Young Justice

Young Justice was a short lived series on CN. It followed the adventures of the 'sidekicks' of such icons as Batman and the Flash. It lasted only 27 20 minute long episodes, but was very gripping. So, am I the only one here who loved it? Or am I not alone?


I loved this show, it's cancellation was the beginning of DC's bad decision making process that is getting worse to this day

It was a really great show, I don't understand why it was cancelled


You're not alone! T'was great, although I didn't watch it live; as I saw it on Netflix, which means I haven't seen season 2... frowning

Honestly, It was okay.
Just Okay.
It did nothing special for me and I feel like it is overrated largely because of the abominations we have now on CN in it's place.

That said I see the appeal.


I'm just a big Flash fan, especially Wally West, so he's the biggest draw for me.

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I remember watching that series at first I was like "meh 6/10 could be better." then I was like "HOLY CRAP 8.65441123/10 this is good. It feels like Justice league and Justice league unlimited just got like 4 more seasons" But unfortunately, I never saw the last 2 seasons of it

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Never saw it....dont care to.

I got one of the Happy meal though.

GASPING RAPIDLY BLASPHEMY, GASPING AGAIN (This is so the "Body is invaild, please try to be a little bit more descriptive" doesn't pop up)

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nah, he just doesn't like superhero stuff

You sir, get ALL the money.

I was a big fan, but I've only seen the first season on Netflix. Is the second good?


@MiraculousPrime Its all good


I liked the show, some parts where a bit iffy but overall the concept was solid and I enjoyed watching it.


I know what you mean. cough superboy cough


46 episodes actually.

I want to see this show so badly but sadly Xfinity On Demand has none of it. And I'm in the middle of Beware the Batman. I'm still appalled that DC Nation was cancelled, because all that's left is TTG.

Netflix has both seasons, if it's possible to acquire access to that.

Well, I finally finished the series and I have to say as much as I loved it, it hurts that they canceled this after only 2 seasons. At least one more would have been nice.

Looking at it again though, I wish maybe they gave one more season with the original team before the 5 years later thing.

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Unfortunately not Australian Netflix though.

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They have both seasons in high quality here:


So young justice season 3 has been confirmed