Your Favorite Old-School LEGO Game

Spybotics: the Nightfall Incident

There's an old game I was fond of where you could build characters and had to get them through a puzzle maze while fighting or avoiding monsters. Each character had a limited energy bar (or gas bar for vehicles) so you had to be careful.

(I think the first level you could build a duck, and then later you could build cars, bulldozers, robots, landscaping vehicles, gas stations, and energy rechargers. Tigers are the only enemy I can remember right now.)

Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga. I think play it again and complete it.

Any of the old Lego star wars games

1) Lego Racers
2) Lego Island
3) Lego Chess

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I like Hero Factory games and MNOG 1 and 2.

5) Crystalien Conflict (the Mars Mission strategy game)
4) Both Lego Racers games
3) Rock Raiders
2) the MNOGs
1) Spybotics: the Nightfall Incident

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For me, it would have to be Lego soccer mania, as I remember playing that a lot a couple of years ago

It has to be MNOG, as it's literally the only Lego game I've ever played :stuck_out_tongue:.

For games, Junkbot, Junkbot: Undercover, Backlot, Stunt Rally, and Crytalien Conflict were my favorites. For console games that were not TT produced, Lego Racers 2 is my favorite.

Lego racers 2 will forever be an amazing game.

Also loading each section of MNOG for 20 minutes on my 90's computer will forever dictate my childhood. Ya'll have it nice


Sounds Like World Builder 1 or 2.


PC games:

Web games:

why can I not choose an overall favorite to save my life


anyone remember that old powerminer online game? it was my childhood...

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no stop

the nostalgia


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I know that, I was making a joke.

LEGO Alpha Team, rock raiders, Lego Land, lego creator knights.

Stop the Morbuzakh.

I wouldn't be who I am today without this game...

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oh yes

1)The Robot Chronicles