7000 BC. Fall of Atlantis

There is a relic in Atlantis and it is the source of the empire’s power…… What is it?

It is nine thousand B.C. Earth is still growing with many lands and cultures. The most powerful of the time is atlantis. Atlantis is known for their god-like magic and their empire. The City of Atlantis is the heart of the empire and is made of a ring-like structure, the outer ring is the largest and biggest part of the city, it is where most of the gardens and civilians live, where merchants sell, criminals roam, the middle layers is dedicated to the military and serves as the largets port in the entire city, this is where the naval fleets are trained and dedicated for war. The last and most important layer is the innermost layer, in which the Atlanteans keep their most secret relic.


Respect your fellow player; it should be simple that we respect our fellow player and not make a mountain out of a molehill. If there’s a situation where let’s say the player godmods, so their character can do something unrealistic to the world then it would be best to tell the GM, me in this case, and let us deal with it. I know I also may not make the best decisions so I do appreciate feedback, however berating anyone, despite the reason, will not be tolerated.

No metagaming or godmodding; it’s not really adding anything to the game if you godmod a situation and can really be more hurtful, if your character breaks their arm or injures something, you can use it as a conversation starter and use it for the better. Bones that break heal stronger.

Overpowered Characters: I prefer if characters stayed within a reasonable power range, that being said later on in this RP the Celestials can be a species that you play as, magic is a thing and don’t be afraid to give your character a birth-given ability, my RPs tend to be more focused on character interaction, but this one does have a few big fights planned.

Character Sheet:


Alias: (if they have one)


Affiliation: (are they affiliated with any government, like the Atlantis Empire or any government outside the Atlantis Empire? Feel free to make up associations or governments that you character could be affiliated to)

Powers or Natural Abilities: (think magic or abilities that are limited by a piece of equipment)

Equipment or Weapons:


Personality / Bio:

Here’s a blurb about the Celestials for those who would want to play as any Celestial, once they are introduced into the RP.

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This could fun. Once I get off mobile I’ll sign up.


This seems cool. I have a question though.

I know you said there is magic, but would mythological creatures be involved? Like dragons, minotaurs, or thunderbirds?

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How high tech are the atlanteans? Are we talking about the almost forgotten disney movie levels of tech, or something other?

I wouldn’t really be against any mythological creatures so as long as they aren’t too OP. Technically this could be considered as a part of Mctoran’s whole multiverse, but as a stand along thing.

It is safe to think Disney movie high levels of tech.


Name: Alumatix

Alias: Dragonborn

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Atlantian Empire, under the Council of Druids

Powers or Natural Abilities: Dragonspeak - Ability to speak wit dragons and related species.
Dragonward - Can receive as a gift from a dragon another form of temporary magic.
Both abilities are inhibited by shadowstone.

Equipment: A druid staff (staff-shaped energy weapon) and a shortsword.

Appearance: Slim built, with short brown hair. His face is unremarkable, and easily forgotten. Eyes are a dull gray-green, but change to different bright colors depending on the power of his dragonward. Wears plain green cloak over his other clothes most of the time.

Dresses differently when going by Dragonborn, the informant. Then, he wears dark-green clothes and a mask.

Personality / Bio: Born with a unique combination of rare abilities, Alumatix has ironically faded into the background. He was bullied as a kid for “hearing voices,” and has tried to avoid attention ever since. As such, he has flown under the radar never appearing to have great accomplishments.

Recently he has taken advantage of his anonymity, and become the informant Dragonborn. By listening to the dragons and drake’s around the city, and by paying attention to details everywhere he goes, he has founded a very profitable business selling information many don’t know about.

A great desire for learning, and attention to detail, Alumatix knows a lot “in theory.” He has seldom had opportunity to apply his knowledge.

Tell me if there is anything in here I should change.

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I’m assuming this shadowstone would be an item on his person?
The Character is accepted, I don’t think anything should necessarily be changed but more clarification does go a long way.

Equipment looks good. While there will be some dragons in the city of atlantis I don’t think they would be the most common, mainly because it is a city and would be crowded for a large flying magical lizard, so take that as you will. However Sea Drakes would probably be a lot more common since they would be able to swim through the water channels of the city. (think Venice and its waterways.)

I have a unlabeled map that’ll I’ll be putting up here, I just want to mark a few locations before I do that, so feel free to use that.

I was thinking along the same lines. That was also a kind of built in limit for the dragonward ability.

I didn’t think of water drakes. I was thinking more like little drakes / wyverns not quite as big as your forearm, and being viewed as pests. Almost no magic in them. That would be up to your approval though.

More like a mineral than a specific stone. The closer he gets to the stuff, the weaker his powers get. If he comes into contact with it they completely shut down for a while.

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Alright good to know, as for Sea Drakes there’s kinda a lot of varying sizes some smaller like lizards and few much bigger, since legends about them vary so much.


Name: unknown

Alias: Poison

Species: Celestial

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Poison has fluid alliances. None are set in stone, and each partnership that is made is only for his own personal benefit.

Powers: Recently, Poison has discovered the ability to secrete a strange toxic substance from his body. The effects of the toxin appear to be similar to that of mind control. Poison is now currently looking for a way to harness, enhance or evolve his powers beyond their current state in order to become a superior bounty hunter.

Appearance: Poison appears just like any other Celestial, but with Lime green highlights.

Bio: A bounty hunter of sorts from Celerion, Poison has arrived on Earth to hunt down mainly the Celestial Positives, though he will also take up additional assignments with the right amount of pay(Meaning IC he can also provide services to other players//characters). He has a sense of humor, although it is often dark and he has little regard for others’ feelings. He prefers to work alone, or on top of whatever chain of command he may find himself in.

(I hope this is good enough @Jcton. Please reach out to me in our PM if you want to discuss any spoiler-related details about him)

Name: Hakulai Thervok

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Atlantean Empire, (as an ex-officer)

Powers or Natural Abilities: Smart wit, and years of experience, and has kept in excellent shape, even after leaving the military.

Equipment or Weapons: A ceremonial trident, given for his retirement. A blaster issued to him during his stint as an officer. he lost his forearm during his service, and has prosthetic to replace it. It can generate a energy blade if he puts his hand in a blade.

Appearance: A 56 year old man. Olive toned skin, bright blue eyes. He is in remarkable for a 56 year old. He has a very militaristic way of standing, as if he is constantly at attention.

Personality / Bio: Hakulai first enlisted in the army at age 18, and spent the next 20 years of his life as a private FC. He was then selected for OT, and spent rest of his life climbing the ladder, until he reached Lt. Commander. He spent several years in this position, losing his left forearm during that time. He retired at age 53, with several honors. He’s lived on his pension ever since.

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Alright looks good accepted

@ProfSrlojohn accepted

Right. Start date?

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It should be starting in a week provided I have enough time to write the RP topic and can be available for any needed Gming.
However it could start sooner.

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Cool beans. Looking forward to it!


Name: Unknown

Alias: The Leper King of Delphi (Often abbreviated to The Leper), Basileus(King)

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Delphi (Presumably), The Delian League (Secretively)



The Leper is capable of reading and writing, he is also well versed in various ciphers and codes, should he wish to communicate discreetly between allies.


Virulent infection of the body, which causes parts to rapidly decay and fall off. Whilst this has been largely mitigated through the regular application of salves, ointments and poultices parts of The Leper may fall off from time to time, though this is usually dead skin rather than anything of particular import. Whilst treatable The Leper is still contagious and contact with unprotected skin (Be it the Leper or someone else) could result in the disease being transferred. However, the Leper will generally avoid physical contact with other people and vice versa. There is some sensory loss in the areas deeply affected, meaning he is unable to feel in those areas.


As [/The Leper is knowledgeable in the application of various herbal remedies; these can vary greatly from antiseptics, sedatives, to poisons. However, he does require specific herbs, plants, fruits, leaves etc to create these.



Decently made Bronze sword, nothing else of particular interest about it.


Containing Incense, The Leper swings this around his person to ward the stench of his illness. He can and has on occaision however, filled the Thurible with oil and wielded it as a flaming flail. Similar to the Sword the Thurible has been made from bronze. There are also intricate inscriptions on the Thurible; prayers and symbols dedicated to Asclepios the God of Medicine.

Apothetical Supplies

To ensure he remains in good health The Leper has taken pains to stock up with an array of supplies for his various pharmaceutical needs. These include Herbs, Spices, Fungi, Tools, Bandages etc.

Face Mask

A Bronze mask decorated with black paint, this conceals the presumably ravaged visage of The Leper as well as prevent his breath from tainting the air.



The Leper King of Delphi was believed to be a folk tale (though his presence in Atlantis would suggest otherwise) ; a once powerful and just ruler whose reign was cut short after contracting a foul disease, believed to originate from the venom of the Pytho itself. To prevent the suffering of his people the King fled in exile never to return.

Though largely reclusive and introvert, the Leper is typically humble; often supplicating to his host or those who would throw him a coin. His voice is raspy and speaks sweetly, although there is something ominous about his tone as well. He does not hide his envy when in the presence of the Wealthy, often remarking of his “Innumerable” wealth prior to his sickness, he behaves particularly resentful to the decadent as if their laissez faire attitude towards wealth somehow mocks him.

What reason he could have for travelling to Atlantis is yet to be determined; to find a cure for his disease, acquire vast new wealth, or perhaps something else. Regardless, the Leper has arrived at Atlantis for some reason or the other and he does not appear eager to leave anytime soon.



Update, I’ll be doing what I can to write the RP Topic later today, so that should be up around 7:00(ish) EDT

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Wasn’t ancient ancient Greece formed in 4000 BC?

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as in PM or AM in your area? I googled 7 EDT and it showed up as 7 AM this morning, which was already 3 hours ago in my area.

I’m no history buff, but i’m pretty sure Atlantis was already considered an ancient legend in the times of early greek civilization.