Your Last Words

"Nothing perssonnell, kid"


Well, I thought immortality technology would exist before I die.

Doctor's phone rings.
"We invented immortality technology!"


"Man I wonder what my last words will be"

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"I'll be back after marathoning dune 42 times."

the secret to the treasure is... kicks the bucket

tell my wife i love.. her sister

jojo! this is the last of my hamon! Take it!

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"I don't regret not watching JoJo"

Maybe I die now but soon you too! The AI are coming! Emilut was right! Buy gold! Bye!


!nruter yam I taht rewop tneicna eht ekovni I !nrub ot emoc sah emit ym ,L T O L O X A

if you know that you get a cookie :cookie:
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Bill cipher, now give me my cookie.

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@UnitaryBog :cookie:

Quick, a fire! Get the hairspray!
Hand me that chain saw. Your supposed to give it to people blade first and on for convenience!
Throw me that knife!

dabbed in 2018

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Can't wait for tomorrow!

I should just stop trying.

Of course it’s safe to juggle seven chainsaws of fire over a ninjashark infested volcano!

I believe I can fly!

It’s the red wire, right?

Yeah, we worked out all the kinks! It isn’t the eighties anymore! eaten by dinosaur

Make sure my cat goes to a kind owner. One with superpowers and a time machine.

My friends each get a portion of my belongings. fifty years later my belongings rot in my basement that doesn’t even exist

So how much inheritance do I get when I die? (Inside joke)

Why is it counting down?

“Ooh! I want that shiny thing!”

“Mr. Kalmah, I don’t want to go!”

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“I regret not coming up with my last words earlier”

"it's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine."


"its time to snap my fingers"