Your experience with The Dream™

update regarding this experience i remember the kits name it was the Pegasus and within the time frame between writing that down and this update i had two more encounters

dream two was short and simple visorak invaded earth

as for dream 3 well it had a third party company making a new bonkle toyline sold in mainstream stores with prebuilt figures for people to interact with

Another instance to record from last night. From what I remember I was in a pretty dingy department store. The aisles were about 6-7 ft tall and seemed to go on for an unnervingly long distance. From the entrance, I almost instinctually turned into a random aisle and about 20 ft in there they were. The sets I remember are hard to explain. They were all in boxes, even the sets that seemed a good fit for canister style packaging. Even more perculiar was the striking resemblance to Throwbots (mostly the heads). The artwork on the border of the boxes was that of the 2001 Rahi boxes (the silver border and Technic name). It clearly said Bionicle on the box and the sets looked less colorful than their Throwbot counterparts. Just weird.


I had a dream in which I built a different version of my self moc and me and my brother got new and sealed Toa Mahri Kongu, Hewkii, and Nuparu


I had it a few days ago. It was quite disappointing though, as I had found a huge bin of Bionicle at a thrift store in the dream. I had just taken it home, when I realized that all the connectors in the bin were cracked. Each time I used one of them, they broke. It was highly disappointing, to say the least.


I’ve had it again. And this was definitely a cruel one.

I don’t have any Bricks and Minifigs near where I live in the USA, so my only option is Bricklink. In the dream, I went to an IRL Lego store about 10 minutes from where I live, and realized that it had a whole lot of Bionicle parts. I filled out my bin with parts I needed to fix some old sets and left it on a shelf so I can go back to it and refill it periodically. But on one such trip it was gone, a store employee emptied it, and I was furious, disappointed, and sad.


I’ve had a similar dream recently. I do have a used lego store near me, and I go to it every month or so. About a year ago they had a huge bin of Bio parts. There were clearly enough parts in there for all 6 piraka and at least 4 Barraki (I have none of these). There were also most parts from a few glatorian Toa Metru and more I missed out on. I grabbed about $50 worth of parts for other projects (mainly the Hagah). But left probably another $50 worth of Bio parts and complete sets I didn’t want at the time. I went a week later hoping to find it all again, and the bin was basically empty.

Now I have the recurring dream of going to that store and finding it all again. I grab it all, then wake up.