Arcana: the downfall

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“Up until ten years ago all was great with the world, and with Nordum cutting itself off from the world. magic as a whole is dying out. Not to mention rumors from the west that a usurper God has appeared. This is where you come in Traveller. Lux himself has christened an exposition to save our world. Are you ready to begin?” Asked a tall figure of grey skin. “I am Oliver Vienne, your guide.” He announced to the gathered group.
And begin!


Lidwig nibbles on a small chunk of steak. “If we save the world, do we get a wish or something? A wish would be nice.”

Edward approached the figure and prodded him a couple times with one of his robotic appendages. A second one brought a recording device close to his face.

“Data log entry 304. I have recently arrived in the eastern kingdom after being summoned by one of the lesser gods. I am currently observing a being seemingly made of pure magic. I’ve read about them before, but have not seen one until now. Fascinating.”

“do you mind?” He asked Edward

Isadau was leaning on his staff. “What is it we’re saving the world from?” He asked.

Saras sat on the ground, staying silent.

“Addendum. It speaks.”
Edward said into the recorder.
“How a being of magic can vocalize is unknown. Dissection is not out of the question.”

“magic is in a decline and we need to find out why,” he replied as he casualty backhanded Edward

Lidwig raises his webbed hand “If we find the reason, what will change? That doesn’t mean it can be solved.”

Mokuzai in his wooden body gazes around and does a quiet headcount for himself.

“Decline? As in less is being created, or it’s becoming weaker for those with the ability to use it?” Isadau questions.

Saras stifled a chuckle when Edward was hit.

“The specimen seems easily irritated. I will take this into consideration with further study.”

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“and if It can be fixed? It’s better to Know then to not,” he tells Lidwig, before replying to Isadau saying, “both.”

Frostvin sits on a large block of ice, creating small ice sculptures.
He looked up at Oliver. “Magic is dying? Wow, totally didn’t know that.” He replied coldly. “It’s not like the decreasing amount of mages and magic-users is obvious or anything.”

“If it can’t, then we just wasted time and risked our lives for something in vain, when it could have been used doing actually useful things.” Isadau responds. “But I agree, this is a bit too big to ignore for a hypothetical.” He stands straight up and rips his staff out of the ground, a small bit of frost left were it was stabbed in. “Now, where do we go?”

“it’s too be kept a secret,” he replied sternly, “though the decline in etherite’s being created was a definite sign, and Isadau, that’s right isn’t it? We gather supplies and ready to head West by Dawn.”

“Doesn’t need to be secret; half the Etherites in Winterfall left have seen it and can feel it. I’m willing to bet the rest of the population can see something is off as well.”
Frostvin stood up and stretched. “Couldn’t we go at night? It’s a lot colder. Dawn and the sun are so… warm and melting and other adjectives that mean IT MELTS ICE.

“we need to prevent mass hysteria.”

“I doubt it’s as secret as you want.” Saras spoke up. “I heard murmurs of it in my travels. However most consider it just ramblings from madmen.”

“and Lux would like to keep it that way.”

“Lux? What does he know? ‘God of the sun.’ What good has the sun ever done for me? I haven’t seen natural sunlight in months before now, and look at me! I’m perfectly fine.”

“If that’s what you want to call it.” Isadau said sneeringly.