Angels and Demons: The Fall

Meanwhile, in the Realm of Life’s palace…

The Grand Seraphim suddenly appeared before The Five Heavenly Kings and the Archangels, his very presence brighter than the sun itself.

#“Archangel Donatello and his armies are in trouble. Their forces have been overwhelmed by The Xir’algath and they are being forced to retreat.”

he said to the angels.

“And how to do you suppose we can help them make their escape?” Fatumael asked The Grand Seraphim, as he awoke from his meditation.

#“We are going to need an angel of great speed.”
replied The Grand Seraphim, turning to face Archangel Uriel.

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As the Grand Seraphim announces a rescue mission and turns to face Archangel Uriel, mentioning him as the Angel of Great Speed. Some of the Archangels and Heavenly Kings immediately glared at him, some rose their eyebrows because they knew Uriel’s immature and at times little brother behavior.

While they were so to speak, imaginatively with their eyes drawing holes into Uriel’s body. He was leaning against a pillar, his feet crossed while his head looked into the other way, he was looking at his gauntlets before he brushed them off against his chest because it was a little bit dirty. But Uriel was perceptive, he knew that when the room went silent something was happening, so his head turned towards the right and saw the fellow Angels staring at him.

It gave him a little scare as he stood back on his feet properly. “…what?” He asked, totally not getting why they were staring at him, not to say the freaking Grand Seraphim himself.

It was as if time itself stopped when a circular golden-like portal opened up, emitting energy that was cast in gold as well. And as the portal continued to be opened, a figure came out of it. To be exact a fellow Archangel stepped out, he had an armored look but the armor was very light with his wings already folded out.

While everything for the others went in real-time motion, for Uriel that wasn’t the case as everything eventually stopped moving or was moving at incredibly low speeds. As Uriel stared into the battlefield across the distance, he had a confused look at first.

“…Huh…?” He hummed before realizing what he needed to do. He cracked his knuckles and his neck before he began running through time itself, to the outside world, he was nothing but a very fast blur, you could blink and you’ll already miss him being in one place.

Uriel had a simple mission but quite the task as well because he had to get everyone through that portal. So he started, little by little, getting one by one towards the portal before he had to get creative. He ran faster to get a group of Angels and threw them through the portal.

The faster he went he made it towards the Breakers and Donatello. Uriel saw how Varmiel wasn’t listening and he was charging into a group of hundreds of Xir’algath. He also saw how Starbreaker was going slow motion towards a decapitation move at one of the Xir’algath.

Uriel simply shrugged and pushed the tip of the blade with his index finger, giving Varmiel the kill he wanted a bit faster before he grabbed him and flew at high speeds towards the portal. He was as fast with the wings as he was on foot, having the speed force so to speak, inside of him. As Uriel threw Varmiel through the portal he got towards Cassiel who was about to unleash his xalnergy at the group of Xir’algath.

However, the fellow speedster went up close towards Cassiel to see into his hoodie, he wanted to see what kind of face was Auriel felling for but to his surprise, he didn’t saw his face. It was a simple cast of black darkness, not even Uriel could see-through, this confused him and frightened him a little as Cassiel slightly turned his head towards him.

Uriel scared, he staggered back before he grabbed Cassiel and sent him flying towards the portal. Now, he had to get Hamael, the strong Valkyrie Breaker Chick. When he came towards her, with no doubt she was probably battling but he wrapped his arm around her strong waist and held her hand, giving her air kisses a bit, just playing around before he quickly ran towards the portal and went back towards Donatello.

As Donatello was moving at lesser speeds than Uriel, he started to lick his hands, saliva counting them as he started to mess around with Donatello’s beautiful wings. Because when he will run at fast speeds, his wings will definitely get puffy afterward. As he grabbed Donatello and brought him through the portal, he made a final run towards the others.

For Docilus everything will happen in a very fast motion, as Uriel grabbed the fellow and then went towards the other one…

…the same would be said about Ryen too as he grabbed her by the waist and together with Dolicius in his other arm. He made a final run towards the portal, leaving the Xir’algath to bite Uriel’s dust as he went through and the portal would close.

Uriel got everyone inside the room, they were floating in the air before Uriel stopped running and everyone fell down on the ground while also dropping Ryen and Docilus on the ground.

The fellow speedster crossed his arms and tilted his hips, he had a mischievous cackle, comparable to a squirrel. As he dusted his hands and went back to their crossed position. “Done,” Uriel said with a confident tone.


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“A small announcement wouldn’t have been bad though…” Dociuls said dizzily

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Uriel glanced down at Docilus who was dizzy. “Ah sorry…” He said, as he smacked his hip, before resting his hand on his hip.

“I didn’t really had the time to let you know, you were going to travel at high speeds that can go through time .” He mentioned apologetically.

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Docilus shook his head getting back to normal.
“We…Lost the battle?”

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Ryen dusted herself off. She stood up, surveying the room for any wounds or injuries.

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Archangel Donatello tripped forward slightly as he found himself suddenly once again back in the palace, disoriented by the speed he travelled at.
Donatello then realized that his wings were now ince again straightened and neatened.

“Thank you Uriel, you saved us back there…” he gratefully said.

“Cassiel, what happened to you and Donatello’s army? Are you hurt?” Archangel Auriel asked Cassiel, in a monotone but nonetheless concerned voice.


Nearby, Ryen saw a group of battered angel soldiers, groaning in pain from the injuries they had sustained in battle.


Donatello grimaced at Docilus’ question.
“Yes, we indeed did lose.” He said bitterly.

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The healer approached them and began to tend to their wounds.

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He turned away
“If I could only make my weapon stronger…” he muttered coldly

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“Aah…” He gestured with his hand. “It was nothing.” His confidence spoke through. “But yeah, you’re welcome.” He mentioned. “Nice wings…” Uriel tried to hold his laughter as he walked back towards his resting pillar and leaned against it. He glanced at the ground before he was thinking, Cassiel was the only one who truly saw him, as the speedster glanced at the Dark Archangel, he had a spine-shivering feeling. “It’s probably because of that dark voodoo he uses…” He muttered to himself.

Cassiel rose on his feet from the floor as he dusted himself off, sheathing his Soulbreaker. As Auriel came towards him, he had a smile on his face. Of course, only she could see it whilst the others won’t. These moments at times make others wonder how can she understand him the way she does.

He glanced around, his eyes glaring at Archangel Michael before he looked at Auriel. Cassiel placed a hand on her waist and walked into a corner, to have some privacy. “I’m alright…don’t worry…” He kept his right hand on her waist while taking hers with his left, holding it.

“But to clarify, yes we did lose.” Cassiel nods to Auriel. “It wasn’t something I could prevent…not me, not Donatello, not everybody.” He said, as he gently tightened his grip on her hand. “Though, since when have you began to worry…huh?” He teasingly asked.

Varmiel had a fuzzy feeling and was a bit disoriented, he walked from side to side as he got up on his feet. Varmiel was still blood-lusting after the Xir’algath. And when he spotted Uriel, he poked his Starbreaker towards his direction. “You sum bi!~”

“Language, Varmiel!” Gabriel demanded.

Varmiel scoffed to that before he turned his glare at Uriel. “Why would you do that?!” He asked, his voice was weak and he could barely breathe in disbelief. “I was at a killing streak of 990!!” He calls out. “I was about to get 1000!”

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“Thank you, Ryen.” A wounded soldier said gratefully.

“I’m not so sure about that.” Michael warned Docilus.
“Too much power could lead to devastating consequences. You may not be able to control it.”

Auriel remained silent to Cassiel’s question, though a warm smile faintly appeared behind her hood.

“This is not some sort of game, Varmiel. We aren’t competing in a blood sport. This is a war.” Michael sternly said, interjecting.

“A war, which we are now beginning to lose.” Donatello hissed.

Donatello then turned towards Cassiel.
“I understand that your use of Xalnergy is no doubt controversial among The Council of Life, but i think we can all agree upon its potency.”

Michael turned towards Donatello, his eyes widened.
“Donatello, you aren’t seriously considering…”

Donatello then clasped one of Cassiel’s hands in his own.
“Tell me, how did you acquire this power?” He asked Cassiel.

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"You may be right, but we have gotten to the point where, that is our only option."he said with a sigh

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“Do you lo~” Cassiel was cut out by the conversation which was taking place between, Varmiel, Michael and Donatello. Though he didn’t know if Auriel knew what he meant, he glanced at her while holding her hand. “I’ll come back for that answer…” He said before facing Donatello.

“Oh shut your trap.” Varmiel retorted as he sheathed his Starbreaker. “If you were with us down there, we may have won the battle!” He made a strong point as the Angels were silent, whilst true, Varmiel had a harsh manner to state things. “But no, you were sitting your butt off in this nice dancy pancy pallace.” He crossed his arms.

“Indeed.” Israfel agrees as he nods towards his fellow brother-in-arms.

Cassiel silently glanced down as Donatello clasped one of Cassiel’s hands on his own. A daring move one might say, as a very selected few were allowed to touch Cassiel all of the sudden without his allowance, Donatello was certainly one of them. If not for his high status, but rather for their friendship, however, Cassiel let out a long sigh.

The Dark Archangel glared at Michael. “It is true, that The Council of Life views me as a blasphemer.” He declared as he walked towards the middle of attention, doing so Cassiel’s hand will be free of Donatello’s. “However, you have been listening to this old man…whom you call The Grand Seraphim…” He pointed his hand at The Grand Seraphim. “You’ve been taught ever since from birth…that Xalnergy Manipulation is impossible…and that no one can master it, because they will fall for its corruption.” He said.

“However, I’ve broken this law. Upon it, I’ve found enlightenment and freedom,” Cassiel mentioned as he glared at everyone around him, while some of the Heavenly Kings listened to him. “When I first came to you and brought the idea of studying it, learning from it, trying to possibly understand it…” He glanced down.

“You called me a Mad Man…and a fool at that.” His tone took a harsh tone. “But I’ve proven you all wrong…because, I alone, am the only Archangel in The Council of Life’s History to have ever controlled Xalnergy and not fall for its corruption. However, a few of you, still are against it…Archangel Michael.” He called out to him.

“You have enormous strength…but you are still blind even though, you have two eyes.” He declared. “Which is why your strength is pitiful compared to mine.” He brought his fist and clenched it into a fist.

“Because I am not afraid of the other side, like you all are!” He said, glancing at everyone. “I embrace it, and not try to control it. I try to become one with it, in perfect symphony. While you’ll never be able to understand how I do it…but unlike you…or any other person in this room who believes I am a threat to The Council of Life.” He said.

Cassiel glanced at Donatello. “I can pass down my teachings…only to my worthy successor…you want to know how I acquired this power, Donatello?” He asked, repeating Donatello’s former question.

“Not long ago, I’ve found a book in the Infinite Library. It explained the properties of the Xalnergy and its reality-warping destructive, capabilities and abilities. However, very few know, that it can be so much more, than just a weapon of destruction.” He said.

“I believe that it holds the key to a greater understanding of the Xir’algath and The Multiverse’s Spectrum as a whole.” He mentioned.

“Think Xalnergy as a living thing, with symbiotic properties. A user can bond with it on a cellular level. But it is compatible with very few beings, one must possess great physical strength, willpower, determination, patience…and the most challenging part of it. One must be deemed worthy of it.” He said.

“I do not believe that I was destined to wield Xalnergy without its drawbacks. But how I truly learned how to become one with it, was when I found my inner peace. Where I understood that Order and Chaos, are in a relationship. For Order cannot leave without Chaos…and Chaos without Order. Life cannot be without Death and Death cannot be without Life.” He explained.

“Simply put…one must be in the middle. One should not only withdraw his powers from the Good side. One must also channel the Destructive Forces of the Evil side.” He said, glancing at Donatello.

“But it is a very dangerous task because one small mistake and you will be taken away. You have to let it pass through you, do not hold onto it, or it will destroy you.” He mentioned. “Nevertheless, whilst you are a Great Leader Donatello…you are not worthy of it. Not now at least.”

“It may come off as arrogant of me…but none of you are.” He declared as he glanced at the Angels and Kings inside the room. “Because I have a greater understanding of it, while you, still see it as a threat. And because you dwell within the Light, you will never be able to achieve duality like mine.”

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“No need to thank me.” Ryen replied, smiling softly. "
“It’s my job.”

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“Trust me when I say, that if I could have been there, I would have.” Michael solemnly said to Varmiel.
“But I and The Heavenly Kings have our own obligations back here. We need to defend this palace from any other potential threats if they try to storm it.”

Donatello [quote=“MichaelBT-7474, post:53, topic:51087”]
are against it…Archangel Michael." He called out to him.

Michael turned to face Cassiel.
“Cassiel, need I remind you of the enemies we are up against? The Xir’algath were originated from Xalnergy, just as we ourselves were birthed by Primordial Energy. And you have seen firsthand the destruction and chaos that The Xir’algath are capable of.”

Michael paced in front of Cassiel back and forth.
“You are toeing a very thin tightrope, Cassiel. If you wobble more in one direction or another, the delicate balance will be thrown off and you will plummet into the river of madness and chaos below. You may be able to control your abilities now, that is true, but I have said it once and I will say it again: Nothing Is Ever Absolute.”

Michael then turned to Donatello.
“If you seek an advantage in winning the war, I highly advise that you do not turn to darker forces for more power. By using the enemies’ weapons, you will only be stooping down to their level.”


“-And you are doing a very good job at that, if I do say so myself.” An angel near Ryen said, as she approached some of the wounded and began to heal them as well.

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“I was trained by a fantastic wizard.” Ryen replies.

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Varmiel brought his hand up and moved it, gesturing the blah, blah, blah, I don’t care gesture to him. “Yes, continue to make up excuses,” Varmiel said, nodding.

“Hey!” Gabriel called out. “That’s enough.” She said.

Varmiel glanced at her. “Oh, you be quiet missy. You don’t need to protect your boyfriend. I’m not doing anything to him. Now am I?” He rhetorically asked as he crossed his arms, while Gabriel blushed and looked away.

“He is not…my…boyfriend…” She said.

Cassiel was silent for a moment, he let Michael speak his own foolish words towards him. Because Cassiel knew the truth but Michael was too blind to see and this somewhat saddened Cassiel, it may have been his pride or hate for the enemy that he doesn’t accept his way.

“You do not need to remind me that, Michael,” Cassiel said with his cold, mysterious tone. “It is common knowledge by now.” Even though he didn’t need to say it, Cassiel was one of the smartest people in the room and everyone knew that. “However, who are you to say what we can and can’t do?” He asked, his hand resting on the hilt of his Soulbreaker.

As Michael paced back and forth in front of Cassiel, he had a slight smirk on his face. Though he couldn’t see it, Auriel would, she would feel Cassiel’s aura was very calm while Michael seemed to be very uncalm. “Careful, Michael, not to pull a nerve.” He adds with a tint of sarcasm in his tone. “You are getting quite uncalm as of late.” He mentioned.

“And this is what I’m talking about, Michael you think I won’t be able to do this forever, that is your mistake.” Cassiel declared. “The Xalnergy will never control me, I live in harmony with it.” He said as he took a step forward, nearing himself towards Michael, the two Warriors were face to face now.

“And while you have been saying your little quote you wrote before going to bed.” He adds sarcastically. “My duality is Absolute, and you will never be able to comprehend it.” His voice went dead serious and dark all of a sudden.

Cassiel had no fear nor will he ever have because of Michael, as he always knew Michael will get in his way but it was getting tiresome. “I will give you one warning, boy.” He said. “Stop getting in my way.” He warned. “Because you are the reason why the room is filled with tension.”

“And Donatello can choose what he wants.” He said. “He is the High Commanding Chief for a reason, Michael, and there is a reason why you are not fit to lead.”

The room was filled with silence now.


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Michael drew in an immense sigh.
“First of all, do not call me ‘boy’ Cassiel. I am older than you by 500 years.”

Michael then turned around.

“And secondly, I believe that I have very good reason to be ‘tense’ and ‘uncalm’. The entire Multiverse and our very way of life, lies at stake. Of this war lost, The Xir’algath will bring about destruction untold upon The Multiverse…”

At that moment, Archangel Donatello struck down Luxtrum into the ground, and his wings unfurled as he began to walk away.
“Where are you going, Donatello?” Hamael asked.

“This battle was lost because of me, because I was unable to properly lead and command my army.” He said, motioning to the wounded angels lying in the infirmary.
“I failed everyone. And until I can find the strength and power to lead us to victory, I shall command you know longer…”

With that, Donatello spread out his wings widely, before he swooped up high into the air, flying away from the castle…

“Oh, really? Tell me, what was this wizard like?” The angel asked as she continued to treat the angels.

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Cassiel scoffed lightly. “I didn’t know we were counting baby years.” He said with an intense tease towards Michael. “You still have much to learn and if you ever hope to gain my respect, boy. You will have to become a man first.” He mentioned. “From what we’ve seen, you are just a Princess hiding in her palace.” His words would sting venomously.

Suddenly the loud and very Viking like laugh would be heard booming from Varmiel’s vocal cords as he patted his knee, finding it funny. “Ah, Princess, that was a good one.” He pointed to Cassiel with his index finger.

Israfel made an irritating sound. “You can, without being a total jerk about it, Princess.” He said, his tone holding slight aggression.

Nathaniel stepped in. “Look, let’s all take a deep breather,” Nathaniel said, looking at Israfel. “You make solid points in your arguments. However, instead of focusing on what can be, how about we focus on what already is?” He asked as he glanced at Michael.

However, before the initial conversation could go on any longer, Donatello had a few mood swings by the looks of things. As he struck down his Luxtrum and took flight away from the Palace without letting anyone where is headed at. But the silence will not be for eternity as Cassiel was quick to act, because they were at dire times, and they didn’t have the time for this if Donatello was not fit to lead then another shall take his place.

“It seems that Donatello has a change of heart…and wishes to lead us no longer,” Cassiel spoke. “However, that will not be the case. He stepped out of his rank because he believes himself to be too weak. Even as a Friend, I knew his flaw.” He said.

“He searches strength from outside and not from within. And so we are at dire times, and we need a strong leader, which is why I will become the Commanding Chief!!” His voice boomed inside the room with his dominance and stature.

Then the room was silent again, the Archangels stared at him and some of the Heavenly Kings, could Cassiel really be fit to lead? With no doubt his reputation serves him right, for having the Breakers on a tight leash is something not everyone can do.

“Ha, that was a good one!” Varmiel said, feeling like Cassiel was joking.

Cassiel stared at him and shook his head.

“Oh…no?” He asked. “You actually…serious?!” He stood up on his feet, in shock.

“You can’t be serious, Cassiel,” Gabriel calls out as she steps closer. “Just like that?” She asked. “We are supposed to follow you?”

“You followed Donatello without any problems, it shouldn’t be one now,” Cassiel said towards Gabriel.

“Yeah but still…I mean, I have great respect for you, Cassiel.” Nathaniel said. “But, I don’t really know if that is the right decision to take.”

Cassiel glanced at them and for a moment he spoke again. “It doesn’t matter if it’s the right choice or not. We don’t have time, decisions must be made even if it doesn’t benefit the needs of the few but rather the needs of the many.” He said.

“I, Cassiel, Breaker of Chaos will lead you to victory!” He declares.

Suddenly the gates of the Palace open, and the Warmind which was created by the Angels, could be seen. He was floating towards them, his aura is not bothered by anyone as he hovers down on his feet, being next to Cassiel, Epsilon was here.

“And should anyone have an objection…” He said. “Speak your mind now but make valid points as to why I am not fit to lead. Even though, my reputation has always served me right. Despite my usage of the forbidden Xalnergy.”

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Docilus headed back into his laboratory. Deep inside him he knew he was doing something wrong.

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