Your Favorite Old-School LEGO Game

I would say Mnog but it is so hard on the nui rama battle however I came up with a strategy, keep losing all your ammo on each section it worked

I’m somewhat fond of that one Mars Mission game where you try to run from the alien.

That game scared me as a kid for some reason.

When i was a little child, i always wanted to play games on the lego site, since i didn’t have some “real” games at all. I remember that I esspecialy liked battle for power, from bionicle. I liked it SO MUCH. OK, I realize that there are games MUCH MORE BETTER than that ones from But it is good to remember them. We can still see them on Biomedia project though.
Did you played Games on the lego site?


Yee bro I loved the one game with like the spacecraft or whatever like you had to build a spacecraft and see how high your altitude would go and stuff

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I downloaded Junkbot from BMP last semester. It still holds up.

Unfortunately some of the games require additional programs I didn’t get to work. So I haven’t been able to play Backlot or Supersonic RC yet. (Side note Junkbot and World Builder are both compatible with Windows only.)

I played some of them, but I preferred downloadable games with levelling and proccessing through the game.

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Me too. But in that time I didn’t had any downloadable game.

I remember playing some of the old Bionicle games when I first found out about it in late 2009. (it might’ve been 2010 when I played them though)

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I was playng them in that period too

Oh gosh, chrystalien conflict for mars mission is the best.

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Lego Atlantis.

That darn squid always got me.

Spybot: the Nightfall Incident. Nothing else this side of the MNOGs comes close.

realizes I’ve posted on this topic several months agofacepalm

Mine would have to be Star Wars The Complete Saga. Granted while I do think the Travelers Tales Lego game formula is pretty repetitive nowadays, I still have a soft spot for their earlier games and LSW: TCS happens to be the best effort from that earlier era.

Spybotics:The Nightfall Incident and MNOG 1 are undoubtedly the best Lego games however. MNOG is perhaps the reason why most of us Bionicle fans are here. Even someone who got into the line in 2006, playing MNOG on the old Bionicle Story website and doing stuff like reading the old comics and the 2002-2003 Bohrok/Rahkshi saga text recap (anyone remember that?) on the Pre-2008 site certainly caught me up to speed on Bionicle lore at that point. Good memories.


I agree. While we do get the occasional LEGO Worlds, all the games are pretty much the same except the fact that they are based on a different theme and that they have some slight changes like the loot in LEGO The Hobbit. While those games are still good, I wonder… Who has asked for LEGO The Incredibles? LEGO Worlds was probably the best they did in the last 5 years. I would like to have more games that are different like in the case of LEGO Worlds rather then all being the same, except they have a different theme.
In almost all TT LEGO Games, it’s pretty much like this:

Complete the Story
Replay the Story to get all collectables
Unlock all characters
Do all the missions in the HUB World
Play the bonus levels

I loved this game so much.

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Ironically it’s more well known than the actual toys Spybotics is based on. I didn’t even know that the game was a Lego game (much less based on a Lego line) until around a year or two ago

Probably because Lego and Disney wanted it. To be honest I do secretly want Lego to make a Hanna-Barbera Superheroes theme, mostly for the selfish desire to have a Space Ghost minifigure and honestly the thought of them making a toyline and game based on that concept will immediately perk my interest, especially if the game allows me the option to have Space Ghost laser fry Captain Planet (I grew up with the Hanna-Barbera superhero stuff on Boomerang btw, so that’s why as a kid I knew about both Space Ghost and it’s Coast to Coast incarnation and now the reason why I like both versions of the character so much)

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Hey it’s my old friend!

And I loved The Robot Chronicles

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Battle for Power
Agori Defender
Mission: Von Nebula
Galaxy City Getaway
Crystal Conflict

Just to name a few. I loved the Lego Web games so much. They were very fun and easy. And they added a lot to the story of the theme.
Like, because of the Dino Attack game, we can assume that the Red T-Rex is the Boss.
And a big part of the Mars Mission story was told trough the Crystal Conflict game.

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I mean that was kind of obvious, he was in the largest set and the largest dinosaur (granted there was the green one but the red one was more obviously in charge, he was like the final boss, the green was like the second in command)

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