nerves of steel, seeing as the soundtrack it, to quote the TFwiki, "So 80's it hurts."

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Chocolate pigeons are way more common than Shinies tho...

You know you’re a Mixels fan when you can understand this meme vignette


You know you are a TTV fan when you read this sign as TTV Information


you know you are a doctor who fan if you refer to every phone box as a tardis, and answer every doctor with a ‘who?’

You know your a hero factory fan when your profile is literally an evo helmet.