Zamor Turret

A simple turret style for a Zamor launcher built it while messing around.


You wouldn’t happen to have a rahkshi arm lying around would you? I think it would look better than the bohrok limb, that said, simple but elegant,I actually think this looks pretty good, like something Lego would have put in a 06 equivalent to the karzahni set.

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Sadly I do not, most of the pieces I have are the mid hero factory run, and out of the two random pieces I have not gotten a rahksi arm, I did get a foot though.


All I can imagine is this thing hopping along blasting everything nearby into oblivion which would explain the dead sets surrounding it


Haha the sets around it are works in progress that I am striping for parts for frames for mocs

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Simple and effective, I like it. This actually inspired me, thank you!

Anytime I will try to reload a couple of add I a like laser sighs or I was thinking a procters launcher, please send me your modifications of it.

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it’s literally just a zamor gun on a foot

really weird


The foot is actually the base support holding up the launcher. It is meant to be stationary.

then it’s just a silver zamor gun?? this isn’t really a MOC

Well it is a simple turrent, that is all there is to it.

did you get the design from Bioncle Heroes?

No I just slapped it together one day. Though the game is great!