YouTube Discussion Topic

I was lookin’ through the boards.
I was thinkin’ about YouTube.
I did some searching, and found that there was a YouTube Topic, that got closed.
In the post by Var he said some things.

That brings me to something this Topic will have.
#Read Them.
Then follow them, or we’ll get shut down.

1. This is not about who you like, who you follow, and who you wanna meet, tha belongs over here.

2. Don’t talk about your own channel, if you do, I’ll salt you, and we will, as above, get shut down.

3. Follow the rules. It’s simple.

Now I hear your brains ticking away, wondering something along the lines of:

If we can’t talk about who we like, what do we talk about?

That is a good question.
I was hoping this would be a place where YouTube could be discussed in a more general way.
Discussion on trends, and scandals, and all that juicy goodness.
Now fly you fools!
And by fly I mean discuss.


Youtube is terrible.

It is the worst run service of all the internet.


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Youtube as a service is terrible, but the videos on it are pretty cool :smiley:


What were your guys thoughts when they redid the channel layout in 2013?


I hate trying to upload stuff to YouTube.

Takes too long.

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ReEdited Title…

YouTube is terrible.
Language Warning

But yeah.
I agree with this.


That is actually one of the videos that inspired me to make this new topic…


Well i like youtube, Cause Vessel never works for me. I’ve heard some bad things about youtube and amazing things about Vessel. So maybe I’ll try vessel out one day again, BUT FOR NOW YOUTUBE IS GOOD ENOUGH (IT’S ALSO FREE TO USE FOR NOW).

Youtube is full of crap.


A lot of crap.
Like really a lot…

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It’s not even countable.

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There is so much crap, even if you like everything, there will be millions of videos that are crap to you…


Isn’t that the internet period?

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YouTube does have quite a lot of problems. I can see why some may hate it.

YouTube is a monopoly in its own market. As such they can pretty much get away with their many mishaps. Their copyright protection policy is a joke and recently it has been causing trouble for a lot of users lately.


Yeah it is, and yeah it has. I speak from experience.

I watched a thing about that new React World thing, I began thinking about all the reactionist, the prank channels, and all the amazing channels wrongly getting taken down.
I am calling it right now.
We are 1 moth into 2016, and this will be the year YouTube changes.
I don’t know what will change, and how it will happen, but some big things are gonna go down this year…


I agree with you on that @EvilLobsterKing.