Aquatic Bruiser: Tectonic Hewkii (Legendary Edition)

Today I present the mighty deputy of the Toa Marhi: Hewkii!

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After so much hatred on the original, it’s been long enough. This guy needed a revamp!

Hewkii was my first Toa Marhi all the way back in 2007 (seem like forever ago), so I kind of have a soft spot for that figure. But for a bit, all I ever heard is that he is the worst Bionicle set ever released.

And honestly after taking a step back, I can see why, that figure wasn’t too great. So I decided to fix that, completely revamping Hewkii from the ground up, making him bigger, bulkier and like a force to be reconned with, in Marhi Nui!

From the limbs, to the torso, which now features a chest plate, a proper right hand, mobile shoulder blades, weapon storage and all the little details to pull the design together. I had a lot of fun making this figure!

Thank you for taking a look at my MOC.


Thicc boi
This is a really good revamp. So many little weird issues the original set had are fixed here

I particularly like the Roborider parts used on the side of his torso


He finally has his hand back again :partying_face:

I like how chunky he is while still feeling relatively compact. Hopefully you’ll be making a Kongu as well :goo:


I’m in the process of getting parts for the rest of the Marhi.


My goodness that’s a good rendition and

Oh snap, Nuparu. :scream: :fire: :+1:


This is a very good revamp. The asymmetrical arms are done far better than in the original set. The angle of the shoulder blades is subtle but very impactful to the look.

The overall bulk of the figure is also done very well.


I love how dense he is. Aquatic bruiser, indeed.

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