Your Favorite TMNT TV Show

Hey guys, we all love the lean, green, fighting, machines. So today this discussion is about what is the best TMNT tv show in your opinion mine is the 2003-2009 TMNT series.


i have too say the newer incarnation of ninja turtles, i cant say much about the 2003 version because i didnt watch it much and the original had those crazy animation errors. i think the animation for the newer version is nice and the story is great.

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@cowardlyzebra The 2003 series had ran for a long time, with TMNT fast forward and back to the sewer, plus they had a movie with the original TMNT's. Would you consider the 2003 series somewhat successful?

yes, but i still can not judge the show due to never have seeing most of it

Cyber Shredder?

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I never have seen them but I heard they're a good show I'll check them out sometime

woah, thats kinda cool

hmmh, so there is 2 shedders there?

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@cowardlyzebra If you are confused, you can use the link I gave you.

Is it me or does 2014 movie shredder look like megatron?

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The original show is absolute trash.

2003 one was freaking great

the newest one is awesome too


Changed title, it didn't seem fitting

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You seam to have left out that garbage that was Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation


I never watched the earlier series. I only recently got into TMNT from the 2012 show...and it is amazing. Even if I don't compare it to the other incarnations, it's a great stand-alone series.

Despite it being CGI, it's amazingly animated. Most if not all the characters look realistic and have great texture. And the dark tone is done very well.

The story is great too. It's surprisingly gripping and emotional, almost every character is 3 dimensional, and nothing feels forced. The action scenes are phenomenal, especially the ones with Shredder. Very intense and doesn't shy away from brutal violence.


@Pot8o I agree

Next Mutation was amazing. You shut your mouth.

^ What he said.


2003: That was my favorite show as a kid. I haven't watched that much of it though.

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currently watching 2003 on nicktoons has to be my favorite tmnt show.


yes, yes he does, or kinda like age of extinction grimlock

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I have seen the most of the 80s show, but it was only a VHS(Man I feel old) of the first 4 or 5 episodes in the pilot arc. It was good, cheesy, 80s cartoon fun. Bebob and Rocksteady are the best dumb henchman duo to ever grace animation and they are my personal favorites.

Never given 2003 a shot, but I did see the time travel crossover with the 80's Turtles. Enjoyed it, but when I start a series I want to have others done.

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