7000 BC. Fall of Atlantis

Though it’s only a map of the City of Atlantis.

Yeah but… An empire can’t be onlt one city.
Otherwise that is a city state. And city states rarely call themselves empires.

Unless you’re Atlantis, Or Laputa.

Currently there’s no map of the extent for Atlantis’s borders.
That’s one that I’ve been meaning to draw.
Tho this Atlantis is mainly called an empire based on their highly advanced technology.

Here’s one circa 1882. The white parts is the empire.

Tho obviously without Italy, cause then Rome could not exist.

Technically speaking this would be earlier than Rome as a city, but with all the innacuracies already I digress.

I mean… As far as I know, as early in our prehistory there shouldn’t be any form of civilisation. The Sumerians showed up… What, 2000 years BC? 3000 at the extreme most. So there shouldn’t be an Atlantis either.
But there is, so having Rome to exist isn’t the worst thing we can do.

EDIT: @Jcton So would our Atlantis actually have conquered lands or colonies?

Going by Greek history, our only historical source for Atlantis. Atlantis actually would’ve been around 9000 BC if it did indeed exist.

Yeah it would have some conquered lands.

Shouldn’t we decide her lands?

Well considering the title of the RP I don’t see too much point in doing that. However I can do that when I get the time to do so.

Would they have teritories in Italy?

it’s likely they have a presence and some territory in the Mediterranean, due to how the Greek revered them and the fact we have a player playing as a jewish king. I would expect North Africa and the Balkan Peninsula to be part of those territories.


Is more less based on the real jewish king,Baldwin IV.


Ah, oh. Thanks.
Not to sound picky, but can the authorities somehow interfere with Leonida? Like, he is a prince of Rome in a rival state, that should raise some questions.

he is in the trade portions of the city, so they’d be somewhat used to foreigners there. However that won’t mean the Atlanteans would keep an eye on them.

In my last post I said that he was heading for a more expensive neighbourhood, maybe in the central ring. I wanted to say that he has a vacation home in Atlantis, but this would still be enough to raise some questions.

and TBH didn’t fully realize he was an enemy of the Atlantean state

Enemy? No.
Take Germany and the UK before WWI. They were not friends, but they were not enemy either per say.