Your Dying Wish

Continuing the discussion from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (SPOILER TAG EVERYTHING!):

The worst has happened. You find out you're dying. What is your last wish?
You can keep it reasonable, like a wish that could actually be granted, or you can go crazy if you wish.

My last wish? To at least be remembered for generations on.


my wish: not to die


well if I couldn't do this then this is what I would do

wish that all my friends and family would be okay, since I'm going out, I want them to all to live on with good lives

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That it's a heroic death.. no rlly

my last wish eh?

Rememberence and the spreading of my legacy as an artist and cool guy

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I would wish to be able to continue on in some way after I die, because simply not existing scares me beyond anything else and I cannot imagine not feeling anything and not existing.

Otherwise, I would wish to be remembered in the future. Or maybe to have my body made into compost by freeze-drying and shattering it so I can have a tree made out of me (unintentional rhyme) and maybe even become the tree (in a sense).

Sorry to be such a buzzkill.


My dying wish would be to explode upon impact.

Mainly cause if I'm gonna die I'm gonna do it with mile high free fall.


Well, that's one way to go...
So you'll go out on your terms?
Or will it just happen because it's meant to be?

That you all die with me.


Can my wish be that you don't get your wish?
Or would that create a paradox because I wouldn't die, so my wish wouldn't be granted, and if it wasn't granted, I would die, so it would have to be granted...
What have I done?



I'll die when I want to.

And that's when I decide to jump out of a plane without a parachute

You will be awaited in Valaha. You will ride in all shiny and chrome. You live. You die. You live again.

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This is a morbid topic...

I wish to be forgotten.

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My dying wish is to utter such an epic, sarcastic one-liner about the situation in which I am dying, that it will be remembered until the end of time.


For the whole world to die with me MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! /s I would wish to get a Yugioh card made in my likeness

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For everyone I love to be safe, and not to worry. also I want my casket made from Lego. with my SelfMOC buried with me, or given to someone else.

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To have all my MOCs be released as legit Lego sets :stuck_out_tongue:

To have my ashes flown to the iss (International space station).

My cremation song is already planned

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