Your Personal Music Choice for a LEGO Character

This is a topic where you can post your personal music choices for LEGO characters from different themes. It does not matter if they are from Legends of Chima, Nexo Knights, Ninjago, Knights Kingdom 2, Exo-Force, Atlantis or any other. As long as it is a non-licensed LEGO theme, its ok.

If you want to post music for BIONICLE characters, please post them here.

So to begin, here is my character and music choice.

Character: Lord Vladek from Knights Kingdom 2.

Music: Ozar Midrashim


This one actually fits quite well. Man, I love Knights Kingdom 2, it was my favorite castle theme by LEGO.

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The best music for the best minifigure


For Lego Batman of course.

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this is the best post on the topic


Overlord/Golden Master


A song that just fits so well with this guy:

Speeda Demon

“Kickstart my Heart”


Terra from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Evil Knight

Black Knight 2000 pinball game theme

For Jay from ninjago:

For Nick from Galidor:

For Solek from bonkle: