Your Worst Nightmare (potentially)

German folklore is rich with tales of horrors, whose marks have driven entire genres of books and literary productions.
And we all know of a horseman who rides without a head, searching for mindless vengeance, and his lost skull.

So it brings me great joy to have built this iconic character, and posted it for your eyes to see!

BBC71HH02 by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr

Other Side (Showing tail in more!)

I've built several horses over the years, the most recent of which was in 2012. I think this is so far my best in terms of scale, execution, and dare I say photography as well! The picture, while a bit too grainy to my liking, has come out rather nicely. A lot of credit for this build goes to Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, without whom some of the details would not have been possible.

This MOC ranked overall third in BBC#71! I was really surprised to see it get to the top three places considering very little attention had been paid to it on BZPower. But oh well... third place on a BBC... I'll take it!

PS. Just to make one thing absolutely clear. The cape came in a Toy Story set from 2012 (I think). It belonged to Zurg. Therefore it is purist. BZPower contests are purist-only, so this MOC would have been DQ'ed had I used a non-purist part.


That horse is Beautiful. :cry:


Thank you! I spent a total of 17 hours building it, so I'm glad people liked it!


It's probably the best Horse MOC I've ever seen. The Proportions are all right n' such, his Colors are Consistent, and the head is just...

Here's the closest thing to my reaction I can find:


That's waaayyyyy too much time that I would be willing to spend on a MOC.

And that's why this is extremely cool!


a new user who is a master in moccing
so... rare

This thing is top notch constraction quality, A+ for sure!


That's not true. Most new members give us some pretty nice lookin' MO-

Never mind. :expressionless:


Donte is a post-expressionistic work of art, don't diss him.


I am impressed, for this is indeed my worst nightmare.
It's not, tho

i i i i i

i want this to be a real set

The only thing that's a nightmare here is the use of that red paper cutout for a cape, you non-purist scum

/s It's one of the best MOCs i've ever seen

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this is beautiful.

fine art.

brilliant job.

I want to see this on the MOC Spotlight

This is amazingness in its purest form

It's magnificent!!

I don't appreciate the insult, especially when the cape is an official piece that came in a Toy Story Zurg set. So before you make such moronic statements in the future, why don't you do some fact checking first? Besides, if you had any background on what BBC's are on BZPower, you'd know that non-purism is not allowed. Finally, I'd just like to point out that I'm as purist as they can get. The only occasion I haven't been was when I gave my self-MOC a fabric cape back in 2013, and that was excusable since nothing LEGO-made would fit.

Now, I understand you might have been joking in your comment, but I didn't take your humor too kindly, hence the long post. I have no intention for this to be any sort of conflict. So in the future, if you don't have something nice to say, just be quiet instead.


dude this is amazing time for the beyond score 100,000/10


@Plural my first post wasn't trash :stuck_out_tongue:

to the guy who asked how to make horse legs, look closely.
I see you also use a photo tent like me :smile:
perfect build with a perfect pose.

the only bad thing is that sword its kinda lacking compared to the rest of the moc

Under his statement is a intentionally blurred compliment regarding your creation.

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