Artakha - The Builder (Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker)

My entry for the TTV Channel cannon contest.

I’ve been working on this guy the very day TTV announced they would be hosting cannon contests.

Entry photo:



Back (with/without weapon storage)

I wanted to make Artakha fit the G1 2006-2009 titan aesthetic. I tried to incorporate as many 2008 armour parts into both Artakha himself as well as his warhammer as Artakha made that very armour. Now to address the Ash Bear in the room, yes I used the G2 Mask of Creation, this is because of three main reasons: 1-It features runes that are mentioned in Artakha’s description
2-It is gold tin colour and the other two legendary masks are also naturally gold.
3-Weather you like it or not, it is an interpretation of the Mask of Creation.
I knew I couldn’t just use the mask on it’s own so I added the eyepiece that I feel would be used to aid him when concentrating on small details of his creations.

Now to his colour, I always interpreted “Grey/Green” to mean grey and green and not sand green, In my model I used silver and light grey for grey and dark green for green. I imagine in the Matoran Universe he would be a shade of green similar to Boba Fett in Starwars, where he’s somewhere between Lego’s sand green and dark green.

Edit: If anyone would like more pictures of different angles, breakdowns or comparisons to other sets then just comment and I’ll more than happy to do so!

A breakdown is available on my Flickr and Instagram
Sorry I have different names on different platforms.


Magnifying glass is a real nice touch, gives him alot of character!

-Solaris Magnus


A bit on the thin side, but I like a lot of what you have going on here. I’m also glad to finally see a properly sized hammer. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a great moc, it looks like an actual Lego set.

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Thats exactly what I was going for! Thanks!

Looks great! However, you are going to need to post it to the main Artakha contest topic in order to enter the contest.

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I’m trying to do this, however I’m finding navigating the boards difficult, can you tell me how?

You have done it correctly :thumbsup:

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A lot of titan mocs have the same issue. There’s a lot of bulk on the body but the use of standard limb pieces make the arms look skinny in contrast to the rest of the body. This moc however has an even amount of width spread throughout the whole body. And that’s what I really like about this entry. Good luck in the contest


I love the G2 mask + the monocle!
If I had to pick a negative it would be that the build is too similar to Brutaka.
Anyway good job!

He feels a bit flat, front-to-back.

But I agree with the other folks, the inclusion of the monocle is a really nice touch, the front view and shape is really good, and the fact you thought to include a space to store the hammer is really great. Very nice.

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Definitely my favourite so far. A nice solid build overall, but the best part is the lens - to me, it really sells his image as an artisan.

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He’s a bit skinny - most titan builds seem to be by my standards - but it’s solid and the colors are super consistent.

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You have my vote.

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He looks like he’d fit right in with the other Titan sets. And I really like that hammer.

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Reminds me of Hydraxon for some reason.

@Propulsion Both share the same feet and torso armor piece. Additionally, they both have have blades coming out from near their heads. They also both share similar finger design.

Love that monocle, it gives him a really wise appearance, and that hammer is fantastic! It’s probably my favorite that I’ve seen so far! Also, great use of Matau’s Fang Blades.


I like it! Not too simple, not too complex! He’s tall enough to be imposing, without being the absolute CHONKER that other entries have been. Well done!

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