#3: Sand Thrall (Biowave Project)

#The Biowave Project: The Elemental Thralls

Hostile forces begin to stir on Valda Nui as powerful elemental creatures rise from the dark corners of the island, relentlessly and aggressively defending mysterious crystal obelisks.

#Part 3: Sand Thrall

Concept art by Atlasavion

Burrowing through the sands of Po-Wahi, the Sand Thrall seems keen to prey on Po-Koro’s refined stone statues, pulverising them and consuming what remains. It seems less eager to cause direct harm to Matoran, but this doesn’t stop it wreaking havoc.

Story details will be highlighted in bold.


The Elemental Thralls take inspiration from the most iconic design features of both generations of Bionicle, especially from those of the 2001 Rahi, using unique aesthetics and functions while also providing a more clean and cohesive aesthetic.

Element: Stone
Theme: Scorpion
Main Adversary: Hafu
Approximate Parts Count: 200
Functions: Lunging tail, snapping pincers
Inspiration: Nui-Jaga (theme)
Acknowledgements: Preliminary head and pincer designs by @Gilahu


The Sand Thrall is the spiritual successor to the Nui-Jaga, but improves upon the theme by creating a more clean and cohesive aesthetic.

Check out the video below to see a time-lapse of the set’s construction:

Thumbnail by @Xeros610, intro music by @Cazapar


The Sand Thrall features two functions: a lunging stinger tail and snapping pincers.

Check out the video below to see the functions in action:

Thumbnail by @Xeros610, intro music by @Cazapar

##Behind the Scenes

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holy cow! this is the best nui jaga based moc I have ever seen, it so well designed!, the function may be the same type of function the nui jaga set has, but its done better!
though the eyes are a little hard to see and should stand out more, the stinger I feel could look more intimidating, and of course its gappy (but you know how technic is) but overall it’s just fantastic!

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I love how this one turned out. Functions again work really nicely and the whole look of this thing is just awesome.

Best medium sized technic style scorpion MOC I’ve seen so far and probably ever will.

Love it.

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Since you helped with it, does this comment count as boasting? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow. I mean just wow. I love the 2001 rahi, and so this is right up my alley. I feel like it definitely keeps the 2001 style just enough to feel like the classic rahi, but the new parts added give it more life and, for once, don’t break the original feel. Beautiful MOC. I can’t wait to see more rahi like this.

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It really just looks like a bootlegged Nui-Jaga (by appearance, I’m fully aware the designs are mostly different). The functions are quite cool, though.


I wish skull scorpio had been built like thus

This is what the Nui Jaga should have been.

This is a nice adaptation of the Nui Jaga design. The legs actually touch the ground and the tail has better shaping going for it in contrast with the Nui Jaga’s more blocky tail. The body here looks a tad blocky from certain angles, but good job otherwise.

Definitely look like a 'Jaga, though I will say I don’t really like how chunky the function makes it. Still, good looking with a nice paint application, and I’m excited for the Frost Thrall.

Totally a better Nui-Jaga than the Nui-Jaga

Is it just me or does this really look like Scorponok from the first Transformers movie?


Really cool look, I like it.