Your Avatar!

Y’know, that small picture in the top left corner whenever you post a thing.

I wanna know, where did yours come from?

Why did you choose it?

Is there any significance to it at all?

Stuff like that.

So I’ll start. My avatar is a requested drawing from a friend that I won in a contest on a fansite for the Video Game series “Golden Sun.” It’s actually just part of the full drawing. The full drawing, I will post in full for all to see here:

Done by used DeviantKirigishi of DeviantArt. Check her stuff out. she’s really good.

I use it because it’s kinda special, made by a friend, made to represent a character I made, etc, etc.

So please, share about your avatar!


Mine is symbolic of the pain of stepping on a Lego. It’s completely abstract.

Or maybe it’s just a picture of Matoro to go with my name


mines a hau
but not just any hau a metru hau!
specifically cause I loved lihkan in both the movies and as a set and now its my self mocs mask
(its also my fav mask…why? I am not sure)


becausee it looks like a potato


Mine is a picture of my self MOC. Nuff said.

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I actually have a little story behind mine.
The day Makutafest was happening, I knew I wanted a new alias for BIONICLE instead of Teddy7724. I realized that I would also need a profile picture to go with it. I eventually ended up coming to the conclusion that my favorite BIONICLE that I owned was Axonn, so I went outside to take some pictures of him the very day Makutafest was going to air, and this beauty came from the bunch of pictures I took with my iPod:


My avatar is the art for History Repeating: Red by The Megas. I use it on another forum, but I decided on it because I hadn’t made my self-MOC when I made my account here. Also, my username is a deviation from my usual usernames on forums.

The avatar I was using before this one was artwork from this Yu-Gi-Oh Card!
Yes… My avatar and username is actually from Yugioh card, but I dont care what others might think. I think it’s pretty dandy. As for the avatar I have now, it’s a picture of psychopathic Dark Mage from a popular game on the 3Ds Called “Fire Emblem - Awakening”


Huh, hadn’t heard of Risebell, and I’m a fairly avid player myself. Weird. But yeah, I can dig it. No judgement here.

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Mine is the album cover of Helloween’s ‘Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1’. I think that Part 2 is a better album though

truely I have learnt stuff today

Mine is a side-profile shot of my selfMOC’s head.

Mine is my face and the cause of your death :smiling_imp:

-~The Mighty Tuma



Mine’s just a giant sun gecko, like the kind I had as a kiddie. My TheGecko is also my 1st gamer tag.

Mine actually has a story behind it.
Here’s a better view:

It’s the most recent incarnation of a character of mine called Atequ.(AH-tee-Qoo) This particular version isn’t and actual form of the character, it’s just sort of a “Mata” version.

This particular moc spans way back to 2007 when I got Hydraxon. I was not a terribly good moccer at the time and decided that it would be a good idea to tear out all the silver bits and replace them with gold. As well as give him a sword-arm. :stuck_out_tongue:

(sorry for the terribawful pictures; these are old and photoshopped)

A few months later, I saw this picture:
And thought “hey! I could probably recreate that!” And thus, the second incarnation of Atequ was born:

A few months later. as I began was learning how to moc better, I revamped him. But this time, there was keetorange.

Since then, I think he’s been put through three or four transformations until he’s reached his current form. Sometime in the near future I might make him a “serious” revamp to bring him up to speed with my current mocing prowess.


My avatar is a picture of a clockwork gear I made in Hexels. My name on steam is The Clockwork Gear, so it fits well. I think it looks good.


Mine’s my sig-fig. Pretty straightforward…


And yet you didn’t post in the sigfig thread? For shame, man. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine is my basically this:

“Again the prophecies of the Matoran oppose my will.”, Makuta says to Mata Nui. “must I release those who must never, see the light of day?” He then from his own essence births a repulsive slug-like creature.
“I must preserve your slumber…” he says in a voice that carried from the shadows of the walls in the chamber. “Their unity, can be poisoned…” The slug slowly travels to a robotic suit of poisonous armor. “Their duty, will, be, broken…” Another slug uses his new body to brake free of his cocoon. “Their destiny, I must shatter.” Three new creatures of darkness head to their master.
“Go my sons,” Makuta tells them, “use the shadows and keep my brother, asleep.”
~Makuta to three of his Rahkshi, Bionicle: Mask of Light, The Movie


Mine’s a big C.