Angels and Demons: The Fall

The War between the Council of Life and The Xir’algath had raged on for far too long by now. how many years have already passed? More than one hundred? Two hundred? At least, one would hope it was that long, but perhaps it had gone on for even longer. Many of The Angels had lost count of time by now. Needless to say, they were all tired and exhausted by this point.
The Xir’algath, on the other hand, did not seem to be slowing down or getting tired. At this point, the favor of who would win this war hung in the balance…

Archangel Donatello looked on at the expanse of the Xir’algath army which lay before him and the army of angels backed behind.

“Alright, listen up. I know you are all tired and exhausted by this war. I myself am, too. But we cannot let these genocidal warlords win. Glory belongs to those who posses honor and virtue, not savage brutes who take by force. So, I want to hear you say, are you going to bow down to these Xir’algath?!”


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Ryen stood behind the lines of angels.
She observed the army. The Council of Wizards had sent her to provide support to the Angels on the forefront of the war, and she was exhausted from doing so.
She raised her staff, the end of it shining with bright light as all the angels would begin to feel their energy restored, albeit slowly.

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“Thank you, Ryen. You are doing a great service to us.” Donatello said gratefully to her.

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Ryen tiredly nodded.
“It’s my duty.” She said.

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There was a mundane yawn that came from Varmiel, the Breaker of Stars who felt like the bordeem would kill him faster than the Xir’algath would. “Oh, Donatello, always so melodramatic with his speeches…” He sighed, as he glanced down on the ground, shaking his head with his eyes shut.

Beside Varmiel’s right, the Leader of the Breakers. Cassiel, Breaker of Souls was passing by without being noticed by him, he had a calm but cold and mysterious aura to him, which at times made it challenging for other Angels to sense him. He slowly reverted his gaze at Varmiel, who by now was dying of boredom. “The speeches are not meant for us, Varmiel.” Cassiel spoke, his strong and booming voice would send a shiver down Varmiel’s spine.

“They’re meant for our foot soldiers who are about to face Chaos and Destruction…” He mentioned. “And may very well lose their lives because of it.” He averted his gaze back at Donatello, who was giving the speech.

Cassiel curled his hands into strong fists, clenching them hard with pressure as he was about to go to War, once again. Without a doubt, Hamael would be by his side, as he gave her a brief look. “Breakers…do what you do best…” He ordered as he took out his Soulbreaker the Dawning Chaotic Blade was drowning with souls he collected.

Varmiel cackled as he unsheathed his Starbreaker who was charged by a blue energy, the aura emitting blue smoking flames out of it. “Oh and that is…?” He asked, almost as if waiting for Hamael’s que to speak up.

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Back in the angel lines Docilus had his newly forged spear with him.
“It must work, it must work…” he thought desperately.

The spear was his most recent invention, and now he was about to test it out, right on the battlefield.

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“We’ll clobber these slimeballs’ skulls in!” Hamel viciously grunted, gripping tightly onto Skullbreaker.

“Well, come to think of it, I guess Xir’algath don’t really have skulls…” Hamel muttered to herself.

“-but my point still stands!”

Donatello took note of Ryen’s exhaustion.
“You know, if you yourself are fatigued, you can consider taking a rest.”


“Be confident in yourself, Docilus. I am certain it will work.” Donatello said confidently.

“No, I can’t rest. We’re almost there, I know it. I just have to last a little longer.” She insisted.

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Docilus gave a slight smile, encouraged.

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“Very Well.” Donatello nodded.

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Varmiel glanced at her for a moment, he tilted his head there for some while. Behind his helmet, he arched a confused eyebrow. “I think, Breaking stuff is what we do best…and not bash skulls in…” He said, while he still had a confusing tone, wondering if even that made any sense.

Cassiel sighed, as he shook his head from side to side. “Breakers…?” He called out. “…Break them.” He ordered.

As soon as Cassiel gave the order, Varmiel let out a terrifying, almost Viking style, a war cry. While his wings flapped and brought the fellow Breaker of Stars up in the sky, getting a clear view at the hungry and blood-lusting Xir’algath. “I shall tare thee asunder!!!” Varmiel declared as he motioned with his Starbreaker.

The blade that had been swiped in a parallel motion, would send a wave of primordial energy that would cover a hundred of Xir’algaths. As then, Varmiel would fly towards the heat of battle and land down, creating a small crater around him. “Come on! I want a challenge!!” He called out as his wings were engulfed with flames.

Meanwhile, Cassiel was casually walking towards the Xir’algath. As he neared himself to them, ever so gracefully he slashed with his Soulbreaker at one of them, and continued doing so, collecting their souls.

Israfel, Donatello’s brother in arms landed beside him. The Archangel of Sunlight glanced at him. “What are your orders…Donatello?” He asked, his voice seemed to be tired but he was known for pushing his limits. “…How far you want me to take this…?” He seemed serious there because if Donatello told him to, he’d go all out.

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Donatello unsheathed Luxtrum, pointing it at the Xir’algath army.
“CHARGE!” He declared, his voice filled with a furious passion.

Meanwhile, in the Realm of Life’s Palace, the Five Heavenly Kings resided, accompanied by their apprentices: Archangel Michael, Auriel, Gabriel, Nathaniel, Uriel and Sabrael.
“I hope they will be okay…” Michael worriedly muttered to himself, staring out of the window in contemplation.

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Docilus unleashed his wings and charged with his spear turned forward.

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Nathaniel placed his right hand on Michael’s right shoulder. “Relax, friend.” He mentioned. “They’re one of our best fighters.” He said. “This is what they are made to do.”

“Perhaps,” Gabriel said. “But even the greatest may fall, so it is advised to be wary.”

Uriel sighed in boredom, his arms were crossed as he leaned against a pillar. He glanced at them for a moment. “Oh yeah…totally…” He said with a smirk behind his tone. “Like Auriel is…yeah?” He glanced at her. “Cassy will be fine.” He mentioned.

Israfel brought his hand up as the sun shot a beam of sunlight into his hand, which then formed into a sunlight spear. Israfel levitated off the ground and threw the spear at the Xir’algath, as it impaled the ground there was a sudden sunlight explosion with a large radius, as some of the Xir’algath were starting to burn.

He lands down on the ground before he takes out his hammer, which charged itself with sunlight and started bashing at Xir’algath left and right, as he hit one there was a small bashing sunlight explosion that came from the hammer, as he continued his onslaught.

While that was happening, Varmiel who was laughing for a brief moment was levitating with his wings. He was going left and right, slashing against the Xir’algath. “More!” He calls out. “Is this all the Xir’algath can offer!?” He asked.

Cassiel was surrounded by a group of Xir’algath. In his right-hand Soulbreaker he turned it upside down and held it with both of his hands on the hilt, in a knight holding stance as he slams the blade into the ground. Suddenly the blade emitted a destructive wave of primordial energy which was amplified by the souls he collected, destroying any Xir’algath that came near him.

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Meanwhile in the palace, Raziel The Magician was training Archangel Sabrael in Magic.

“Focus, Sabrael. Concentrate on not just the feelings of yourself, but on the environment within and around you.” Raziel said, as Sabrael held The Book of Thaal in his hands.
“What you must realize, is that there is far more to Magic than just merely waving your hands, muttering nonsensical words and pulling a rabbit from your hat.” Raziel continued, pacing around Sabrael.
“No, Magic is the art of tuning in to, accessing the alternate planes of existence, harmonizing with the frequencies that resonate within the great spectrum of sound that is The Multiverse.”

Sabrael wore a visible look of confusion at Raziel’s words on his face, despite it being concealed by a mask.

Raziel simply sighed in response. “Just…concentrate.”

That Sabrael did, as he closed his eyes, physically feeling the metaphysical frequencies run through his hands like water. And like a radio, he finally tuned to the perfect signal.

Ignis Sphera!” Sabrael affirmatively announced, as a ball of fire shot out from his right hand and struck the wall.
Raziel clapped his hands in delight at Sabrael’s performance. “Marvelous, my boy! You are learning fast.” He said, as he took back the Book of Thaal for himself. “However, that concludes today’s lesson.”

[quote=“MichaelBT-7474, post:14, topic:51087, full:true”] “Cassy will be fine.” He mentioned.
Michael slightly scoffed under his breath.
“Of course he would be fine. His reckless behavior and ego knows no bounds.” He muttered quote]

Meanwhile, Hamael seemed to be faring quite well.
“Come on, give me your worst you glorified ink stains!” She roared, pummeling several Xir’algath into the ground with Skullbreaker.

From behind Cassiel, several Xir’algath charged towards him.

In front of Varmiel, he would see a giant, much larger Xir’algath approach him, his arms forming into large jagged blades.


Docilus succeeded in impaling a bunch of Xir’algath at first, but soon found himself beginning to be overrun by more and more enemies.

Ryen, in her fatigue, almost completely failed to notice a vicious Xir’algath who scrambled towards her from behind.

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Ryen turned and blocked the Xir’algath with her staff.

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Within the Palace itself, Imperael, one of the Heavenly Kings was resigning in his private headquarters, which no one, only under necessary circumstances can enter. He was resting on his king-sized chair. His table was a mess of sketches, those sketches were plans. If one was to be exact, they were battle plans should the Xir’algath ever invade them, while there were also other plans they could use in a battle against them. While everyone was resting and enjoying their time, Imperael was on his toes and keeping the Angels in front with the best tactics and war strategies he could think of. While he doesn’t openly admit it, Epsilon was a great asset to have as his allegiances are vowed to the Angels and Angels only.

And while Raziel was training Lunael was watching, his arms crossed as he leaned against a pillar. While also having an amazing view outside the giant building that was almost like a skyscraper. The building was made out of gold and white brick, with beautiful architecture and angelic designs.

“Like always, I had no idea what you were talking about, old friend.” Lunael chuckles before he gently claps his hands. “Though, I feel like Sabrael is more than ready to learn more complex spells…who knows when the enemies will catch up to him, getting him off guard and well…possibly kill him.” He mentioned.

Nathaniel glanced at Michael, ever since Cassiel revealed that he has absolute control over xalnergy, the two of them have always been at bad odds with one another. They needed to be unified, but he truly feared the day where they would be their own worst enemies. “Michael…despite your differences…he is a powerful and effective asset. And well, a wise, strong, skilled and experienced leader.” Nathaniel argued though he kept a polite tone. “If not for him, the Breakers won’t be in check…you know they are a feisty bunch.” He mentioned.

“So at times, it is a little bit hard for me to understand your hatred towards him, Michael,” Nathaniel said with a sincere tone, while Gabriel and Uriel glanced at the two.

Uriel smirked. “Well, probably because Cassiel is stronger than Michael…and actually is the right-hand man of Donatello, while also being able and is allowed to use xalnergy…?” He mentioned. “I mean, if anything you guys. I’m up for them to dual again…though, you came short last time. What happened?” He asked as he crossed his arms.

Cassiel took his blade out of the ground and turned around, only to have Soulbreaker slash at their bodies in a swift and clean motion, with the intention to cut them in half. As the blade was having souls manifesting the more he used it.

Varmiel glanced at the Goliath of a Giant as for the first time he truly had a smile on his face. “Your big…” He mentioned. “I’ve fought bigger…” His wings would flap and send a wave of holy fire that burnt tremendously, it was to be noticed that within the waves of fire, flaming feathers that were sharped edged were coming towards the Giant.

Raziel narrowed his eyes warily at Lunael.
“The Book of Thaal is a Tool that is not to be trifled with or taken lightly. It is much like a flame; in the right hands, it can provide illumination and protection, but in the wrong hands it could lead to highly destructive consequences. I must be sure that Sabrael would be ready to bare such a burden.”

Michael sighed tiredly. “I do not ‘hate’ Cassiel, as you put it. I am just merely frustrated by his etiquette and the example he serves to all the other angels.”

“I held back.”

“Time to shine!” He raised his spear and it suddenly unleashed blinding light upon the Xir’Algath

Lunael smiled as he slowly approached his old friend. He gently placed his right hand on his shoulder, gently tapping it as he gazed at him for a moment. “Which is why you are entrusted with it.” He mentioned before he looked back at Sabrael. “But I feel like Sabrael’s potential can be limitless and he shouldn’t be held back.”

“Be frustrated with him all you want…he’s held up high in regard from both Donatello and the Five Heavenly Kings,” Uriel said as he walked to the stairs and sat down, leaning against the side of the wall. His arms were crossed and his feet slightly as well. “He is the only Angel in our History to ever have complete control over Xalnergy without succumbing to its effects.” He glanced at Michael for a moment. “What do you have to say about that…?”

Gabriel smiled slightly, as she was sitting down on a table, her feet rested on the chair as she leaned into her palm while her elbow was being supported by her knee. Her navy blue hair dripping down, before her look gazed at Auriel. “Anything you may want to add?” She asked her fellow friend and sister.