2059: The Dark Reflection

“I dunno, a little shadowy, talks differently, he acts too nice, like he doesn’t know me, which is weird as we’ve dated each other for years so…” she starts to go on a tangent

Suddenly a slick black hotrod parks followed by a damaged school bus, both vehicles could fly, out of the hot rod steps a boy in a blue jacket and blue baseball cap with a yellow H in embroidery, he is blasting rock music from his Iphone
“YEEHAH!” He yells
“Dean, will you stop it?” A boy asks
“Sorry Kenny!” Dean sighs “Anyway, this sure doesn’t look like those alien spaceships!”
“They were called Xir’algath actually!” A girl says
“Oh I’m Janey and I’m so smart, I love dictionaries!” Dean says in a mock voice of Janey
“Shut up Dean!” Eleanor yells “Geez, you’re worse than Brad!”
“Yeah, what she says!” Jamie says
“Oh great, Jamie the loser and Eleanor the suck up, I forgot we brought you two!” Brad spits
“Bradley Chadson and Dean Scimpy, our school has a zero tolerance policy for bullying!” Ms Andreia orders
“Miss, we aren’t in school, we went on a trip out of The City Of Heroes, Jake ran through a portal and we got kidnapped by aliens!” Dean calls
“That’s just what you’re father said, since you’re right this time, I’m starting to forgive his numerous excuses!” Ms Andreia sighs
“How long have you taught people?” Dean asks “You taught my father but he’s like 70!”
“52, 53 this December!” Miss Andreia states
“I’m surprised!” Charlotte jokes “If I knew Dean I’d retire!”
“Me too!” Britney giggles
“Now where’s Jake?” Charlotte asks
“You call Jacob Jake?” Dean chuckles
“She has a thing for him!” Jemma smirks, Charlotte glared
“Oh, he calls her Cheryl, man it’s hilarious!” Marcus laughs, Dean, Brad and some of their cronies join in
“Man, ever since Markie joined that crowd it’s been non stop!” Britney whispers
“Yeah…” Charlotte sighs
“Let’s go!” Eleanor moans
“Oh my god!” Andrea says “Those clothes are so forty years ago!”
“Like no they aren’t!” Mary says “These clothes are so just now, Kelly Vivian just released these!”
“Come on, who are you kidding, my gran? She had those clothes!” Andrea says “Like where are you living, 2019?”
“Yeah, duh!” Mary says “What do you think it is?”
“2059!” Andrea sighs “Two people lately, you’d think this cities gone insane!”
“Who’s the other?” Mary asks
“Some skater punk!” Andrea sighs
“Sounds 80s!” Mary snickers
“Mind you, I saw some guy in a green hoodie walking around town!” Andrea smirks
“This is amazing!” Mary smiles
“No, it really isn’t, New Evo’s the scummiest city in the world and you constantly get robbed!” Andrea says

The energies built up and collapsed in on itself. It reached its breaking point and the collapsed energy ends up as a ball of light. The ball of light slowly drifts downwards towards the ashen ground.

Xano, Resonate, Tempest, and Llillaa wait in the bunker for the expected explosion that would result.

Voidmaster raised a force field of Xalnergy around his body, protecting himself just as the explosion occured.

As soon as the ball of light touched the ground it exploded, growing in immense size and turning the metals and stones to ash as the chemical energies were observed into the explosion. The explosion grew to a radius of 100 meters. Luckily, Xano’s lab was deep enough not to cause a major incident above at the surface, however an earthquake would be felt as the explosion roared for the few seconds it lasted. Subway tunnels would bear the brunt of it and the tunnel above Xano’s lab would collapse and fall into the crater covered in ash.

Voidmaster, force field still raised, waited for the dust to settle…


Richard only half listened, slightly annoyed.

Once the dust settles the sphere-like crater could be seen, halfway filled with ash. The laboratory he was in was no longer seen, and was reduced to ash. Nothing left from the laboratory could be seen. Voidmaster would most likely here the crashing of stones as pieces of concrete from the collapsed subway tunnel fell into the crater.

Voidmaster clenched his mechanical fists in annoyance.
the only source of mass-produced Ignotium energy, and I let it slip right through my fingers! he blooded. But before Voidmaster threw a tantrum, he remembered something: another source of Ignotium Energy.
With that, Voidmaster flew through a Xalnergy portal, disappearing.

Meanwhile, Tempest would receive another phone call again.

“Anyway, long story short, he seems less Connor, more… evil!” She says

A small camera popped from the ash and surveyed the area. Xano stated, “Clear, no signs of the intruder.”
He smiles and glances at the Ignotium Synthesizer hidden at the back wall of the bunker. It was covered in a special glass laced to hide its energy signature.

Tempest sighs. He was beginning to receive a phone signal, though all the energy radiation made it difficult to get the signal.

“I 'ave found abandoned building we camp in,” ordered the General, as he got up from his seat and brushed off his pants legs. “Much work to be done. Come, follow.”

“Good… Very good…” Toxin praised.

Dark Connor approached Isabel.
“Who is it?” he asked curiously.

“Richard…” she said, slowly passing him the phone

Connor took hold of the phone.
“Richard! How goes it? How are Mark and Sadie?”

Isabel felt slightly cautious, did she even meet these people? Connor seemed different less stuttering and he was overly relieved when she thought he was real, normally, most girls wouldn’t worry about this, but after literally every guy she ever new betrayed her, she’s never been sure of who to trust

“They are quite well, you know except for the fact that Sadie is kidnapped.” Richard answered.
“Listen, we need your help.”

‘Diero’ seems like he’s about to lash out again, but quickly composes himself.
“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t kill you on the spot.”

“Because, we can benefit from each-other, you and I.” Gamemark answered. “I know what you are after, and I could give it to you.”

“Sadie was kidnapped? What’s going on?” Connor asked.

The real Spider-Man swung throughout the city.
“You know, I think I’ll check on Bruce while I’m out.” he said to Impulse.
"Fine by me. They have kids, now, right?"
“Yeah. Which means no showing up, alright? Stay hidden.”
" Aww…" Impulse said sadly.
Spider-Man landed in front of Bruce’s door and knocked.

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