Sadistic Builder: Prime Karzahni (Legendary Edition)

Karzahni. We’ve seen him battered, broken and mangled… Built from the parts he had at his disposal.
But before the rebuilds, the repairs and mangling, what did he look like in his prime?
Presenting: Prime Karzahni!

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I initially didn’t think I’d build this guy, but after I got reminded of Karzahni’s “proper” colours, I figured why not give a ebon/gold version a shot.

As I did with my prior version, I started with the shoulder pads, because those are usually the hardest part to figure out for this character. But any parts that I tried using gold, never gave me a desired result.

So I decided to take another approach and just change the gold to something else. Then one day after disassembling a prototype for another MOC I found one of my Garais. And that exactly when I knew I had to use it.

From there the figure flew together, I was even able to get creative with some parts such as the hockey helmets and Matoro shoulder pads.

And the piece de resistance of the MOC is the mask, which was printed and painted by the one and only Buryu! Highly recommend his work!

Overall he turned out way better than expected and I’m hoping many others will come to enjoy this figure as much as I do!

(And here’s the mask.)

Thank you for taking a look at my MOC.


Hard agree. That mask is amazing and the paint is really fitting.

I like the NPU on this guy - the Hewkii masks for shoulder pads, the NHL helmets for pecs, those circular yellow thingies for arms, and I think I see some robot arms for his lower torso. The colors are nice as well, I don’t know how accurate to lore it would be, but it certainly looks striking and menacing.

Keep up the good MOCing!


Every piece fits together seemlessly making for a very clean appearance
Well done


Using the Garai for the shoulders is pretty good parts usage.


very cool. I could swear I saw this MOC on a youtube skit a few days ago though


The design of this guy goes hard man

I especially like the oblique detailing with the exo force arms, it really sells the aesthetic across the entire figure. The color blocking is excellent, the shaping is great, there’s hardly any complaint to be raised with this. It’s just an all-around great job.

Keep up the good work!


A fine addition to my collection…


This looks so good. The color scheme, the parts usage, everything about him screams “awesome.” Great work!