#5: Cerana, Toa of Psionics (Biowave Project)

#The Biowave Project: The Toa Takha Rebuilt

Revived and upgraded, the Toa Takha have been tasked with retrieving the legendary Mask of Life, which once again poses an imminent threat to the Matoran. But a new Toa team shares the same mission, and neither one is willing to hand it over - not without a fight.

#Part 5: Cerana, Toa of Psionics

Toa of Psionics are vastly underestimated in their abilities: despite their less offensive elemental powers, their awareness of the mindsets of others gives them an immense advantage over their foes. Cerana is no exception, and like the minds she reads and influences, she is mysterious and complicated; being both eccentric and stoic, and martially aggressive with her powers even without her weapons in hand.

See Cerana’s original build here.


The Toa Takha return in the latest installment in the Biowave Project’s series of sets. With more polished builds and distinct themes, these new Toa aim to improve upon the project’s original Toa building system.

Name: Cerana
Element: Psionics
Theme: The Athlete
Weapons: Psionic Blades, shurikens
Main Adversary: Ehrye
Approximate Parts Count: 120
Functions: Independently swinging arms, spinning shurikens
Acknowledgements: Promotional poster by @Xeros610

###Ehrye vs. Cerana: Who Wins?

  • Cerana
  • Ehrye

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Cerana is a very physical and mobile fighter, and as such takes on the theme of the Athlete. Her build is by far the simplest of all the Toa Takha, however she still retains many interesting design features.

Weapons Stored:

Check out the video below to see the set being built:

Thumbnail by @Xeros610, music by @Cazapar


Cerana features two functions: independently swinging arms and spinning shurikens.

Check out the video below to see these functions in action:

Thumbnail by @Xeros610, music by @Cazapar

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###Favourite Toa So Far?

  • Avani, Toa of Light
  • Voli, Toa of Lightning
  • Fenra, Toa of Iron
  • Botu, Toa of Jungle
  • Cerana, Toa of Psionics

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The torso is great. The limbs not so much. I feel that the limbs are too skinny compared to the torso, or the torso is too bulky compared to the limbs. One of those.


Agreed @Omega_Tahu. The limbs seem to skinny. At least the thighs do. Maybe use a Skrall armor piece instead? The torso looks nice though, and I like the function.

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I agree with everyone else. Redo the limbs and you’ll be fine. :grin:

Are those fidgit spinners?

Anyway this is amazing!


I might have ‘creator’s block’ or something because I can’t see the limbs being too thin. I know story context doesn’t excuse bad design, but she is intentionally meant to be very slim (not unrealistically so).

Yeah, it’s mostly in comparison with the body, which is about the same size (or looks to be) as some of the bulky toa.

i feel weird how there are no chain weapons if she is portraying a ninja

I think the arms are fine, it’s just the thighs I have a problem with.

While I quite like the torso construction and the function, the limbs feel far too skinny and simplistic, and quite frankly, take me out of it. Additionally, I’m not a huge fan of how the lower torso is quite rectangular.

I like it! The lower torso is kinda boxy, but other than that, i like it!