Your Favorite Old-School LEGO Game

Also it is believed that the Red one is Male and the Green one is female. And since he was the final boss in that game we can confirm it.

uh, I’ll have to ask for a citation on this one. The idea of red for male and green for female T-rexes I haven’t heard before, and the fact that the red one is the final neither proves that he is male or that the male is the more dangerous of the two; as in the animal kindgom there’s lots of animals where the female is in charge (ants and bees for one).

And furthermore I have my doubts that the red one is ‘the boss’ or if there is a ‘boss’ for the dino outbeak in the first place, for all we know a bigger, badder dinosaur may have been released the year after if the line was more successful.

Here, I took that from Brickipedia:

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Never ever trust Brickipedia, it’s red link land