A Sickening Thought

Mako was never one for murder. He tried to be his best.
But then that jellyfish. They acted like it never happened.
He nearly died. Then everything was different. People seemed more suspicious,more closed. It was never him. They were always that way. He just never saw. He was too focused in his tiny world,to see the bigger picture.
He never saw the twisted masks that slowly consumed the bearer.
The jellyfish opened his eyes. Perhaps he should have thanked it.
But,then,they were there. He was out late,later than he should have been,to get an early start. But then he saw them. How their fake smiles and formality was so… disgusting. But their talk. Their plans. Maybe he misheard. Maybe he was hearing things… Whatever the case,three unsuspecting people became corpses,littering the beach. He tried to keep it a secret. What he did was good, right? How unfortunate that so many thought otherwise. How unfortunate so many are so blind. Such a sickening thought. Mako was exiled,his face filled with shame. Their whispers and gossip was so cruel. How he wished the waters would drown out their voices. It was all he heard before. Why did it have to change now? Now he had nothing… except the sea,and his magic. One of the few things left of his home. Perhaps the sea would smoothen his edges,like how the tide smoothes a pebble. Or it would ravage him,tear him to shreds,like how a shark tears its prey to pieces.
No matter what though he was an outcast. But he would try to help. He would try to smoothen out his edges,or tear himself to shreds while trying.
He would help.
He would fix the mess of a ship his life had become,and drown the sickening thoughts in his mind.

Note: This is an adaptation of my character backstory for Tales of Glory and Valour: the Seafarers Fantasy


ah, this is quite interesting. very nice job.

Thank you. Do you have any questions?

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Not really. Though I really like your writing style

What exactly do you like about it?

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It conveys a lot of feeling and the character’s reasoning


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