Your Favorite Old-School LEGO Game

what is your favorite old school lego game (i personally identify a lego game as old-school when it is not on the lego website for a few years)
my favorite games are: exo force deep jungle, mnog (obviously) and that gta looking crossover of agents, city and racers (i gotta know the name) as an honorable mention i have the 2010 bionicle game


The Robot Chronicles.

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BIONICLE Heroes 4 lyfe.


bonkle heros iss gretest gam.
on a serious note i really enjoyed the bionicle games but for a favourite the lego batman game for the ps2.

Bionicle Heroes.
Even though I technically never played it because my Wii didn't have a gamecube save card.

Creep Crushers.

The Nostalgia is reeaaaalll.

Bionicle Heroes isn't old school.
Rock Raiders and Lego Racers 2. Now those are old school.

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I enjoyed playing Lego Stunt Rally back in the day.

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Junkbot and Lego Backlot


I got a real kick out of Bionicle Matoran Adventures. Yeah the gameplay was nothing spectacular but it was competent enough to stand on its own. I liked the level design, the music was fantastic (Le Koro's theme in particular)- it's just a shame I lost it.

Rock Raiders, Lego Island 2 (never actually got to play the first one), and Lego Racers 2.

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Crystalien Conflict.

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Oh yes! You can still play it at

I've beaten it already :stuck_out_tongue:

Lego Star Wars II though.

Junkbot and that Mars Mission game.

Of the four real racing games that lego have made (If you want to call Stunt Rally a racing game, it's more like virtual lego slot cars), Drome Racers is the best hands down. Dat soundtrack

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My sister got the original SW trilogy game for Wii, and we had a blast with that.

Crystalien Conflict (aka. that one Mars Mission game), the last and best flash Lego strategy game (in my humble opinion), which can be played offline also after download from website below.

Close favorites are Robo Chronicles, Treasure Trench and the three 2004 Alpha Team games: First Encounter, Drone Menace, Ogel's Fortress.

Almost all of the Old-School games can be downloaded from
And almost all of the Bionicle games from