2059: The Dark Reflection

Richard shook his head.

“No. None that I’d no of, aside from dan…” he abruptly stopped right in the middle of saying the name, not wanting to blow his father’s cover in the past.

“Adam, it’s me Richard! Something BIG is happening in this city, something dark and dangerous!” He said quickly in a flustered panic. The words spilled out of Richard’s mouth like a waterfall.

“Was it the earthquake we just caused, because an old subway tunnel collapsed and I bet more than that subway will collapse in a few days. Also was it the cause of this explosion being similar to a nuke underground? Just wondering. If it’s something else then I really want to hear about it.”

“Then I suppose we can help each other. Do you know how or why this is happening?”

“No, I don’t know how or why at all. But we do know for sure that they have ill intent. They even kidnapped my own wife.” Mark said, slightly distressed.
“So we need to work together to stop them, before they kill us or anyone else!” Mark declared.


“Well, that too but I was so talking about something different.” Richard said.
“There are what seem to be ‘evil’ versions of us from alternate dimensions. They seem to be forming a team to accomplish their plan. Have you encountered something similar recently?” Asked Richard.
Tempest may recall his earlier encounter with Voidmaster.

As The Survivors and Steel Branch soldiers fought, a hidden camera would zoom in on them.

“So you are us from alternate earth?”
“Yes that is correct.”
“And over there everything sucks?”
“Also correct.”
“And you want to have all superheroes/ villains killed to prevent anymore catastrophes?”
“Well your intentions are noble, but it’s still mass murder.”

Oliver trekked through the jungle

“Well, I haven’t ever been part of a team like this before, but I’ll go along with you. What’s our next move?”

“Currently, we’re trying to locate them and find out where they are headed next.” Mark answered.

Meanwhile, in an abandoned warehouse…

A portal suddenly opened, and out came Gamemark, Hydras, Elias, Voidmaster, Shade and ‘Diero’
“So, what exactly are we here for?” Shade asked.
“This is a broken down Particle Accelerator.” Gamemark responded. “The pieces are just what we need for the machine.”
He then ordered everyone to grab a part of the dismantled particle accelerator.

Oliver arrived at a jungle base, it looks like it had once been military related, on closer inspection it was a former WESD base, it was adorned in skulls and had trucks covered in knives entering and exiting, this was the place

Tempest comments,
“Yeah, we had an alternate universe version of a Celestial drop by, then we nuked it. No idea if it lived or not.”

“So you have experienced something similar…” Richard said quietly.
“Where can we meet you the soonest?” Richard asked Adam.

Meanwhile, Gamemark waited for everyone to gather the pieces of the particle accelerator.

Meanwhile, Justin frantically wandered the streets of New Evo, frantically looking for Marissa. Suddenly, as he was running through an alley he tripped and fell n his face. Justin painfully rose up, and saw a shadowy figure dart out of the corner of his eye. The figure laughed from the darkness, in a chilling, ancient voice. Justin saw small grains of sand moving along the ground on their own.
He then looked up to see a large, intimidating mummy shamble out of the shadows.
“Justin…” The mummy croaked. Justin’s eyes widened as the creature shambled towards him. “No, it can’t be. I got rid of you!” he said as he tried to scramble away. However, Justin soon found himself corned as he backed into a wall, and the mummy neared closer to him

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A beam of searing heat shoots down the alleyway, leaving steam in its wake as it streaks towards the mummy’s back.

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Hydras did his job without a word

Elias worked on gathering the pieces.

Oliver searches the base, but he was caught by two guards, they dragged him to a throne, next to the throne was Molly, she had been injured and was bleeding, she looked very sad, and she was finding it hard to talk, she was the man’s prisoner
“Let her go!” Oliver ordered to the man on the throne, the man on the throne laughed
“Silly Americans!” The man laughed “No one can stop me!”
“Who are you?” Oliver asked
“I am Ben, the master of games!” He laughed “My slave here, my men found, she will help bring about a new age of me!”
“I said, let her go!” Oliver growls
“Sonny, let us make a deal, you enter my arena, if you win, she goes but you take her place, if you lose, I keep both of you!” Ben smiles
“What does molly say?” Oliver asks
“Slave!” Ben says to molly, one of Ben’s servants kicks her
“Let Oliver go!” Molly yells
“Heheheh!” Ben chuckles “I’ll be seeing you soon!”
“You’re going to regret this, I’m a trained police officer!” Oliver spits, the men drag Oliver away, locking him in an underground cell

Tempest responds,
“We’re on the streets in an alleyway, we’ll meet you if you can send coordinates.”

Oliver wakes up in a cell, he is surrounded by skeletons

‘Diero’ used his stand to pick up two pieces of the accelerator. To anyone else, they would appear to be floating.

Oliver was called out of his cell, he saw what appeared to be a knight, he and the knight were given weapons

Richard nodded. “Will do.” He said as he hung up. He then texted the coordinates of his position to Tempest.

Gamemark grinned as he watched his team gather the pieces. When they finished, Voidmaster opened a portal. “Come, we have another task to complete.”