2019: The Golden Age of Heroes (Signups)

We have come so far together. However, before we reach the end of our journey, we should take one last look back. Back at a time 40 years ago, in the golden age of heroes and villains. A time when the Old-Timers were once Newbies themselves, most of them confused and still working out the kinks of being heroes. A time when, just like now, the fate of the world was at risk.

The small city of Brantwood, Michigan may seem like a quiet little obscure place at first, however it is better known (and famous) for its unofficial name: The City of Heroes. The name is as implied, for it is considered to host the highest concentration of supers in America. Many beings of various special skills and talents inhabit this city, either protecting its citizens or exploiting them for personal profit.
However, there has recently been an “awakening” in the city. A new villain has arrived from seemingly nowhere, with an “eccentric”(many would say “insane”) personality and a loud wardrobe. And despite his obnoxious nature, his intents are as ambitious as they are sinister. He plans to assemble an alliance of the city’s most cutthroat supervillains, and seize control over the entire city with their meticulously calculated conquest. It will take the combined efforts of all of The City of Heroes’ heroes to stop them, but that it only if they can settle their own differences first…

(So, allow me to clarify some things. First of all, this is intended to be a Majestic League Reboot, not a 2059 prequel. However I chose not to put it under the “Majestic League” branding due to the associated memories. Also, this is not a Hard reboot. This RP still exists in the same Mctoran-Verse as the original Majestic league, but in an alternate universe in The Multiverse. It takes place in the same continuity as “Arena Battle II”, my reboot of Arena Battle, and is a sequel to that RP.
One of the biggest reasons for me to do this is not only to look back at how far I have come as a GM in the past ear, but also to show that I really have learned from past experiences and mistakes, and apply that knowledge to similar circumstances I may encounter.
I wanted to first finish the Cataclysm RP before I started working on other projects, however, I also promised that I would start the Majestic League reboot by October, its one-year anniversary. With that being said I still intend to run both of these RPs at once, and this one shall begin sometime before the 10th of October. Since this is a reboot, it of course does not have to follow the exact same plot as the original and I do not expect it to. So there shall be more freedom in this plot unlike most of my other RPs. But I still expect you to respect the lore and context of the larger Multiverse which this RP’s universe in)


Respect and obey The GM
I am the GM of this RP. I run the RP and decide its ultimate outcome. I could promote someone to co-GM and just as easily fire them, or shut down the whole RP on a whim.
I, like all GMs, wield the same power and authority of site Moderators, and I expect to be treated and respected like a moderator. So know my power, and consider what I am capable of before committing any misconduct.

No OP or Ridiculously powerful characters.
While the characters themselves may be very powerful beings in general, I will not allow a character that is blatantly unfairly more powerful than most other characters (except for my own of course). Be creative, but no OP characters. you don’t need them to be creative or unique. I’m sure there are plenty of ideas to choose from up there in that brain of yours. Just create something that you’ll have fun with, but not at the expense of other players’ enjoyment.

No Autohitting, Autododging, No-Selling or Metagaming.
This speaks for itself.

Follow Basic Common Logic.
Just because I may not include everything that is/isn’t allowed in the RP, it doesn’t mean that you should exploit the loopholes. I am not stupid. So if I don’t say “don’t control characters that don’t belong to you without permission”, it doesn’t mean that you can. Do what you think is morally right, respectful and within the proper boundaries.

Respect others.
This rule is the most obvious and self-explanatory one.




Alignment: (Hero, villain or other)

Affiliation(s): (Basically, What teams or organizations is your character part of, or has been part of in the past?)



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Name: Aly Cortez
Alias: Mist
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral
Affiliation(s): None
Powers/abilities: Aly has the ability to temporarily turn her skin and clothes grey. When she does so, she loses all features that define her, save for her body shape and height. When she does this, she can either temporarily turn into someone, or she can dissipate into mist.
Appearance: Aly is short and skinny, even for her age. Her eyes are white, with the outside of the irises outlines in black. When she turns into the mist, her face loses all her features. Her eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and hair all disappear and her skin and clothing forms a smooth body shape, all grey.
Personality/Bio: Aly is a quiet girl at the age of 14. She usually minds her own business, but she is constantly bullied and beat up. She never uses her powers on other people, except to disappear when she’s sad. She has a hatred for bullies of any kind.



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Name: Kaleo H. Keen

Alias: Kay

Gender: MALE

Alignment: NONE

Affiliation: NONE
Kaleo is a college student who is studying the recent relics of the Atlantis Empire, that were found around 5 years ago in 2014. Seeing a legend come to life has made him pursue the career as an archaeologist to study and decipher the remnants that the Atlantis Empire left in Antarctica. Their lost technology is still quite unknown to the modern sciences and any relic of the technology found is almost immediately taken by the government that finds it for research of this lost science. Attempts have been made to power the Atlantean machines, but it seems that repels the electricity in all tests that they’ve done on any relic they’ve found.

Powers/Abilities Kaleo has a super-sense that amplifies his sense of touch to the nth degree allowing for what he describes as a 6th sense. He was born with this ability, although he keeps it under wraps in his daily life, as he would rather not draw attention.
Silent Touch: : Silent Touch is a power that extremely amplifies the sense of touch. Kaleo can feel sound waves and changes/motion in air… He can feel irregularities in the air, such as an object breaking the sound barrier or getting near the breaking point. He can also use his touch to hear as well, and it acts like sonar. By touching a person he can feel their body, from the blood flowing through their veins, to the subtlety of their lungs moving in an out. Through rinse and repeat he’s been able to tell how tense a person is just by touching them and the subtle clues if they are telling the truth or lying.
Short brown hair and emerald green eyes. He has a scar parallel to his eyes on his forehead. It’s from a sharp piece of metal that cut his forehead. He is 5’ 7” and generally wears a red plaid ■■■■■ with a black t-■■■■■ underneath. He generally also wears blue jeans.Tied around his wrist is a homemade leather bracelet his older sister made him, when he was young.

Kaleo grew up in Brantwood, Michigan. He fell in love at a young age with the daring deeds of the ever popular Indiana Jones, though he was a bit disappointed when he researched real archaeology and didn’t find similar stories. That being said that was all changed in 2014, when the first proof of the Atlanteans appeared. Their relics drew him in, giving him dreams of discovering the first working relic and what technology they might discover. It would be a once in a life time experience and it would be world-changing to see what technologies are discovered. Now, living a dream like Indiana suddenly seems all that possible.



When will this start?

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Between October 5th and 10th. About one year from the day the original RP began

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Name; Sadie volara
Alias; shade
Affiliation; herself
Abilities; can travel through shadows and is very agile on her feet. Can also control shadows to form weapons for her.
Weapons; good with anything though especially blades
Looks; Black hair tied in a ponytail, brown eyes, ussually wearing a black jacket and jeans.
Bio; as a child she had seen her family get murdered by some psycho though rather then kill her too he kidnapped her to raise her in his twisted way. Eventually she was rescued by her now girlfriend though after that trauma and never being able to deal with it took a huge hit on her.
She’s gotten more sane over the years though at the same time more violent until
She reached the point she became a serial killer out of pure personal enjoyment. Currently in a happy relationship with aqua despite their obvious differences.

Name; Aqua
Alias; none
Affiliation; none
Powers;, seems to have the powers of a cartoon character, among many others she may or may not have.
Weapons; duel knives
Looks; blonde hair with white streaks, blue eyes, usually in various cosplays and other similaroutfits.
Personality / bio; hard to tell if she takes anything seriously though she can if she feels like it. Enjoys making others and herself uncomfortable and in general is just a joker. Works as a detective for the police.

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Name: Kacie Bain

Alias: Nike

Gender: Female

Alignment: Heroic curious

Affiliation: Freelance

Powers/abilities: Kacie has recently come under the possession of a pair of flying shoes.

Appearance: Messy brown hair usually kept back in a ponytail that reaches below her shoulders when worn down, brown eyes, tanned complexion. Not entirely the most physically intimidating person, standing just below average height for her age and having no muscle to speak of.

Personality/Bio: Kacie’s curiosity got the best of her one night when she found a grinning robot appear from nowhere over the local pond. When he offered her to join him in his quest to find the multiverse’s finest cheese, her only worry was that she would run out of pages or ink to write about it. She has a few more worries now… most notably that her guide seems to have vanished without a trace, stranding her in this world.

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Name: Freddy Deacon

Alias: Screensaver

Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral Good

Affiliation(s): Brian Deacon’s brother

Abilities: Freddy’s mood, like almost everyone’s, changes depending on the kind of music he’s listening to. Unlike other people, the music he’s listening to almost completely changes his personality. Songs like Post Malone’s Sunflower that are upbeat and happy make him a chill, easygoing and carefree guy, overall a nice person to be around. Skillet’s Monster, on the other hand, makes him cold, sadistic and cruel. We’ll call these personas Chill Freddy and Moody Freddy. Whenever he uses his powers, Chill Freddy has whispy trails of light flowing behind him that look like a screen saver from 2011, and he can use them to make solid structures. He can also fly, but not any faster than how fast an average person can sprint. Moody Freddy’s powers condense the trails from his other side into blazing red whips on the ends of his hands. He can control the length and heat of the whips, although the hotter he makes them the shorter they get, and vice versa.

Appearance: Freddy wears a green jacket that says AUSTRALIA across the front in bright yellow letters. Under that he’s got a black t-■■■■■, blue jeans and black and orange sneakers. He also has black headphones that are almost always blasting music into his ears. His eyes glow red as Moody Freddy.

Personality/Bio: Freddy and his brother were both very musically inclined as children, but they took very different paths as they got older. Freddy began making and selling music online to stay afloat. After moving out Freddy started putting street art up on buildings around Brantwood, whether he was allowed to or not. Who was going to stop him, the police? People on the street started calling him Screensaver because of the way his powers looked, and the name eventually stuck.

Name: Brian Deacon

Alias: Pied Piper

Gender: Male

Alignment: Hero

Affiliation(s): Freddy Deacon’s brother

Powers/abilities: Brian has amazing detective skills, as well as all the normal training a police officer would have. Brian has also mastered several musical instruments and he can play almost anything. When he uses his powers, wisps of light drift up from the instrument he’s playing in a similar way to his brother’s powers. If anyone in the same room as him is lying, then the lights will only glow in warm colors. If everyone in the room tells the truth, then the lights only show cool colors. He can also use his music to implant emotions in people, inciting feelings of joy, sadness, anger, and anything in between. After playing the first measure of a song he can cause the instrument to play the song to it’s end without any input from him, and he still has full use of his powers on that instrument. Brian can’t do this with woodwind or brass instruments though, as he can’t cause the wind to blow through instruments for him. His music also greatly enhances Freddy’s abilities, allowing him to fly at supersonic speeds and giving his whips unlimited heat and range.

Appearance: Brian has pale skin, brown hair and green eyes. He is of above average height and wears a tan trench coat over his police uniform. He carries a flute in a case over his shoulder.

Personality/Bio: Brian took a very different approach to life from his brother. Seeing the potential in his own abilities, he learned every instrument he possibly could and experimented with every possible use for his powers. He and Freddy were a heroic duo for a while, but that didn’t last long due to their constant disagreements. After that Brian went to school to be a cop, rising through the ranks rather quickly due to his skills in detective work and his powers. He has come to be known as the Pied Piper among criminals because of the flute he always uses for field work.



Name: Adam M. Stone

Alias: Cellulitis

Gender: MALE

Alignment: VILLAIN

Affiliation: Freelance Low-time Villain
Cellulitis is a low time villain, not many people would know his name, however his catchphrase is perhaps much more well known. He is a lesser known villain but he reaches to those treated like dirt and urges them to take a stand like him, saying these words, “The Infection’s spreading, you’d better be prepared.” He says this with a confident smile.

Cellulitis has the abilities to spread a special infection, or a virus, this is a lethal virus and is very similar to the skin infection known as cellulitis, hence where his alias comes from. This virus is created by Adam’s body, thus why he is naturally immune to it, but it creates a burning sensation to anyone infected, slightly varying on the infected’s own immune system, the areas that are infected would turn bright red and swollen, giving the infected a few days to live, depending on their own immune system, seeing how rare this virus is most if not all would be susceptible to the virus and would fail to fight it. He calls this ability the Purging Touch, although his left hand creates a different virus that is a natural antibody for this virus and can be used to heal some he infected. Cellulitis will often wear gloves that covers his hands so the virus is not spread, since his right hand spreads the virus and the left hand spread the virus that acts as a natural antibody.


Cellulitis wears a black ■■■■■ and has a red cloth tied to his left arm. He has messy black hair and an amber eye and a blue eye. He will often wear a simple white face mask when he is out an about. Cellulitis also has a brown leather messenger bag which carries a black gas mask, welding goggles, a large hoodie made from flame resistant material, rope, tools for picking locks,and a hunting knife. He also usually wears black or grey jeans.

His past is a complicated one. He chose a life of crime because of the mental scarring of his father. After his first crime, Adam was burned by a police officer and left for dead. That was the last straw. He became a villain, working with others, helping with information gathering. “All” his victims would die from an unknown infection. He lost the empathy for them, often using the pain to get the data from them. His face is often hidden behind his welding goggles and gas mask, hiding his emotions.


Accepted. Join anytime.

Since Brian is currently tracking down leads on nothing, is there anyone who they’d be fine with Brian trying to track down.

Maybe he could join aqua on sadies murders cases.

I’d be down for that

Sounds fun. We can start whenever.

I’m going to update Kaleo’s appearance with this picture, I kinda think it would fit this version of Kaleo a bit better, since he’s really not trying to anything combat related and is a bit of a bookworm. I edited it to have green eyes and hint at a scar above his left eye.