2059: The Dark Reflection


“How could you know what I’m after?”

“Wait, what are you talking about? I’m not following you.” Mark said.
“Is that someone trying to pretend to be you on the phone?”

“Let’s play on the trampoline.” Mary suggested to Logan.

“You want the death of this universe’s version of you. I can give you that, if you do something for me …” Gamemark hissed to ‘Diero’.

“I don’t want to kill this universe’s Oliver, why waste someone almost as good loooking as me?” Oliver asks Gamemark “Not very productive…”

“Hi Richard!” Isabel says to Richard over the phone “I heard you mention… Connor? He’s right in front of me!”

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Richard looked over at the Connor standing in the room with him.
“…But that can’t be. He’s standing right here with me.”

“No… he’s… no… he’s… he’s… he’s…” She starts to hyperventilate

Connor shrugged nervously.
“I-I dunno.”

‘Diero’ was intruiged.
“I don’t necessarily need help killing him, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it. What would I need to for you?”

"You are mistaken. It is not something that you can do for me, Gamemark said, as The Shadow King’s form appeared before ‘Diero’.

It is something that you can do for me.” he growled.

Mark whipped around to face Richard. “Richard, hang up now!” he ordered. Richard quickly obliged, slamming the phone down on the receiver.

The plague doctor scientist grinned to Toxin. “I’m glad you like it…” he said as he pulled the lever, and the yellow gas flowed into the room. the present plague doctors looked around frantically, screaming as they gasped in lungfuls of the substance.
“-Because i’m going to raise an army with it.”

Mary and Jack started jumping on Sophia and Logan’s trampoline.

“What is this, your stand? That’d explain how you could dodge me earlier. Alright then, what can I do for you?”

Isabel yelled wait at Richard. Meanwhile in a secret warehouse, Kyro woke up, he was being tested on by scientists who immediately gassed to death, he flew away, noticed the panicking Isabel, smashed through her window and grabbed her, she desperately tried to call Richard back

Gamemark slowly paced around ‘Diero’.
“You see, you may think that you came to this dimension by your own free will, but fate has put you here for another reason.”

Klaw would get a call suddenly.

Meanwhile, Justin frantically wandered the streets of New Evo, frantically looking for Marissa. Suddenly, as he was running through an alley he tripped and fell n his face. Justin painfully rose up, and saw a shadowy figure dart out of the corner of his eye. The figure laughed from the darkness, in a chilling, ancient voice. Justin saw small grains of sand moving along the ground on their own.
He then looked up to see a large, intimidating mummy shamble out of the shadows.
Justin…” The mummy croaked. Justin’s eyes widened as the creature shambled towards him. “No, it can’t be. I got rid of you!” he said as he tried to scramble away. However, Justin soon found himself corned as he backed into a wall, and the mummy neared closer to him

Connor paled.
“Is there-a dark copy of m-me? With I-Isabel?”

Toxin watched, smiling behind his mask. “Good…” he said quietly.

Sophia and Logan soon joined in, giggling happily.

“Is this required information, or can we just skip to the end?”

“To put it simply, there are others like you in this dimension. Others who are similar in some ways to certain native inhabitants of this universe, but also completely different.” Gamemark explained.
“I have gathered a team of these beings. You are about to be a new member. Because you are all here for one purpose.” Said Gamemark.
“Now, if you join my team and help my cause, then in return I shall grant you the powers to kill Caesar Brando. What do you say?” Gamemark offered.

The Steel Branch would then come face-to-face with The Survivors.

Meanwhile, on Celerion , Reji and other scientists would receive an alert. They would find signals of Xalnergy signatures that belonged to Voidmaster. The energy signatures were travelling all over the planet Earth.

“Alright, I’ll take you up on that. I’ll be a part of your team.”

“Great.” Gamemark said with a grin, before opening a shadow portal.
“We haven’t much time. Come with me.” He said, motioning for ‘Diero’ to enter the portal after him.

‘Diero’ follows, using his suit to reform his helmet as he does so.

Suddenly, Sadie, Elias and Hydras would see Gamemark return from a portal, accompanied by ‘Diero’.
“Attention everyone, we gave a new team member.” Gamemark announced.

“Hold fire!” ‘Curiass’ and ‘Doctor’ said in synchronisation

Hydras gave a look and then returned to his work