2059: The Dark Reflection

“I know how it sounds.” Sadie kissed her opposites cheek, smiling “anyway your mark should already be hunting you down so I figure we have time.” She smiled “so how’d you end up like this? I still very much enjoy my games; remember when you’d drown victims in their own blood?”

“I’m not that person anymore!” Sadie snapped in defiance.
“And I hate games! You should know why. You’re me.”

“Ah. What happened to the girl that would happily burn someone alive?” Sadie laughed, enjoying it “I mean I’ve already killed several people. Don’t tell me you haven’t seen my work.”

“I don’t want to kill anymore. I’m not like you. I want to just live a normal life.” Sadie said.
“It isn’t too late for you to change. You could still have a normal life, start a family of your own.”

“Make someone choke on their own severed body parts or live normally?” Sadie thought for a bit “well I getting bored of all this so I guess if you’d have me I could give it a try?” She smiled, tying her hair back in a ponytail to look different. “Let’s get going.” She freed the other Sadie.

“W-where are we going?” Sadie asked as she was freed.

If your so intent on me not killing you wouldn’t mind if I hung around for a bit right?" She laughed. “And don’t worry. I like me so I won’t hurt my family”

Sadie looked down for a moment.
“Fine. But only as long as you swear not to kill.”
Suddenly, a shadowy figure appeared before the two.
Not so fast.” the Shadow King said.

“What? I wasn’t entertained with you.” Sadie told him, not caring about them anymore though she doubted she’d enjoy a normal life either.

The Shadow King’s form towards the Sadies.
You have orders. You are both valuable to me and my plan.

“Hello!” Isabel said to Richard on the phone

Then you should’ve entertained me. You know full well I just wanted to kill; I don’t care about some stupid plan." She told him, not reacting at all.

You may have the most important role in the plan. And it involves a lot of killing.” the shadow kingbresponded.
Patience is key.

“Hello? Where is Connor?” Asked Richard.

“I’ll see if I’m still interested at that point. For now I’m tired of your plan.” She laughed,

All around Sadie, Shadow spikes shot out of the darkness. The lander only inches away from her body.
What was it that Gamemark had said? Ah yes, he said '‘You cannot outrun the shadow’.

“Well sir, it was extremely easy for me to find out that the denizens of this reality tend to use practically everything.” Answered the Original.

“What do you mean, everything?” Inquired the General.

“Everything everything. Nukes, guns, swords, lasers, radiation, fists, the whole smorgasbord.” The Original confidentially replied.

“Who are you?” She asked “Wait, I know you, you’re that gamemaster guy, right?”

“What? No, my name’s Richard.” Richard responded.
“Anyways, do you know where Connor is?”

“Listen, Richie, between you and me, Connor has been acting ‘different’, I’m not sure how to trust him now…” Isabel whispered

“What do you mean?” Richard asked.