A war rages on [Magna Stories Poster]

Long time I haven't made a poster. So these posters features Ackar, Jaller, Rilana(MOC) and the Commander Trio(MOC). To explain the historical context:

Teridax, furious about Velika's plan to take over Spherus Magna, decided to attack first. With an entire army of Rahkshi, Vahki, Visorak, Fohrok and Mech Titans, he plans to conquer the biggest cities of Spherus Magna. But being unable to command his army alone, he ordered his three powerful commanders to take the lead and execute his plan. Only the Magna Legion can stop him now. The Glatorian and Toa teams have to unite against a powerful army and its merciless tacticians...

Jaller and Commander Azolok

Ackar and Commander Temarik

Rilana and Commander Zeila

Naturally, you can't really distinguish everyone, so I gave a description with every character present in the poster above. To know more about the characters present in the storyline, visit either this page http://magnastories.blogspot.lu/p/heroes.html or this one http://magnastories.blogspot.lu/p/villains_4.html

I'll keep my stories updated, now that my short exams week is finally over. Also, another poster featuring Velika's army will also be published soon enough.


They look pretty good!

Rip blog links are gone

I sadl deleted my blog due to my lack of new story ideas and loss of interest for a unilateral story involving only one planet and a handful species. I often switch between worlds, and one of them would be a dystopian AI controlled Earth, and one set in 3000 in another galaxy, where Mass Effect species colonize the new galaxy, with their main enemies being the Great Beings (yep the bonkles live also in this galaxy, since there is no entry of any known galaxy name in the bionicle story)