Your Personal Music Choice for BIONICLE Characters/Events

this is just a discussion/hoppy thing people can do if there is noting else to do or talk about.

The idea is to just have an image of the character or event you are thinking of (with text that statets the event or the name of the character in question) and under the image you will add a video link for the music you have chosen. now the images, can be made from the Bionicle G2 episodes like the way i have done it, (but please don’t take the credit for the images that you want to use, but the stuff you have added on it), you can just draw your own image, but thats up to you yourself.

Here, let me give you all an example:

“Bionicle The Game” main menu music

So if you all understood that, then i hope this will give some amusement for some time until 2016 and the discussion that will happen then.

Here, let me give you all a second example.

“Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc” Reflux the Knaaren, boss music

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right when the toa discover makuta controls the great spirit robot
in the end by linkin park


The Hordika but more specifically Vakama fit the 06 soundtrack perfectly

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does this count :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



does this have to be related to Bionicle?


No, sorry. That song was made for the Piraka and thus its more like cheating.

yes, this topic was for the Bionicle Topic, so Bionicle images is what will be used, but as i have said before, please add words ON the image (basicly take the image to a paint tool like Pain.NET and use the letter tool to write the event or character you are thinking of) Now, the song does not need to be based around Bionicle like the others have shown, but the image does, and now let me show you all once more the way i have been doing it.

“Medievil” Zarok (Final Battle)

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Can we do stuff for our own MOCs and shtuff?

well… yes i can see that work, just remember to add the name of the character you have made or the event you have made in your own fan fiction, just add the name on the image itself by using one of the pain tools that is available on the internet.

Like i have allready said, you can also use your own drawn artwork for the image if you want, so i see no problem in using MOCs too.

Edit: Once more, here is a new image and music.

“Medievil 2” Cathedral Spires The Descent


Matoro’s one event he is remembered for


##The Shadowed One

This music would fit any evil guy, really.


Right when Makuta takes control of the matoran universe, and the toa look up at the sky and realise that Matoro’s sacrifice was in vain:

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New image and all that, you may all discuss about the songs that you have scosen if you want to.

“Medievil” The Ant caves


“Sonic Adventure 2” King Boom Boo boss music

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He is forever alone


Galis Theme: The Selkie Song


Toa Theme: Warriors


“Madeon - Finale”



“Power Rangers Redux” - Lord Zedd

“Magicka” - Battle the count

“The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night” - Gaul (Black Powers)


I have nothing to add other than that Rayman 3’s Reflux theme fits Skull Slicer soooo well. It would be so awesome to have official music like that in G2. :smiley: