2059: The Dark Reflection

“Anyways…” Gamemark then began.
“There is still work to be done. We must gather components for our machine!”
As he said this, a portal suddenly opened in front of them and Voidmaster appeared.
“I may be able to help with that, Gamemark.”

Everyone in the group looked around at each-other in confusion.
“We need to find Isabel.” Bruce suddenly said. The others nodded, and began to urgently leave. As they left, Katrina Mark stopped to say goodbye to the kids.
“Kids, daddy and I have to leave for some ‘errands’…You two keep an eye on the house and make sure everything stays in one piece.” She told Logan and Sophia, as Mark then turned to his own children.
“Jack and Mary, you two will stay behind with Sophia and Logan. I trust that the both of you will behave?” He asked. They both nodded.
“Good.” Mark said, as he ran his hands through Jack and Mary’s hair. He then turned back, and with the rest of the group he left.

Meanwhile, Toxin and several Plague Doctors were making preparations to release “The Scourge”.

Throughout the city, various inhabitants would notice a sudden earthquake occurring.

“Can I come, can I come?” Eduardo asked Mark

Mark sighed.

“Hooray!” Eduardo smiled, he was tempted to hug Mark but he didn’t

Isabel shivered, the idea of multiple Connors scared her

Gamemark smiled as Voidmaster appeared.
“We’ve been expecting you.” He said to him.
Voidmaster chuckled. “of course you have . The Shadow King told me about you.” He responded.

“Diero, meet Voidmaster.” Gamemark said to ‘Diero’ .

‘Diero’ looked Voidmaster up and down.
“You look like somebody out of Tron.”

“I would laugh if I knew what that was.” Voidmaster commented.
After a period of awkward silence, Gamemark cleared his throat.
“Anyways, we have an important mission, so we should get to it.” He told the others.

Meanwhile, Caesar would see Mark, Richard, Hydron, Bruce and Katrina running through the park nearby.

Caesar sees them running by and starts waving his arms up and down trying to get them to notice.
“Hey, have any of you seen a tall, dark and ugly guy who looks like me around here recently?”

“I guess not, at least there’s no evil me…” Eduardo pauses “Oh right…”


Mark groaned when Caesar said this.
“So we’re not the only ones, huh?” He mysteriously said to himself, before looking back up at Caesar.
“Well, although we never exactly saw your ‘evil doppelgangers’, we all have had similar things happen to us as well.” He said.

The Ignotium energy would soon be cleared up, or Tempest would have been outside the Ignotium energy field by now.

As Steel Branch and The Survivors fought, hidden cameras would zoom in on them.

Once Xano gave them the clear, all four left the bunker which was buried deep in the ash by a back door that led under the bunker and took them through a small tunnel to another subway tunnel.

“…Anyways, the point is that something strange is happening. Evil versions of us are appearing a over the city.” Mark explained to Caesar.

Once in the open, Tempest would get a call for the third time.

Skarpix, wherever he was, would see a mysterious dark figure nearby.

Suddenly a few kids, all around Eduardo’s age, ran to the scene
“HEY!” Dean yelled, they were hiking futuristic guns
“Wheres Jacob Benjamin Syd?” James asked

“Who?” Asked Richard.

“Jacob Benjamin Syd!” Dean yelled “The Guy is a punk but he goes to our school, plus Charlotte kinda likes him…” Dean pauses “Wait a second, are you Mark McNeil? As in the Mark McNeil? And the gamemaster…?”

“No, I’m Richard.” Richard responded.

“Richard?” James asks “No no no, Richard has darker skin, and I never heard of you in the Majestic league!”
“James, you played scrapper!” Dean laughed “I’d hardly call that a main member of the great Majestic league!”

“No, I’m Richard servastus.” Richard corrected.

“Feel like I’ve heard that name before…” Dean pricks his finger “James?”
“I don’t know everything!” James sighs “Richard, you have any relatives we’d know of in 2019?”

Tempest answers,